Ape Lad 3:36am, 26 November 2005
Welcome one and all!
This is a group dedicated to illustrating and/or appreciating the 700 hoboes listed in John Hodgman's book The Areas of My Expertise. The list can be found in audio form here.
Please feel free to illustrate any and all of the hoboes you wish and do not fear any sort of hostility for reimagining a hobo someone has already drawn. In fact, I'm not too happy with some of my own and may redo a couple over time.
You may tag your creations as 700hoboes, however, this has proven to be a less reliable form of sharing.
Thanks for joining and, again, welcome.
jawboneradio 16 years ago
Hi Ape Lad!

Yes, I think it's a great idea for these hoboes to be interpreted by different artists. I'm always fascinated by what goes through an artists mind when drawing a hobo. The backstory that is told is very interesting to me. It really breathes life and character into these names.
pixelbuffer 16 years ago
Hi Ape Lad! This is a great "project/hobby" when I find free time I find so much fun in finding out what these hoboes look like. I have to get his book when I get a chance.
spiffy eyes [deleted] Posted 16 years ago. Edited by spiffy eyes (member) 16 years ago
thanks for starting this group, ape lad...i am hoping to add many of my own hoboes, and quite enjoy seeing all the hobo interpretations.
xadrian 15 years ago
hey new folk, glad to see you!
halcyonsnow 15 years ago
Ho, 'Bo!

As our hobo minister of culture stated above, this is a public group, welcome to all. So draw a hobo already. It's fuyun.

Getting started: the ultimate list is in the book. You should definitely buy at least two copies. However, if circumstance conspires against the buying, you are welcome to select a hobo from the master list:

This also shows which of the 'bos have and have not been drawn, and is updated in something close to real time.

The site itself is pretty cool as well, though I hasten to add: still under development. It is our humble attempt to spread the hobo love beyond the boundaries of flickr.

So get goin'. Spread your hobo love today.

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Annje 15 years ago
I'm so glad this group exists. I'm glad to see the range of artistic ability of drawing the hoboes. I also enjoy seeing the different interpretations of the different names. How one person envisions how they should look isn't necessarily how someone else might envision the same hobo.
rightful powder [deleted] 15 years ago
Thank you. The audio form is even better, because it will put me to sleep.

I use Paint (the really basic one that comes with the operating system), so have fun with my bad drawings.
Ape Lad 15 years ago
We've been boingboinged again. So, to those of you who would like to participate, or just appreciate, welcome!
jawboneradio 15 years ago
Hello all new people. In some way, we are all hoboes. And consider this your virtual train car.
rightful powder [deleted] 15 years ago
Hobo queens are crowned, but hobo kings are found!
xadrian 15 years ago
We're also on the front page of most popular.

Well done gang.
thom_nova 15 years ago
new person represent. this is freaking fantastic.
rightful powder [deleted] 15 years ago
I quite agree.
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