Sir Carlsberg 3:36am, 11 October 2012
Mine was the Dirty Brickster. Even though I was an hour late <.<
justin pyne 9 years ago
Building the racecars. Made one with wings to knock out every single minifig on the racetrack, but I had to leave early and never got to see it raced. :p
TheBrickRepuplic. 9 years ago
I really liked the parts draft it was my first and it was amazing. But my favorite part was finally meeting/interacting with people I talked to on the internet IRL.
Kicking the Steampuck MOCs off toa new table to make room for MOAR MECHA!

I'm hoping for a repeat next year :D

Also the Draft was fun, got 9 light Bricks from the Orc Forge set and a bunch of the new dark bley brackets! :D

Samstego 9 years ago
I liked the fact that to me lego was no longer a room where I built by myself and talked to people I've never met.


So, in short, I was no longer lonely. But, I did love the blind build, and I hope to compete in more events next year.
floodllama Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floodllama (admin) 9 years ago
Mine was being recruited to hand out free sets at random to the public. It was really cool to watch the kids eyes light up!
[IB] 9 years ago
Dirty Brickster
Si-MOCs 9 years ago
Meeting new and old friends is always my favorite part of Cons. I also greatly enjoyed listening to people talk about their mocs - showing me all the cool little bits that I missed.

Blind build was also loads of fun. Finally my minifig groping skills put to good use!

Hope to be back next year and meet new friends!
rabidnovaracer 9 years ago
The event that did or did not happen at the Maxwell.
Sir Carlsberg 9 years ago
^ lol.
Empty Sandbox Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Empty Sandbox (member) 9 years ago
No, I very much enjoyed setting up and organizing the collabrative display I participated in. Private Days > Public Days
graybandit2000 9 years ago
Had a blast meeting online friends from Flickr in person, and meeting new people at their displays.

Also, the brick grab bags from Math n Stuff are the best things ever.
NorbyZERO 9 years ago
This was my first time as a speaker during a LEGO fan convention. I presented the topic of LEGO Cosplay. Attendees actually wanted to learn about the subject. I thought that I would put everyone to sleep, but for the record, it was just one person in the audience.
Doctor Mobius 9 years ago
Finally meeting Heather's mother. The whole experience including helping with the Mosaic gave me some closure.

Seeing old friends, and making more new ones. I always love the social activities like the annual trip to a certain Italian restaurant, and competing in the "Unofficial Event" that may or may not have happened at the Maxwell on Saturday Night.
Slice151 9 years ago
My favorite part was being mistaken for Nannan. ^
SEdmison 9 years ago
For me it was meeting new folks who share my same addiction to all things LEGO (and LEGO battles in particular). I'm already plotting, planning, scheming, and building for next year....
eilonwy77 9 years ago
Madeleine (my 5-yr old daughter, for those who don't know) was walking around with my husband, and the "lady with the pink hair" gave her a set. They came back to me and said that someone just gave it to her, and I was kind of confused. But then I thought that brickcon sometimes did hand out stuff to the public. Anyway, she was really happy and has made the set (a small bulldozer and dump truck) and set them up next to her Friends house. So... that was probably her favorite part of BrickCon. Though... we got three trans-pink sparkly 1x2 bricks from the neighbor girl this week, and she's slightly more excited about those. ;-)
floodllama Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floodllama (admin) 9 years ago
^ Well, those sparkly bricks are pretty cool. :D
SEdmison 9 years ago
I was really gratified to see that a lot of the big raffle gifts this year went to kids, and when when you add to that the number of sets that floodllama and plums_deify were handing out randomly, I think a lot of folks went away pleasantly surprised.
whateverly 9 years ago
It's hard to narrow it down, but one moment did shine in a special way. At lunch on Friday, Tony Hafner approached me and extended his retractible brick separator, so I extended mine and without missing a beat, Rick Clark stepped up and extended his. While Tony said that Rick and I were geeks, I believe that moment further proves that Gary McIntire is awesome.
eilonwy77 9 years ago
^Retractible brick separator? That sounds awesome.
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