9brandon 6:37pm, 8 February 2008
Next Tuesday is Charles Darwin's 199th birthday -- and what better way to celebrate his relevance to the modern age than with an evolving game of Photoshop Tennis?

The rules: keep it safe for work, and play nice with intellectual property, since the results will be posted on the Wired Science blog.

Have fun!


Starting image courtesy of the Auckland Museum
DevilsChariot 14 years ago
Good one!
timmmmywork 14 years ago
CdnEhDeuxZed 14 years ago
orovillesue 14 years ago
emmanuelrio76 14 years ago
I hope it is OK for intellectual property...

Blue_Pacific 14 years ago

He showed us what an amazing & colorful world we live in.

Big file is here:
Ry Pepper 14 years ago
Mythopoeikon 14 years ago

Just a little color correction and added some atmosphere to the background to add a little more photorealism, :)

Original here:
9brandon 14 years ago
Nice! was hoping someone would colorize it.
Mythopoeikon 14 years ago

Sorry, this is the one I was actually going to post, mistook the file ><'

Larger version:
rom2062 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by rom2062 (member) 14 years ago
Darwin needed a finch.
Larger version:
tinaroo_artist 14 years ago
This is one of my favorite photoshop tennis matches ever! Great work everybody. I love the Darwin car thing - not sure what they are called.
Mythopoeikon 14 years ago
I think that the pin with "The Beagle" is just fantastic! Great pun! :D
piquant club [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by piquant club (member) 14 years ago

I'm glad someone fixed the ship. I've fixed the sky and added a few other bits of colour plus shadows.

Unfortunately the shoulder mounted friend doesn't appear quite so photorealistic as in the original B&W. Might be to do with the transition with the sky - anyone want to fix it?

emmanuelrio76 14 years ago
Mythopoeikon 14 years ago

Just some bits of color here and there, fixed a little the shoulder friend, adding bits of color, texture, tail and arm ;)

Larger version:
Mythopoeikon Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Mythopoeikon (member) 14 years ago
Ops, I really don't know what to do, it appeared as I was posting my last contribution.

Adding Michelangelo's portrait of the creation of man might be a little over the top... Maybe we should also add Michael Behe xD

What do you think? :S
babymowgli16 14 years ago
Oh, the tail is a nice touch.

I can combine the two pictures pretty easily.

I didn't add the Michelangelo bit, just the light. Someone else added it, but posted in the pool and not in the thread.
piquant club [deleted] 14 years ago
Can't say I like that. I preferred it when it was semi-realistic.
steeev 14 years ago
the painting part of the image has been removed, as its against the group rules.
MykyPetrov Posted 14 years ago. Edited by MykyPetrov (member) 14 years ago

I don't think its necessary to justify why Jesus is in the picture. :)

Large Version:
MykyPetrov Posted 14 years ago. Edited by MykyPetrov (member) 14 years ago
ok my first post, i only joined flickr cos i ran across this game and fell in love with the idea - kudos to the creator.
piquant club [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by piquant club (member) 14 years ago
What does Christ crucified have to do with Darwin (apart from the circuitous notion of religion). Sorry if I'm being picky. Now, if Darwin had a copy of the bible tucked into his coat below the lizard then that would have been much more subtle (he was a Christian, after all, and his own theory didn't sit so well with what the Bible says - a fact which he had to contend with). Ta da! And the bible appeared...
emmanuelrio76 14 years ago
Even more subtle?
I propose to add this sketch of Darwin himself, his first diagram of an evolutionary tree... (Wikimedia)

Mythopoeikon Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Mythopoeikon (member) 14 years ago
It looks nice

On other hand, I was thinking about putting some Discovery Institute dude, using some kind of projector device, for that bit with Michelangelo's creation of man. It should have been a clear parody as to the intentions of some creationist to portray their attempts as to supress Evolution Theory being taught on schools. But maybe that should have been a violation of © in Disco Tute's standards,,,

I dare say that this is one of the best photoshop tennis I've ever seen :D Kudos to everyone!
emmanuelrio76 14 years ago
I don't know if one has the right to play twice. I take it, sorry...
Just an allusion to the discussion between Darwin & Lamarck about giraffe's neck... Please play with it.

piquant club [deleted] 14 years ago
I agree - the Bible should be as it was with the subtle irony that I meant. The point is that Darwin was a Christian and the irony is that he developed a theory that directly challenges what the Bible says and what he originally believed in. If nobody changes it on the next edit I'll revert the title. I like your Paley reference gingi0.
emmanuelrio76 14 years ago
You convinced me... Let's go back to the original title (and what a title!). I didn't understand the point before. Like in evolution : please get rid of what doesn't succeed. May the giraffe stay?
piquant club [deleted] 14 years ago
I have just done something to the giraffe... hang on...
QwirkSilver 14 years ago
Darwin didn't buy Paley's argument by the time he was this age.
gingi0 14 years ago
QwirkSilver: That's very true. Still, that area of the image references Darwin's religious evolution (wow, bad pun).
piquant club [deleted] 14 years ago
It's actually quite good - the Bible is in front, then the picture, and behind that the diagram. Evolutionary thinking indeed.
Judyfive 14 years ago
Does someone want to add Abraham Lincoln - it just now occured to me that Darwin and Lincoln were born on the same exact day.
orathicon 14 years ago
Evolution.....OH MY!

bachelorette1009 14 years ago
Oh! this is great :D
emmanuelrio76 14 years ago
Homo balnearus? I find it nice, but don't have access to the LARGE (mandatory) size file... Please re-up-load it... Would be nice to have a motion blur on the man on the left, and perhaps the same tones for the swimmers as for the homo sapiens...
piquant club [deleted] 14 years ago
And this has what to do with Darwin???
polaroid.sx70 14 years ago
nothing says loving like marrying your cousin

large size here:
The*Archivist 14 years ago
When I saw this game going on, this was the first thing I thought of. Figured that someone would post the idea in a day or so. Since it Didn't show up, here is my version of "Regress to the Planet of the Apes"

Regress to the Planet of the Apes

Large here
wlauber 14 years ago
pepinlachance2 14 years ago
Ohhh jeeesh sorry just realized I was totaly out of order on this one. Let me know and I will try and take it down.
VictorVrankulj 14 years ago
My favorite addition is by far the Beagle.
Very clever.
NoiseCollusion 14 years ago
Will this work with fair use laws?
Almandoz 14 years ago
If you think that it does not work I will remove it
orovillesue 14 years ago
The alian is also a cartoon character.
Almandoz Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Almandoz (member) 14 years ago
here is the original picture:

Do not worry I will not use cartoons
lxenidel 14 years ago
... hmm, why are the blue footed boobies feet orange??? I'm quite alarmed and confused... lol
bucfan57105 14 years ago
matstr2002 14 years ago
it was a great match until the p o t a face was introed
Jon Church Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Jon Church (member) 14 years ago
Forget the modern age, we're bringing Darwin into the future.
matstr2002 14 years ago
now lets play
Confessions of a Foodie Posted 13 years ago. Edited by wlauber (moderator) 13 years ago
My favorite picture is the one by wlauber. I think the monkey face on Darwin doesn't look so good and goes overboard with the concept. Not a big fan of the giraffe either, seems out of place.

Another great Photoshop tennis match!!
wlauber 11 years ago
Thank you, Confessions of a Foodie!
v i p e z 11 years ago
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