janetfo747 ~ back but slow 11:10pm, 5 January 2021
Dear Music to My Eyes and Artist of the Year members,

Please join me in welcoming our admins.

They are flickr members, and just like you they are photographers, darn good ones at that. Each of us have our passions, and these admins have theirs as well but still donate time to help each of us along in our journey in Music to my Eyes.

Thank You
Sergio Presbitero,from Italy
Jason Prince, from Scotland
Mirna Balsamo, from Italy
Janetfo747, from California
Nancy D. Regan,from Washington
- Rook - Tiziana Roccamonte,from Italy
Fabien Techer, from Reunion Island, France
~Cess~ - Cécile Gans, from France
pe-ha45 - Peter

L A O, from Brazil - June 2021 off an extended time ill
If you know Luis, please send a note to him wishing him well.

Here is a interesting fact,
the founder of the group is pe_ha45,
who retired in 2011 and agreed to return 2021
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