KRMicros 7:17am, 3 June 2008
My first words were OMG!

My three favorite things are Photography, GPS and Electronics. Well now I can combine all three.

I was stepping out the door today to head to a local park to take some photos. I just about tripped on a box on my front step. Could it be? I ordered the Solmeta N2 on Friday and could it be here already on Monday? Yep!

I picked up the package and did a U-turn back into the house. In just 20 minutes I was heading back out the door with the N2 attached to my camera

Solmeta N2 Attached

The Solmeta N2 has its own battery so that you don’t have to use your cameras battery. However if you run the internal battery down you can power the N2 from your cameras battery.

As soon as I stepped outside I turned on the N2 and about 40 seconds later I had a lock. Once locked you can turn the N2 off and when turned back on it will lock in about a second or two. Ok off to the park.

The map below shows the pictures I took at the park. This is a feature that of elements. Once the pictures are loaded into the organizer all you have to do is bring up the map.

First Park Shoot with Solmeta N2

So far the N2 works like a dream. I plan on writing a full review with lots of pictures once I have used the N2 for a while.
bryansolmeta 12 years ago
That is amazing. Google Earth just adds feature as Explore the ocean. I can even see the waves now.
Serge Melki 12 years ago

are you still happy with the N2?? i am searching for a geotagger for my photos. and found your post. (it's a bit old -- so that is why i am asking)

also, where did you buy it from? can't find on Amazon.
Thanks in advance
KRMicros 12 years ago
I don't use my D300 as much since I got my Canon 5DM2. However when I do use it I always have the N2 attached and it has never let me down..

I purchased mine directly from Solmeta. Cost me $40 shipping but was worth it.
Serge Melki 12 years ago
Thank you again for the reply and your input. i bought one after you replied.
received it today already working on my D300. it is awesome.
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