nkawai 4:36pm, 10 June 2009
Hello! Which are your dolly names?

Mine is Artemisa Art because she will be an Art Attack wannabe.
redfoxatl 12 years ago
Mine is named Arwen. She is in the mail to me and I will post pics of her hopefully next week :D
Suedehead 12 years ago
Mine is Azul, means "blue" in Spanish.
Moon Rouge 12 years ago
kittenlash 12 years ago
Suki :D
My Little Lovefool 12 years ago
Her name is Indigo May! (Indie for short) I had another ABe named Margaret, she now goes by Abbie.
Ludy Santana ;* 12 years ago
Sophie =)
She arrived today, my first Blythe, i'm very happy! :)
Batqueen 12 years ago
Gibson - Gib for short
Name goes well with her rock & roll attitude
irulethegalaxy 12 years ago
My lovely AB arrived today, and her name is Often (Ten for short--she's my 10th EBL and today is 10/10, so it HAD to be).
Rosiee Gelutie 11 years ago
My AB is named Liberty!:)
Piparrot 11 years ago
My ABE is called Song
Dormouse Tea | Allegra 11 years ago
Mine's name is Feather. She came with that name when I bought her, and I've seen no reason to change it!
ღSamanthaღ (Sam) 11 years ago
My AB is called Keiko (which means 'bright child'!) and my ABe is Violet.
Patty is Timeslip 10 years ago
My AB is named Megumi.
Mariví Troy 10 years ago
Mine is named Veva.. from Genoveva ;)
Lil Miss Suzy 10 years ago
I named her Noodle :)
*phillaine* 10 years ago
Mine is Nico :) She just looked like a Nico to me, and I like the name. :)
folksylove 10 years ago
Mine is named Mimi:)
ComiBlythe 10 years ago
Mine's named Ritz. :U
Déa (Brat Princess) 9 years ago
I named mine Dalek! =P
IssabellaTheCat 9 years ago
Mine is Flo short for Florence.
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