Kungfukitten 7:46pm, 30 August 2007
This is for all the people who post a topic saying "I'm on day XX and I have run out of ideas!" How on earth can you run out of ideas when there's this fabulous forum of people posting great shots? Well, I thought we could all work together and make a list of 365 ideas. I'll start it off. Here we go:

365 Ideas for Self Portraits:

1) In the mirror
2) With your pets
3) Dressed in formal attire
4) Doing a headstand
5) Jumping
6) Running away from the camera
7) Skycam (put the camera on the ceiling)
8) Driving in your car
9) Dancing
10) With sock puppets

Who's going to do 11-20?
ambrosialove Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ambrosialove (member) 14 years ago
11. Doing housework. In a tutu.
12. Get naked. Whether you choose to show any naughty bits is up to you.
13. Get naked, but cover yourself with a book.
14. Blowing bubbles
15. With a police officer
16. With a famous backdrop
17. On the toilet
18. Taken with your cell phone
19. Kissing someone
20. Eating a scrumptious meal
Katrīna Rasma Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Katrīna Rasma (member) 14 years ago
21) Silhouette
22) Play with a picture frame
23) With an umbrella
24) Closeup of Eyes
25) Shoes
26) In the Bathroom
27) In the Shower
28) Sleeping
29) First thing in the Morning
30) Writing on skin
liter0cola Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ambrosialove (member) 14 years ago
31teeth brushing
32 feeding pets your fave undergarments
34. fave shoes
35.some thing you almost always wear
36. fave cd
37.fave drink to drink
38. daily primping
39. fave candy
40. what you use to false advertise..(whitestrips, push up bra, makeup)
Chapendra Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Chapendra (member) 14 years ago
41] At school.
42] At work.
43] With a book.
44] With another camera.
45] In your favorite store.
46] With another Flickr user.
47] Making other art.
48] Laying on the beach/grass.
49] Watching TV.
50] Licking something.
dramamath 14 years ago
51) depict your screen name
52) lighting with a candle
53) lighting with a flashlight
54) lighting with car headlights
55) find a photobooth
56) find inspiration in a song
57) find inspiration in a book
58) find inspiration in a movie
59) find inspiration in fine art
60) mug shot
-logoparenthêtês- Posted 14 years ago. Edited by -logoparenthêtês- (member) 14 years ago
61) in a mask
62) swimming
63) clothed/nude diptych, same pose
64) you then vs. you now, same pose
65) pajamas (or pyjamas, if you prefer)
66) superhero
67) crossdressing / genderbending
68) with a sibling
69) with a significant other
70) sunlight through vertical blinds

Add your ideas now, it's going to get more difficult to check whether it's already here!
Mary-Cakes Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ambrosialove (member) 14 years ago
robindbrown 14 years ago
81) Slip N Slide
82) Popping a balloon close to your face
83) Whilst someone scrapes a chalkboard with their fingernails
84) In someone else's clothing (that don't quite fit or just not your style)
85) Smashing something that broke and it just pissed you right off.(think office space)
86) Featuring your favorite childhood toy.
87) Touching your eyeball with your finger
88) Very delayed timer which will go off after you've fallen asleep.
89) Make your own scene on a piece of posterboard, cut a hole for your face and put yourself into that scene (no photoshop). Think of those wacky things you find at a county fair with a giant muscle guy or something.
90) With your favorite store clerk or restaurant cashier or waitress.(you're a regular and they know it... i'm sure they'd be down for a picture)
Bliss_Priss 14 years ago
91) Inspired by Generations / music (20's Jazz, 70's Disco Diva, 90's Grunge etc)
92) random holidays - props are usually best - in the likes of groundhog day - me and my shadow,
93) Inspired by CD Cover (ie - U2's Joshua Tree)
94) On a blind date
95) Think Super Hero
96) Like a movie star hiding from the paparazzi (scarf and big sunglasses)
97) Selling Out to the Man - with your favorite product (Soda, Toothpaste etc)
98) Time of day - with the moon, at sunset, at sunrise
99) StereoTypes: Nerdy, Jock, Goth Chick, Blue Collar,All Business
100) Milestones: at a Baby shower, Wedding, Graduation
Travelinjim 14 years ago
(101) next to a streetsign with that day's number on it.
(102) working out
(103) eating a great meal
(104) having a cool, refreshing beverage
(105) jumping on a trampoline
(106) at the drivethru of your favorite fast food or coffee place
(107) with other Flickr/365 people that live near you
(108) at work, sleeping under your desk
(109) in drag
(110) jumping on your bed
excited oven [deleted] 14 years ago
111] Changing clothes
112] In an elevator
113] Wearing a mask
114] Climbing trees
115] Stretching in the morning
116] Grocery shopping
117] Whilst at the bar
118] Committing a [minor ;) ] crime
119] Expressing love or gratitude
120] Capturing that one particularly embarrassing thing...

:( I miss 365! But soon! I'll be back all over again soon!
david_porter Posted 14 years ago. Edited by david_porter (member) 14 years ago
Aw man! I've had this idea for weeks, I just never made a topic for it!
Ah well, you had the initiative to do it, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Might be back later to add something.
Kungfukitten 14 years ago
We're 1/3 of the way there! Who's going to run with the next ten??
Sarah Mae Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Sarah Mae (member) 14 years ago
121. Non-mirror reflection
122. Goth
123. Jewelry (or jewellery)
124. Polaroid
125. Shadow
126. Socks
127. With your iPod or other MP3 player
128. Blowing a bubble gum bubble
129. Scan yourself
130. Wearing your favorite t-shirt(s)
Djuliet 14 years ago
inspired by my favourite groups

131: in my bed
132: toilet vanity
133: light in the face
134: image manipulation
135: red rule
136: la diva
137: jeans le vice
138: guitar nudes
139: got heineken
140: wig me
avarhirion 14 years ago
i have found lots of inspiration in this thread! Now I serve some up...

141: Ghost you.
142: In a rainstorm.
143: Covered in mud.
144: Guys: cooking dressed in a ladies apron, Girls: working on a car dressed in coveralls.
145: Blowing your nose
146: using your computer.
147: playing poker
148: stopping to smell the roses
149: shaving (whatever, wherever)
150: Peeing
Rapparee Photography 14 years ago
151: Playing in the snow
152: Playing pool
153: Mowing the lawn
154: Antique photo
155: Airport/Airplane
156: With a gun
157: Vomiting, or other wise being sick
158: Drinking a beer
159: Before and after hair cut (any type of hair)
160: Cooking dinner
Kungfukitten Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Kungfukitten (admin) 14 years ago
161) Singing Karaoke
162) At the Doctor's Office
163) Taking some pills
164) Laying in the middle of the road
165) Doing a yoga pose
166) Riding the Ferris Wheel
167) Doing a keg Stand
168) Taking a bubble bath
169) Doing a strip tease
170) Reinacting an urban legend

Almost half way there!
flush gorden Posted 14 years ago. Edited by flush gorden (member) 14 years ago
Kungfukitten 14 years ago
Anyone else want to jump in? I know we haven't run out of ideas! :)
Sólo J 14 years ago
181. In the bus
182. In your pijamas
183. Writting a letter
184. Really drunk
185. With someone you've met just that day
186. in the bathroon (though this might turn akward)
187. With your computer
189. With soemthing you've drawn yourself
190. With something you would like to buy but you can't (or won't)
dramamath 14 years ago
Bumping the topic to get some more ideas...we're over halfway there!
Taps7734 14 years ago
191. The best part of your day.
192. The worst part of your day.
193. Waking up.
194. Going to sleep.
195. With a loved one.
196. Baring more than you ever dared to bare.
197. Macro of individual body parts.
198. Scars / tattoos / piercings.
199. Photo depicting favorite song or story.
200. HairScapes : Photos highlighting your hair. Thank you Jazz Jumper for the inspiration.
dramamath 13 years ago
Tiffany :) Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Tiffany :) (member) 13 years ago
201 at a movie theater
202 in a uniform or costume
203 making a heart with your fingers
204 snow angels
205 inspired by your favorite TV show
206 playing a board game (or any kind of game)
207 with something you've made (i.e. all those arts & crafts people out there)
208 in a hotel room
209 out shopping
210 with your best friend
211 on vacation
212 on a business trip
Heather Lucille 13 years ago
213) Getting searched at airport security
214) With your new weave
215) Jumping out of a cake
216) Wearing liederhosen
217) Covered in glitter
218) As Janice Dickinson
219) Attacking a car with an umbrella
220) Foxy boxing
221) Covered in fake tattoos
222) Sucking someone's thumb "Cape Fear" style
nikkistill 13 years ago
Thanks for the link dramamath. I am here to find inspiration but will try to come up with some fresh ideas.
CrzysChick 13 years ago
223) pouring water
224) with a stack of books
225) polka dots or stripes
226) with money
227) jumping over camera (view from below)
228) doing crafts
229) focus on one color - e.g. all yellow
230) puddles
231) upside-down
232) with camera equipment
TG - Elín Elísabet 13 years ago
233. With your hair and makeup all over the place (girls ;))
234. With half your face heavily made up and the other half empty. Maybe hair too...(girls ;))
235. Face behind a candle.
236. Eating something, like a fruit or a cookie.
237. Screaming at someone. (maybe yourself)
238. persecuting yourself (multiplicity)
239. Drawing like a spastic.
240. Made up like a cat or a mouse :P
241. standing upside down in a weird costume.
242. With dot lines in your face like you're about to have plastic surgery.
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
I'll only add a few:

243: collage of random moods
244: showing anger (punching something)
245: through a clear object (cup)
246: in the rain
247: sitting upside down on a couch
248: shaving your hair (guys mostly)
249: hiding
250: with a hat
251: with friends
252: in the forest
253: drinking coffee

Yay I made 10! Sorry if these have already been posted, I didn't see any of these specific ones.
254. As a pin-up model.
255. With your glasses askew on your face.
256. A macro of you biting your lip.
257. Displaying a unique talent.
258. Through a veil or other gossamer item.
259. Trying something new for the first time.
260. Displaying foreign money.
261. Under water.
262. In the dark.
263. With endless flickr.
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
264. Wearing a pin.
Old Shoe Woman Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Old Shoe Woman (member) 13 years ago
lindseyy. 13 years ago
Haha funny I just typed out a bunch I want to do, and then I saw this thread.

275. Phobias: confronting, showing etc. (Cannot wait to do this! I'm gonna try and do 7 different phobias.)
276. 7 deadly sins (again a whole week)
277. Random act of kindness (ex. give a stranger a coke :))
278. obsession/rut (i.e. shoe/makeup/car obsession.)
279. Only black and white for a week.
280. Only things colorful for a week. (Using backgrounds, color, makeup for girls etc.)
281. Illustrate your favorite song. (maybe a diptych)
282. Dress up as you would have done as a kid (i.e. princess, ninja, indian etc.)
283. Modernize a famous painting (The Scream, Mona Lisa etc.)
284. Blowing bubbles.

Sorry if any of these are repeats! There are some great ideas here.
NizhoniGrl 13 years ago
285. Eating something squishy
286. Laughing
287. Doing something silly
288. Being wild
289. do something you've never done before and never will again
290. Talking to yourself in the mirror.

sorry if i repeated anything...
these were random thoughts :D
Leaca's Philosophy Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Leaca's Philosophy (member) 13 years ago
dramamath 13 years ago
We are getting so close to the end. Let's have some more ideas!
tessa.beatnik 13 years ago
297. Under the bed
298. On a trampoline
299. Doing a cartwheel
300. In a field
301.On drugs
like_shipwrecks 13 years ago
303. Get naked behind your camera
304. Do a Brady Bunch Mosaic
305. Crushing someone's head
306. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.

That's all I got. All the good ideas are taken! :P
riot jane 13 years ago
this hasn't been done for three weeks....

307. giving a tour of your hometown [triptych or mosaic, perhaps?]
308. a photo of you mimicking a photo of the past
309. your favorite body part
310. re-create one of your dreams/nightmares
311. dress up like your significant other
312. in the middle of nowhere
313. create a photo from a favorite quotation
314. "clean the house thursday" [drink alcohol, sing, and clean your house!]
315. do a mosaic going through the motions of your day
316. make your photo a greeting card to one of your 365 friends. [birthday, get well, etc.]
dramamath 13 years ago
Only 49 ideas to go!
darkredbeloved Posted 13 years ago. Edited by darkredbeloved (member) 13 years ago
CrzysChick 13 years ago
enilorac 0_o 13 years ago
328.Your silhouette
329.tied up
LipglossJunkie Posted 13 years ago. Edited by LipglossJunkie (member) 13 years ago
excalipoor 13 years ago
335. watching a plane take off or land
336. scar yourself for real or photoshop
Quigleys Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Quigleys (member) 13 years ago
337: Vices
338: Pet Hates
339: Share a secret that NOONE knows :)
340: Greatest accomplishment to date
dramamath Posted 13 years ago. Edited by dramamath (moderator) 13 years ago
Twenty-five more...we are so close!

Let's see if we can finish this before the one year anniversary of this thread (August 30).
hysterical rainstorm [deleted] 13 years ago
341: Of your entire body, but taken from above so that the focus is your face and the rest of your body is blurred
Sonia Keys 13 years ago
Axemaniac-Art Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Axemaniac-Art (member) 13 years ago
dramamath 13 years ago
354. Tribute of a FlickrFriend
355. Make yourself transparent
356. Using sign language
357. A montage of several shots taken one hour apart showing a typical day
358. Laying in the middle of the road
359. Bad idea week

360. Showing off your cooking skills
361. Visual puns
362. Mimic a statue
363. Convey a message through body language
364. Long exposures at night
365. Attempting to juggle
hrw worcester 13 years ago

(Now who goes back and checks if any were duplicated? ;-))
dramamath 13 years ago
I'm waiting for someone to announce the attempt of going through the list in order for a year.
berserk legs [deleted] 13 years ago
I found a few repeats....darn... There still might be more than those.
65) pajamas (or pyjamas, if you prefer)

Sólo J
182. In your pijamas



194. Going to sleep

298. On a trampoline

(105) jumping on a trampoline

164) Laying in the middle of the road

358. Laying in the middle of the road

26) In the Bathroom

Sólo J
186. in the bathroon (though this might turn akward)

shiney happy person
328.Your silhouette

21) Silhouette

And if you count exercising and working out as the same thing (I do) :

73) exercising

(102) working out
dramamath 13 years ago
Only seven pairs or repeats? Not bad at all.
berserk legs [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by berserk legs (member) 13 years ago
Ooh! I gots another!


359. Hiding where you're obviously going be found. (like with your eyes closed-if you don't see them, they can't see you!)
360. Playing a childhood game, like ring around the rosie or hide-and-seek.
361. Pretending to be a character from a fairytale or nursery rhyme.

Are they good? If I repeated one I'll be super embarressed...I'll recheck. I saw an urban legends one like my fairytale/nurs. rhyme idea, but I don't think they're much the same.
I don't think I found all the repeats though.
Moy Triana Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Moy Triana (member) 13 years ago
taking a DUMP!!!!

8/365 In and Out

its a natural thing isnt it?
shellie_ 13 years ago
362. walking the dog
363. Fainting
364. With a fortune cookie fortue
365. Celebrating 365 with characters from previous photos!

wooo i can't wait to get my new tripod and start this!!
me_on_flickr 13 years ago
I'm definitely gonna need to refer back to this...

How about....
...........................your favourite superhero?
Keenahn 13 years ago
This is an awesome topic, but I refuse to read it until I run out of ideas myself.

I'm the expert at "arm's length, jittery self portrait" though, lemme tell you ;).
StrangeRhapsody 13 years ago
With a hat was in there twice - once near the beginning and once near the end. But hey, they could be DIFFERENT hats!

How about inspired by a children's book? Has that one been suggested?

What a great thread!
sazztastical 12 years ago
What a great threa!. I'm just getting ready to start my 3rd year of 365s - and this year I'll add them into this pool again as I missed most of this year, have still been doing it though.

Anyway, rambling.

I went through the list for some ideas - am worried that the third year will be hard and I hate to have to say, there are quite a few more duplicates on the list than previously mentioned - we're about 9 ideas down with the ones that I've found.

They are (in no particular order)

1) 28 / 194 / 302 - Sleeping (realise sleeping was mentioned but only 2 matches for it, there were in fact 3)

2) 17 / 26 / 186 - Bathroom (again, 3 instances not two)

3) 179 / 235 - Candlelight

4) 142 / 250 - Rainstorm

5) 78 / 250 - Hat

6) 127 / 296 - iPod

7) 148 / 272 - Smelling flowers

8) 14 / 284 - Blowing bubbles

9) 67 / 109 - Cross dressing

So, how about we get 9 extras before New Year?
Here's a few ideas from me:

357. At a music gig / concert
358. On the beach
359. A big group posed photo (10+ people) - like a school photo - with you front row centre
360. Write a message to a friend, without using their name. Hold it up in your photo and see how long before they get back to you about it
361. Opening a present
362. Putting up Christmas decorations
363. Land of the Giants - use photoshop to superimpose yourself somewhere so you look like a tiny person (ie in a bag, in grass etc.)
364. Draw on a moustache and whiskers (think Rachel and Ross in Friends)
365. Prick yourself (with something clean) to get that dark red blob of blood in macro, Brave enough? :)

And just in case there are any more duplicates here's a couple of extras ...

366. Soft focus
367. High key
368. Sneezing
369. Negative space
370. At the bottom of the frame, looking up

Anyone else? Will be good to bump this back to the top :) Good luck anyone just starting or restarting or starting another year. Happy New Year everyone.

freakensteiin 12 years ago
I'm glad this thread got bumped back up :)
I'm already thinking of ideas what to do on my day 1 :D
catastrophicsmile 12 years ago
i love these ideas hahahaha
fragile history [deleted] 12 years ago
what about a mini challange where u take your picture with a stranger guerilla style.
uber freckles 12 years ago
Year two ideas:
1. Playground
2. Flipping the bird
3. You with a robot, or you as a robot
4. Drinking milk from the jug
5. Your feet or your toes
6. Crying
7. Having breakfast
8. Hair cut
9. Whipped cream from the can.
10. Star gazing
shelbyhallimage. 11 years ago
haha i wish i wouldnt have already started my 365 i sooooo would have taken on the challenge of doing all of these in order for a year. :D
Ben Ben 11 10 years ago
I am on day 1 and I will attempt this list.
♔ Georgie R Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ♔ Georgie R (admin) 10 years ago
Well Ben Ben 11, I shall be looking out for you :)
Surprisingly, although I'm on year five and am one of the group moderators, I've never read this discussion thread before :(
I shall be referring to it again :)
Jessica_Peterson 10 years ago
11. your reflection in a broken mirror
12. stuffing your mouth with marsh mellows
13. dressed in clothes of a different era, in public
14. singing into a hair brush
15. kicking at the camera lens
16. pretending to drink from a big public fountain
17. sitting mid air as you jump on a tampoline
18. direct light on one side of your face, while the other side is dark
19. doing a cartwheel
20. your hair after rubbing a balloon on it
21. screaming while watching a scary movie, and spilling the popcorn

22. carrying a very very tall stack of books, (this would be funny if you are a student) so tall you nearly fall over. or the books do.

23. jumping off a swing
24. become part of a painting: cut a hole in the canvas and stick your painted face there.

......? keep going.
dramamath 9 years ago
With new members looking for new ideas, I thought I would bump this thread again.
dumbledad 9 years ago
kalolaina31 9 years ago
Greta Lauren 8 years ago
35. Snow Angel
36. Diving in pool/water
37. Clicking through TV channels
38. Peeking around corner
39. Water over face
40. Doing the splits
phixated 6 years ago
42. Your biggest failure
43. Pinhole photography (if you have access to it... If not; randomly change your settings and put your camera down anywhere random, and change your zoom if you can (lots of random). The key is to surrender all control and see what happens!)
44. Draw your face with your eyes closed. If you are more ambitious - try it without lifting the pen-pencil. Compare it to your actual face.
45. Write a poem. Try to represent it with a photograph.
46. Exaggerate the feature that people comment on the most.
47. What did you learn today?
48. Ridiculous fashion trends.
49. Montage. (Darkroom or Photoshop.)
50. Bad habits.
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