Pudsey Loop 12:52pm, 28 October 2010
I wonder if anyone out there can please help me? I'm really interested in seeing any photo's or information about of the stretch railway line that used to depart from the old Pudsey Lowtown Station towards Stanningley. More specifically the cutting and line that stretched from mount pleasant road past St. Josephs school, across Pudsey Grangefield School playing fields, and across the land where the Bypass now is situated. I know that everything from Mount Pleasant has been filled in or obliterated from the landscape (the excavation of the bypass saw to this) but I've never seen any photos of this stretch of the line prior to it's demolition. The closest I can get is a photo I've seen from Lowtown Station looking toward Stanningley, and from the other end I've seen a photo on Leodis of the bridge that crosses Wellstone Lane at Stanningley, this photo showed a double bridge of which only 1 survived to the present day. There must have been some major railway infrastructure located here in the past, can anyone help?

Urban Outlaw 11 years ago
Have you checked out the section of Pudsey Loop on Lost Railways of West Yorkshire? Loop.htm

There's only some old pics of cutlers junction.

It give a detailed insight into the line and the Greenside Tunnel.
Pudsey Loop 10 years ago
@urban outlaw Thanks for the point in that direction, I checked those pages a while ago. It's a great resource but It doesn't have photos of the section I'm thinking of, I'm sure something will turn up at some point!!

Pudsey Loop Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Pudsey Loop (member) 9 years ago
Not directly related to this request but whilst digging around the net today I found a photo of the old Bramley station I hadn't seen before

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