miss_rogue 2:50am, 21 November 2005
List the upcoming brat pack events in your area here. Remember to use'cause it's so brat pack 2.0...

miss_rogue 16 years ago
Official Brat Pack 2.0 events go here:
limbo_ 16 years ago
No karaoke.
TedRheingold 16 years ago
Dogster Holiday Party Thursday December 15th, 6:30pm at our doghouse. But we'll not be posting to Upcoming as we're a non-funded throwback.

Email invites will be coming soon to you all.

Happy Woofidaze
miss_rogue 16 years ago
SO looking forward to it...
shadowbox 16 years ago
What? Macworld's not part of the BratPack 2.0 schedule? Dang. And thought this was where the cool kids hung out. :)
irina slutsky 16 years ago
macworld is so....obvious. we're a bit more subtle when we go over the top here.
limbo_ 16 years ago
macworld.... *shudder* it's that horrible time of year when the city is filled with Jobs worshipping Maclings toting bags full of minimalist swag.... oh the horror!
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