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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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Chapendra 14 years ago
Good idea Mikey! :]
SuperiorRAW 14 years ago
Good idea, I was looking for something like this when I signed up. I'm still fairly new to this being on day 8. :-D
ambrosialove Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ambrosialove (member) 14 years ago
Just wanted to point out that there's also this thread, which wasn't exactly designed as an 'introduce yourself' thread, but more of a 'looking back to Day 1' kind of thing. Anyone introducing themselves here might want to go post their Day 1photo over in that thread as well.
Michael D. Dunn 14 years ago
I should link that one, too. I left that one open for that reason.
ktrn! 14 years ago
well, hello everyone, i just started ;)
ThisKory 14 years ago
Hi everyone, I just started yesterday. How is everyone doing with theirs so far?
Helzer 14 years ago
Greetings All!!

I have to agree that this thread is just what I was looking for to say hello.

Today will be Day 3 for me.
Spencer P 14 years ago
Hello all!

Like you lot above me i'm new only on day 2 now!

It's so much fun already :)
I just hope that it will stay this exciting all the way through!
Alan Dismuke 14 years ago
I'm in - going on day 9. Thanks to all. This is just the type of challenge I was looking for.
New, starting today! Gosh, I hope I can make it!
.krys. 14 years ago
Hello, People!

I'm on Day 6. Still really excited about the whole thing. :)
menno-indian 14 years ago

I've been contemplating joining this group for a while - unsure whether I could commit to daily photographs of myself. Now that I've got a new camera, it's the perfect excuse to shoot more!
Say Cheeze !!! 14 years ago
Hi there,

Yip, I just started yesterday and uploaded the 2nd pic. A challenge and I notice I am really getting addicted to the 365 Days group. If you like, have a look at Say Cheeze !!!. Good luck in fulfilling the 365 days challenge with some nice pics.

Regards, Walter
MichelleCan! 14 years ago
I started yesterday...wish me luck!
envious slope [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by envious slope (member) 14 years ago
Well day 19 for me but this is a very good idea for the newbies ^^
Valette 14 years ago
I'm fairly new too: I started on 11/1, so today is day 5.
~Lyndal~ 14 years ago
Hi all.. im on day 4 and loving it.. look forward to seeing all your pics..
*therightamt 14 years ago
Day 1 for me, this will be a test for me to stick with for a year =)
ThisKory 14 years ago
the.rightamt: Good luck! I am on day 2 and almost forgot!! I know, sad of me but I guess you later get in the habit of taking a picture of yourself daily.
lovely guide [deleted] 14 years ago
OK, so I did not see this before. Started yesterday..gosh I hate photos of me so I am looking forward to thinking of different ways to shoot. Will be interesting to see the progress!
{ Chrissi } 14 years ago
Day one for me today I had fun with it today but I"m the worlds worst at sticking to something hopefully this will motivate me :)
lechugaphotos 14 years ago
I've been looking at this project for a few months now and have wanted to do it. Well, now I'm doing it! :-) I'm pretty excited about it and hope I can keep up with it.
#anne# (busy!!) 14 years ago
Hi! This is very exciting.

This is my day four, and I was already brainstorming with my collegues in the English department about doing something similar (but shorter...maybe six weeks) with my students.

Plus, I just put a gorilla tripod on my christmas list!

Yay 365!
michele.spence 14 years ago
today was day 10 for me-- haven't been struck by artistic genius, but have found the best angle for my chin/s! hope to keep it up, Michele
tame throne [deleted] 14 years ago
hi, I just joined this group and today was day 6 for me :)
fakebelieve 14 years ago
I got a new camera for my birthday and I know right away I was going to join this group. I am going to try and keep up, I think photobooth on the imac may come in handy here!
{ karen } 14 years ago
Hi! Today is my day 1. i decided to commit myself to this 365 SP thing because it forces me to try to practice my photography everyday! :-D I lack willing "victims". hehe!
lil_gornie 14 years ago
Today is my day 1 even though I joined the group awhile back. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.
only alice 14 years ago
Hello! I have been here for a week so sorry I didn't say hi earlier :)

I'm having good fun with the project so far... I was a bit worried that I might be cursed, shortly before I started my tripod broke and shortly after my remote seems to have died as well! Not a good start for a self-portraiture project! However, I suppose it's teaching me to be creative...
Kristi Ann 14 years ago
Hello! I just started this project yesterday so I'm only on day 2! It's such a neat idea. I think it's going to force me to really use my creative juices to think of something everyday for a year! Should be lots of fun :) I'm looking forward to browsing everyone's photos - you are all so creative!

Have a great day!
GreyRaven 14 years ago
I came across the milestone thread first - oops. Anyway, today I started 365 days. I hope I can stick with it :)
Photography by LeAnne 14 years ago
Hi! I'm less than a week in....but I'm thinking its going to be cool. I've enjoyed viewing everyone else's photos and I'm getting great ideas for future shots.
{meagen} 14 years ago
im on day 20!!! yay!
BilleNoire 14 years ago
Hi all. I actually started yesterday, but it took me this long to figure out what I'm doing :-) So this is day 2. I'm looking forward to journaling the next 365... um, make that 363 days in my life... and some of yours!
absurd scarecrow [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi I started mine yesterday, I hope I live up to the challenge ha ha........
inoceansofspace 14 years ago
Hi Everyone! Today is day 1 for me.
itchy reason [deleted] 14 years ago
i'm on day 12 but i still feel like a noob!
sturdy silk [deleted] 14 years ago
Hey all! We just hit the 2 week mark and it has already gotten super hard to take a picture every day. It's easy to take pictures of the dog, but self-portraits - for two people - are another matter!
PunkElmo 14 years ago
Day1 tomorrow (well, technically today, but I'm about to go to sleep for a few hours)...
should be an interesting day... I work on Broadway and we're expecting to have a stagehand strike tomorrow.
Silly technicality, but since 2008 is a leap year... shouldn't it be 366 to get a full year? (yeah, I'm a geek) :-D
Librarianboy 14 years ago
Kia Ora from New Zealand. Well here I am on day 1, and the first photo has been submitted.
Still Life With Roses 14 years ago
Um, hi! I've only taken one, and if it takes as long to do it every day, I'm screwed. Hopefully I'll get better and faster...or at least less picky!
Spaceling 14 years ago
I'm on day 3 with a new camera. I expect many gaps, but we'll see how the challenge goes...
Jacqi B 14 years ago
I'm on day 20 now so feel that I might actually be around long enough to make it worth saying 'hello'.
Some fantastic and creative shots in this pool. It's such great fun.
azscrappinjen 14 years ago
Day 1.
I'm excited.
Beginning a new journey.
andyj682 14 years ago
When I started a couple weeks ago I wasn't sure I'd last very long, but I'm on day 16 now and really enjoying it.
Day One
November 12, 2007
Took my first photo yesterday
(it's 12:13 AM, so pretty much 20 minutes)
Haven't had a flickr much long.
And confused as how to add my first photo to the pool
(I know it's pathetic.)
queenbkt 14 years ago
Monday, November 12 @ 1:30 am.

I just added my Day 1 photo to the stream and I'm excited and nervous about starting. I'm going to be moving to Chicago soon and I wanted an alternate way to document the change. It will also be an excuse for me to take more pictures.

Wish me luck! And good luck to all of the others starting!
hungry mist [deleted] 14 years ago
I've started today and added my photo to the pool minutes ago. Good luck to everyone else! :)
redorangebanana 14 years ago
It's day one for me. I found it fitting, as my birthday is tomorrow, and I've big plans for this year. Good luck everyone
gfreeman 14 years ago
Hello. Today will be my day 3, assuming I remember to take the shot. Flickr is great and I really underuse it. So this may help make it part of my daily routine.
Hi. I just wanted to say hello to the group.
I've just started this adventure. Today is Day 1. It should be interesting.
thephotographymuse 14 years ago
Hello. I'm Marcy and I'll be joining your group today (no applause). I was inspired by watching daradactyl's adventures. Her storytelling ability is far greater than mine but I'll try. Looking forward to sharing.
hi, i'm jessie and i joined yesterday. i figured this coming year is going to be a pretty eventful one (graduation from university, getting married, honeymoon trip, living in a new place, starting grad school.....) so it would be a good time to do this.
aparmley 14 years ago
Hello all - My name is Andy. I didn't see this thread on Sunday (my day 1), my apologies. My goal here is to force myself to take more photos, take my camera more places, and to really get me to start experimenting more. Hopefully in 363 days, I'll be a better photographer because of it.

Congrats Jessie on your upcoming marriage, I wed just last month.
sarahaceae 14 years ago
Howdy all. I started yesterday. I thought it would be a fun challenge and hopefully improve my skills as well as document hair growth and weight loss. LOL! :)
equation 14 years ago
hello! missed this thread earlier, but i've only just begun my year as of last Saturday. should be fruitful year. cheers!
jaulmer04 14 years ago
Starting this today...I am married and trying to finish my undergrad work...I thought what better way to take a break!!! So look foward to this..!
*Erin Nicole 14 years ago
I'm started this today and I'm really excited about it!! :o)
Twirly McSwirl 14 years ago
Today (November 14) is my Day 2.

Hi, all!
righteous ink [deleted] 14 years ago
Day 3 for me.. this is going to be tough to shoot and post every day of the next year.
LifeEnColor 14 years ago
Hello everyone- just submitted my Day 5 photo! I had been waiting almost a month until my 22nd birthday to start so I've got a lot of ideas built up- looking forward to keeping up with everyone!

annanomsa 14 years ago
hey all,
I've seen numerous contacts post to this group, and decided to finally join! It looks like too much fun to pass up. The next year is going to be a huge change for me - moving continents, going back to uni, leaving loved ones behind, and new exciting things - so it will be fun to have this to look back on.
thanks for such a great pool.
Super Sancho 14 years ago

I've watched three of my friends start out 365days, and it looked like fun, so after my digital camera finally arrived (and after the craziness of this week subdued), here I am!
ohsoveryvicky 14 years ago
I'm on my 5th day today. Didn't get to post on this thread on Day 1. But here I am trying to introduce myself. :) Like all of you, I'm excited, too. I'm really not a photographer but I do love pictures. So who knows? Maybe amidst the fun I'll be having, I'll even develop some photography skills :)

I think half the fun is in the comments. So please, drop by and write a few when the mood strikes you. I'll be sure to do the same :)

As a side note, I found this group through Day Zero. I'm doing the 101 things in 1001 days and one of my things is to finish this flickr challenge :)
*Caity* 14 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm on my 18th day. I'm sorry that I haven't introduced myself yet. I guess better late than never. I look forward to all the future pictures I will be taking. Wish me luck.
anneisanartist 14 years ago
Hello there!
crowded rain [deleted] 14 years ago
well i'm kat i'm on day 5 well or now i guess it's midnight so that makes it day six? i'm not sure, but my husband thinks that i'm crazy for this, Oh well let's all have a go at it then....
plausible smile [deleted] 14 years ago
Hey all, I'm starting my day 1 today.. (November 18th, 2007) I've seen that most of you are using the 'mouth-watering' kind of camera.. so I hope I'm not gonna humiliating myself with my small point and shoot..

*fingers cross* I'm gonna make it...
Nick, Programmerman 14 years ago
Today's day 2 for me, but I got an 80-day head start on the daily photo thing (I've been doing food, not me), so I don't think I'll "forget" anytime soon.

Hello and good luck, everyone.

I do have one question: anyone plan to give in and do 366 days due to the leap year? :)
chicadecasa 14 years ago
haha so I realized today that I never introduced myself (I'm on day 101) but the name is Kari and I'm in Sacramento. This project is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it's fun and inspiring, and I love getting inspiration from YOUR shots as well! Keep up the good work, all of you!
Joyless 14 years ago
Today is day 1. Is this up coming year a leap year? Hmmmmm......I guess I could do ONE more. But, that's it.
teamperks 14 years ago
Greetings. Andy from Los Angeles here. I decided yesterday that I would start this project (I was aiming for January 1st but decided I really had no reason to wait). Just uploaded day #2. My weekdays are usually pretty droll so it will be interesting to see what sort of unusual things I am able to come up with during my daily routines...
physical room [deleted] 14 years ago
My name is Megan Lynne. I am from Minnesota.

I just got a new digital camera and am working overnights at a group home and i tend to get bored so i figured... why not?

i am on day three now. so far, so good.

flashyteacozy 14 years ago
Hello I'm Jayne from California. I'm starting this today. It looks really fun. I just hope I can keep it up once school starts again (i'm on thanksgiving break and kind of bored :P).
Through Joanne's eye 14 years ago
I am new too...just started Yesterday- I made it to day 02.
the willis project 14 years ago
James Willis is now in on 365. It's now technically day 2 and I'm sleepy. Check out my posts!

katie cowden 14 years ago
today is my day 1. i hope my camera lasts another year.
justplainhope 14 years ago
HI everyone! I'm Hope.
Today is Day 1 for me! I'm definitely excited!
There are some great photos and photographers in this group! I hope I can improve my skills by taking on this challenge.
Mostly, though, I'm doing this to force myself to do something creative every day! It makes me happy, but it usually gets pushed aside in favor of all the other busy things I have to do.
Day 1 in this creative endeavor!
kindly card [deleted] 14 years ago
Oops, I just noticed that my day one post didn't go through the first time. I'm actually on day 3 now, but I guess I should fill in the rest of this. I'm cody, and I'm hoping that my camear lasts all year as well, or at least some camera that I can use. It's going to be difficult trying to get all of those days in and posted to flickr.
yensaya 14 years ago
Hello ^____^

I just made my Day 1 photo :)
Im very excited about this because i was searching for a task which involes my camera and found it ;)

But also because Im a person who starts a lot of stuff and then just abandons it ^^ So I hope I can really do it 365 Days ^^

*.lovestoned 14 years ago
hello !! today is my first day and I am so excited.

let's hope i follow thru with this *crossing fingers & eyes*
hrw worcester 14 years ago
I'm putting my overwhelming shyness aside for a moment and not just posting my day one photo today, but even saying hi. I really can't wait to see where I am a year from now.

I'll go hide again now.
Miladysparis 14 years ago
Hi! day one today, hopefully I can keep on doing this. it should be a challenge.
fast wool [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm in. Today was day 14-yippee!!
.mikengo 14 years ago
Hey everyone, Day 002 for me today. Kinda hard and uninspired due to the weather though in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
ancient duck [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello I have been watching a couple people on their 365 days challenge and finally thought I should do the same for myself. There is nothing harder to me than getting in front of the lens. So my name is Tony from Anchorage, Alaska. I grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota as well as my wife. I am a full time Surgical Technologist and part time Photographer. I am more of a nature photographer but am trying to do more portrait shots. I have had a LOT of requests for family photos so I need to get better at it. I hope to with this little project to start.
So, with that I begin today and I hope you all will let me know how I am doing when you get a chance.
Thank you :-)
demonsandwonders 14 years ago
Hello Everyone....
Ghene Snowdon 14 years ago
Hullo, it's my third day on 365 days :)
Little Mushroom here from London, UK

heathermason20 14 years ago
It's Day One for me today and it feels a little daunting. I hope this project forces me to kick my creativity into high gear...either that, or it'll make me royally self-conscious;-)

Cheers from Heather K.
zesty cake [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by zesty cake (member) 14 years ago
Hey hey! I'm giving this a try....again. Cheer me on as I cheer you on!
Single Malt 14 years ago
Hello everyone!!

It's day one for me yesterday (November 25, 2007). I am still not used to post that late at night, but I guess with this project I'll be doing that more often. ;-)

Scary thing is, I don't know what to do with today's shot, and it's only day 2! Yikes!!

Have a great day, everyone!
Miss Faye Faye 14 years ago
hey to all who are in this group !

today is my first day. im excited :)

im faye by the way *waves*
super.what 14 years ago
Hi, everyone!

This is my second day. Today I told my friend about the group and joked that since it's supposed to be something I do for a whole year, I'll probably end up stopping about a month in. x) I hope to prove myself wrong!

Right now I'm wondering if there's anything in particular I'd like to document as I take my pictures...but for now I guess I'm just taking random snapshots of whatever I happen to be doing when I remember that I need to take that day's portrait.

Good luck to everyone else posting! :D
earthy competition [deleted] 14 years ago
Hellooo, today is my first day, so I suppose that I'll use a self-portrait from today as the beginning.

I actually just joined flickr yesterday, but I think that this is an interesting idea and i love taking self portraits, haha.
beneficial store [deleted] 14 years ago
hey this is my first day

i have been wanting to do it for a while now
and finallly

i have

wayy bad
i better make it to the end
or else
jeanina 14 years ago
I got an SD1000 last Friday to replace my 3 year old Olympus camera. Figured it would be the perfect time to really get this 365days project rolling!
Obscurum 14 years ago
Well leave it to me to forget to post here ON my day one..
But hey I've not yet posted day 2 so I guess it still counts!?
So many people here and I want to just look at them all.. >.<
renee.hawk 14 years ago
now is my first day of the rest from one year - lets go ;-))

und für die das hier lesen können: heute ist mein erster tag vom rest eines jahres ...
determined whistle [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi, I started yesterday, a few days after my 25th birthday! I've been thinking about joining for a while, but wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it. I've been both inspired and discouraged by other people's photos. Best of luck all!
Oh, and I'm a total nerd so expect lots of cheesy pics!

365: Day 1!
elzybit 14 years ago
Hi all! I'm Elsabeth. I'm on my tenth day of 366 - leap year! - and yay! I'm excited to have a reason to drag my camera around everywhere and take lots of pictures. Joining friends on a great adventure, here I am.

Those Mini-Challenges are looking mighty tempting...

Good luck!
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