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theshyfox photography 7:32pm, 21 October 2006
well... those of us who have been here since day one will be up to 75 soon!!!! comeo on origionals! start celebrating!
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krissie p 15 years ago

but really...
its nuts that we have been here for (close to) 75 days...
and what is even more nuts... is that i have a photo for each day...

i didnt think i could do it... but... so far... so good...
[AJ] 15 years ago
Hehe. Keep it up guys. I found I got a huge burst of creativity when I passed into the triple digits. Something monumental about hitting 100. And while you're closing in on 75, I'm closing in on having 75 left. So in a way it's almost my 75 too. 78 to go as of today.
j.lil 15 years ago
holy moly, I tip my hat to all of you.
theshyfox photography 15 years ago
75!!!!! today is day 75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
theshyfox photography 15 years ago
live it up 75s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arboltsef 15 years ago
hehehe, yay!
nettsu 15 years ago
today = day 75
and i have no idea *laughs*
ahh i have 5 hours before i head home... I'm sure I can work something out between now & then
obsolete voyage [deleted] 15 years ago
:( i'm only to 14 but i'll get there.
nettsu 15 years ago
i really need to get more creative again *laughs*
but i'm a bit time poor at the moment

day 75 - the puppies are at it again...
theshyfox photography 15 years ago
haha i like that one
Travelinjim 15 years ago
Day 75 - I'm such a colorful guy
Hey! I made it!
Bellatrixbug 15 years ago
Yay! Day 75 for me today! Or umm..yesterday now that "today" is over. Got that? :)
halting nest [deleted] 14 years ago
whoot whoot! Day 75 for me today!

DottieboBottie 14 years ago
Here was my 75...eating my first Primanti Bros. sandwich and enjoying an IC Light.

My First Primanti Bros. Sandwich
Kinda Boring...
365 Days : #75 / Ghost
Cybergabi 14 years ago
It's already a week back... but here's my 75er:

Urban Echo 14 years ago
Photo 75 was yesterday. Should have been at 75 two days before yesterday, but life happens.

everyday_stranger 14 years ago
75 in two days!
numberless basket [deleted] 14 years ago
Today I celebrate making it to 75 days pretending to be dead - for the second time in my short time with 365. You'd swear I have a death wish or something.

Beware the stairs 75/365
fantastical quill [deleted] 14 years ago
ambrosialove 14 years ago
yay! 75!
Day 75 ~ Fighting Gravity
delightful wren [deleted] 14 years ago
Yay! I reached the 75 mark today,completely unplanned for it to fall on Christmas Eve! And a great chance to wish everyone a really Merry Christmas!!!

Day 75: Boxed in.
TudorCostache 14 years ago
Apparently, without realizing it I celebrated Day 75 last Thursday by attaching Christmas ornaments to my nipples. Weird:

Advent Calendar: Day 21
d.rex 14 years ago
Well, today was the day...

Merry Christmas!

12.25.06 - 75/365: Ho!
buzzstuff 14 years ago
Never thought I'd make 75, but here it is. Let's see if 100 is in the cards.

Day 75 - I am my oven's bitch!
amanova 14 years ago
Christmas Day was my day 75:


Boring shot, but it has a story behind it...
Lalalaa Dolce Vita 14 years ago
woot! 75 days on xmas eve!
Blurry, but I love it.

me and my sisters:

metró 14 years ago
sometimes i just want you to like me - day75

my day 75 was on New Years Eve :)
magandafille 14 years ago
Here's mine, I forget when it was taken, sometime after Christmas!

75/365: Like, Totally!
abaft noise [deleted] 14 years ago
Woot. Woot.

Day 75: Shoes!

365 Days Project - Day 75
aldan 14 years ago
Uf, 75!
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
Day 75, not one of my best.... Oh well :)

Last night, I touched the moon
My day 75 was a few days ago... an annoying collegue inspired me for this one.

75/365 (Jan 25th 2007) | One anal retentive collegue later...
Mike Carvin 14 years ago
My Day 75 was on what I am calling "Black Sunday" - the day the Pats lost to the Colts in the AFC championship...

Kaptain Kobold 14 years ago
On Day 75 I became a Sim:

13/02/2007 (Day 75) - I'm A Sim!
briemarie 14 years ago
Yay! I made it to 75, and it falls on Valentine's day so here' my hubby, too (he's the cute one)
day 75~he bought me flowers
Mine does too! Mine's with a Valentine by one of my favorite kids. I'm "Mis Emly".

Day 75(!!!!)- Valentine
roujo 14 years ago
I am a winner.

75 Sunday - take a hike -
clhxine 14 years ago
My Day 75 found me smack-dab in the middle of a 365 slump, but I did take a picture:

Day 075: Call (Me)
arkworld 14 years ago
My 75th....

Day 75 : Badass Mofo
KatColorado 14 years ago
I knew I was around 75 but when I went to check I was surprised that it was actually yesterday - so this is my newest picture, I haven't taken 76 yet. I feel great that I've come that far!!!

green tiles
rutty 14 years ago
75 already! Where did all that time go?

Through the viewfinder - Day 75

Just received my new/old Kodak Duaflex from some nice guy on eBay. Going to be a few pics taken with that ;¬)
KRSE Posted 14 years ago. Edited by KRSE (member) 14 years ago
Happy to hit 75.

Day 75
pusspaw 14 years ago
Hey wow - I missed marking this milestone (okay, was only two days ago....but hey). Yay for me!!

March 16
southpaw20 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by southpaw20 (member) 14 years ago
It was actually yesterday.
cloudy sweater [deleted] 14 years ago
Didn't realize it was my 75th day! Time flies :)

day 75
75 was fast and stupid. And a bad photograph, but ... 74 and 46, I loved. Oh well....

Day 75/On Wisconsin!
Christina♥Kay 14 years ago
These Boots (Day 75)
Cayusa 14 years ago
I hit 75 about a week ago and totally forgot to post it here

Unraveling Mysteries
fanatical word [deleted] 14 years ago
75 today
here comes the sun
Fe em Brasil 14 years ago
Day 75.... Yay and Wow!

"Crazy upside down world!"
Crazy upside down world!  (Day 75/365)
mindfulgirl 14 years ago
75 today! Yay indeed!
365: 75 I just can't decide . . . .
amanky 14 years ago
Day 75: Tomorrow
smg55039 14 years ago
Day 75 - As Close As I'll Ever Get
There's A Kite! 14 years ago
Day 75 and 70 degrees
April 28th - Day 75
Great Danes 14 years ago
Day 75
I just wish I did something a little more inspired! I never realize it's a milestone day until it's too late. Ho hum.
jeneyepher 14 years ago
Day 75: close your eyes and make a wish
Kungfukitten 14 years ago
Yea! For day 75 I did my first clone picture:

The Art of Seduction
vyxle 14 years ago
foreveravalon 14 years ago
Day 75: Flower Child
jennyg-g 14 years ago
365 - day 75
Racchell 14 years ago
anitacanita 14 years ago
day 75_dressed for bed
smiling reason [deleted] 14 years ago
mine was like almost a mounth ago!!

Phoney Nickle 14 years ago
This was today. I got my very first Moo in the mail.

v2.75: May 14th (Wenchy Snack!)
The Andrea 14 years ago
Well, I spent my day 75 painting my bathroom:

Day 75: Not A Fun Day
dyannafstop 14 years ago
I didn't realize there was a day 75 thread! Ha, shows how much I pay attention! My day 75 was 16 days ago! Whoops. I was a bank robber.

75/365 - Stick Em Up!
dissolvegirl 14 years ago
Day 75

I didn't realize there was a 75 day thread either. Man, it feels like 50 was just yesterday.
.not lost but found. 14 years ago
.Bradi. 14 years ago
Ooo, another milestone? Yesterday was my day 75 shot:


I actually didn't realize it was a milestone when I was taking it or I would have tried to be somewhat creative...
The Flooz 14 years ago
hooray! made it :)
365/075 (tuff stuff)
This Runner's World 14 years ago
It only took me 7 months, but I finally got to day 75.

Day 75
The Strongs 14 years ago
I hit 75! I'm happy. Only 290 to go.
British American 14 years ago
Us in Cereal - day 75
adamant top [deleted] 14 years ago
Day 75: Barred in.
bawdy stick [deleted] 14 years ago
Day 75 - Gasp!  Titty!

Accidently naked.
{Sonia} 14 years ago
Day 75 - 365 days of me
Daz. 14 years ago
My 75 was really lame, but I'll include it here for completeness :)

075 - 20070607 - penguins stopped play (by Daz B.)
atsocasiul 14 years ago
One more milestone! Day 75:

SaylaMarz 14 years ago
"Day 75: Chalk Outlines." by SaylaMarz [?]
Day 75: Chalk Outlines.
Not my best ever but it wasn't the best day ever. Hurrah! for day 75 though.

basykes Posted 14 years ago. Edited by basykes (member) 14 years ago
I hit 75 a week or so ago. I was in the middle of the Alphabet of Life at the time.

J is for Journal
hellopoe 14 years ago
I hit Day 75 a few days ago - oh happy day!

Day 75 | 18 June 2007
phlewght 14 years ago
Day 75 was 245 days ago:

Green Insomnia
absurd taste [deleted] 14 years ago
Calamity Meg 14 years ago
w00t! Day 75! Never thought that I'd make it!

deejaynye 14 years ago
Day 75:

Day 75: Can't Think Of A Title, So This Will Have To Do
The Fuzzball 14 years ago
365 day 75: Read any good books lately?
The Tidal Rabbit 14 years ago
Hike to the River (Day 75)
tonya2hadassah 14 years ago
My husband hates my-
Cold Feet -Day 75
anna oh 14 years ago
I hit 75 about two weeks ago... one of those last minute shots but I'm happy how it turned out.

Seventy Five
rachelakelso 14 years ago
072407: 75/365
Totally a last minute shot, and one of my least interesting according to flickr.
[kerry pringle] 14 years ago
I am really in this shot, just need to look for me!

Alexandra Kingsley 14 years ago
Hiding a smile
ravina sniper 14 years ago
This was a while ago for me! whoops!
Day 75: Dreaming
mygigi 14 years ago
not my best
-- from mygigi - (?)
verbo10 14 years ago
Not my best either, away at an electronic music festival so was busy :)

Day 75 / 365 - Behind the decks at Infest
Lisa G Richards 14 years ago
75, without missing one yet!

"75:365 Ms. Green Jeans" by LisaNH [?]
75:365 Ms. Green Jeans
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