Kat White 3:19am, 14 December 2006
Hey all,

I'm interested to see where people are from and where they get their inspiration for their typographic work :)

*(><,)* Posted 15 years ago. Edited by *(><,)* (member) 14 years ago
Hi, Kat @(^^,)@

I'm oH_ishi, from BKK Thailand.
I'm studying MFA and working as a freelance graphic designer.
I will graduate soon and will start my art school for kids.
This is my wish ;)
many times, I got inspiration from my dad ^^
AHC Photo 14 years ago
Blue Mountains, NSW. I get mine anywhere I can. ;)
tsevis 14 years ago
Hi Kat, hi all,
I am from Athens, Greece.
From everywhere: Nature, classics, literature, music, all schools and movements in typography, gestalt phychology, fashion...

Greetings to all!
optimal rabbits [deleted] 14 years ago
HI all Newbie Alert. Milwaukee, WI. I love type. It's how I earn my keep.
M.C. Martin 14 years ago
Southern Ohio here. because it is everywhere.
dmcooper78 14 years ago
Sydney-town, and I didn't know I did typographic work until I was asked to submit a photo to this group :) What is typographic work? Pictures of type?
Kat White 14 years ago
Haha yes well this group is about capturing typography, be it creating type from scratch or capturing/recognising found type.

1. the art or process of printing with type.
2. the work of setting and arranging types and of printing from them.
3. the general character or appearance of printed matter.

Although this refers to print, it's much more broader than that...
bw design 14 years ago
Hi. I'm from jakarta, Indonesia but now working in New Jersey. I have a lot of influences and inspirations from my ethnic cultural background, and also, of course, from anywhere..
typeknerd 14 years ago
I'm from Dallas, TX. I love type. I have done sketches and drafts of custom typefaces, but I am unsure how to get them on the computer and use them. Like M.C. Martin up there, I also get my inspiration from anywhere possible, often I am not even looking, it just hits.
tysonsheean 14 years ago
Melbourne.. I get my inspiration from meatloaf
eB__¸„ø¤º°¨ 13 years ago
hi, italy but now I live in Krakow, I love typography :)
Saarss 13 years ago
Hello everyone, I am from Vietnam, now living in San Francisco and studying Graphic Design in the Academy of Art University of San Francisco.
William Shropshire Posted 13 years ago. Edited by William Shropshire (member) 13 years ago
Toronto - CANADA!
Hi! My name is Bill and that's a four letter word for William!
Francesco Muzzi 13 years ago
Hi, I'm new here and I'm from Florence, Italy.
I get inspiration from everything that I feel inspiring :P
sputputs 13 years ago
I'm from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I get inspiration from pop art, for the streets and i really love david carson's work.

til01 13 years ago
Hi, I'm from Athens Greece
I get inspiration from the world around me and the things i see
reflective step [deleted] 13 years ago
Durban South Africa. I draw alot of inspiration from my designer friends and the city i live in. My friends are pretty talented, so it keeps me pushing harder. Currently working on a box type. will upload it when its done!
dzungtype 13 years ago
vietnam, where i am living
joelalexdesign 13 years ago
Hi im from Bristol, south England, I get my creative fuel from things like urban culture, music, architecture and loads of stuff really... I love typo!!! and vector art, graff, illustrations
absurd advice [deleted] 13 years ago
wow differents cultures here
im from southamerica, Chile
im new in typography but i love it.
alex.lopezf 13 years ago
Hi, i am from Honduras, Central America, love art base on typography, and i get my inspiration from anything that moves my mind
Hi! I'm from Colombia
aitorpuertas 13 years ago
I´m from Basque Country, north of Spain
SerifGirl 13 years ago
Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm from the central part of Minnesota, USA.
Parachute® Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Parachute® (member) 13 years ago
We are from Athens Greece
ECKO Design Group 13 years ago
Hi, I'm from The Netherlands and I get inspired by things around me
favati 13 years ago
I´m from Stockholm, Sweden :D
harmuu 13 years ago
Hi, everyone
I'm form Thailand.
Emmanuel Buenviaje 13 years ago
hello all.
I'm from Vancouver Canada and I get
inspired through travels, books and films.
Brian_Whelan 13 years ago
I'm from Cork in the south of Ireland.
Old printing techniques, books, conversations, daydreaming and a good mood all inspire me.
aekido 13 years ago
Aberdeen, Scotland

Inspiration? its cliche, but life
angorawol 12 years ago
Antwerpen, Belgium
TzumB 12 years ago
I'm from boring Netherlands
I get inspired by people like you all! ;)
ozfan22 12 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm from Norwalk (southern) California. I've been in the business since 1977! I remember back in the day when there was "hot type", from there it was IBM Compositor, Compugraphic Photo Typesetting, and in 1988 I bought my first Mac and wouldn't trade for PC anyday.

I LOVE TYPE and all that can be done with it!
I enjoy looking at all of your work.
sarkanylatvany 12 years ago
I am from Szeged, Hungary. Riverside of Tisza...
prickly branch [deleted] 12 years ago
From: Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Currently: Iowa State University
Inspiration: just about everthing
careful pipe [deleted] 12 years ago
Im from Ulm, Germany.
Inspiration - E V E R Y W H E R E
MPBgraph 12 years ago
Montpellier, South of France
Mihail Mihaylov 12 years ago
Sofia, Bulgaria.
inspired by life, other creatives
huskdesign 12 years ago
Budapest, Hungary - Hungarian is quite interesting typographically, lots of accents and extremely long words!
SeenD 12 years ago
Boring The Netherlands?

I am from the inspiring Netherlands :-)

alex scholing 12 years ago
Hi all. Arnhem, The Netherlands here.
517design 12 years ago
I'm Sedrak,
graphic designer and photographer from Armenia.
secret memory [deleted] 12 years ago
Graphic designers from the UK. Inspired by fashion and pop culture. We sell our graphic art prints from our online store.

ceciliow 12 years ago

My name's Cecílio, i'm an a18 yeras old, non graduated Graphic designer and illustrator.

I live in Brazil

Every little thing inspires me to do something =]
Peter Van Lancker 12 years ago
Gent, Belgium, industrial archaeology.
veryty 11 years ago
Hello, all!
I'm ex-Los Angeles, living in Israel's Western Galilee just across the coastal highway from the Mediterranean shore.

I've always appreciated typography but have made only a few rare attempts at hand-lettering -- initially for my quilt labels (with several almost-finished quilts stuck at the label-design stage!), and recently as I'm transitioning into illustration.

Seeking a typography group on Flickr, I'm here now because of the responses on this discussion thread :-)

I'm looking forward to learning from you.
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