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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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giant river [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by giant river (member) 14 years ago
Hi, My Name is Rich.

i posted my day 1 today. I found this group last night and it seems like a good addition to my daily routine!
dancemehome 14 years ago
Hello everyone. My name is Annie

and I posted my day 1 last night. I love this idea nd I hope that I will be able to stick with it haha.

wish me luck :)
.rachh. 14 years ago
Hey, I'm Rachel. I just started yesterday. I'm really excited about this!
duckiemonster 14 years ago
Greetings... I'm day one for the second time... last time around, I got to 100 ... going to make it this time, I hope.

Good luck, everyone! May your ideas flow, may your shots all work out okay, and may you find the best temporary tripods to pull everything off!
hallowed ink [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi, my name is Karen. Day 1 for me...
jill (jewelalchemy) 14 years ago
Hello, my name is Jill, I'm on day 34 I think, but I only just found this! better late than never :)
justplainhope 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Hope!
Today is Day 8 for me, but since I didn't introduce myself on Day 1, I thought I'd do it here!

I'm super excited about this journey and I'm determined to keep it up all year!
xxmisslissaxx 14 years ago
Hii! I'm new too. I am actually on Day 2 but I hope to find friends who'd like to keep up with my photos. I can't wait to stick with it and have lots of fun with it!
chivalrous business [deleted] 14 years ago
Hey! I just joined yesterday (11/28/2007). It's taken me quite a while to get up the guts to join any group let alone one so visable at the 365days Project. I am a rank amateur photographer wannabe who will be taking a digital camera course in January 2008. I was inspired after seeing so many great 365days photo streams while doing the 'Last 7 Days Interesting Explore' function on flickr. Now let's just see if I can come up with 365 ideas. :)
jrblackwell 14 years ago
Hi There! I'm J.R. Blackwell. I'm on day 19 and I love cloning.

I also love dressing up like an old bearded fat man and a vampire, though never both at once.

absolutely angela 14 years ago
hi... i am new....on day 6. i was a bit nervous about joining this group. there is a lot of talent here! then i realized that i joined so that i could be inspired by those talented people and make some new friends to share my love of the camera with. <3
full bottle [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi friends!

I just began day one! I am excited about the challenge & hoping to meet a few new friends.

Wish me luck! :)
daffy wren [deleted] 14 years ago
heya- I'm just starting.. after being coerced (just|your|avergage|girl amoungst other)

I'm not much for long term projects: my favourite reference to myself is having the attention span of a ferret..

We'll see how this goes!
thechapel 14 years ago
Having been influenced by some friends over on Pownce I decided to jump in. My new camera was sitting not being used, so what better way to use it than take unflattering pictures of yourself!

I post here as well as on Pownce and on a forum I frequent about technology and games. So I get pretty good exposure even if people don't care. :)
KaptainKaveman 14 years ago
Day 1 gang.

Hello from the cave, :))
Let's see where we go from here.
sincere division [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by sincere division (member) 14 years ago
My first day , hello everyone.

I'm from south Louisiana
My name is Audrey

A friend told me of this group and the 365 Day challenge photo a day . Sounded like fun. So I posted my first one today. We'll see how this will go. :-)
Besides I rather be behind the camera then in front. So this daily self portrait will sure be a good challenge. :-)
bh88keys 14 years ago
Hi everyone,

My name is Brian and I'm from Seattle. This is actually day 5 for me - I'm looking forward to going through this challenge with all of you!
Geoff4130 14 years ago
Hi all! I'm Geoff. I just put up day 4. This should be fun.
second-hand fold [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm Giulianna. i've tried to commit to this several times before...but it hasn't stuck. since i am now trying to force myself into a better life, including improved work ethic, etc. i think i shall try this again.

i will be OFFICALLY re-starting 365 within the next day or two.
Myron Watkins 14 years ago
on day 3 now...woot! im still new
lifeisBuddhaful Posted 14 years ago. Edited by lifeisBuddhaful (member) 14 years ago
hi im Tori. I'm on Day 10...I think. I joined because, please-- like I need more distractions in my life. ;-) 365 to be exact.

Tamlyn07 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Tammy, and today is Day 2 for me, I'm so excited about joining this group!!!
Farbror 14 years ago
Hey! Name's Kit, this is my first day. Originally I was going to start doing this in about two weeks, since I'll be on vacation for a week in a couple of days. The waiting didn't work out, I just couldn't keep myself away and here I am. Wham. I hope I manage to keep this thing going. :)
Geoff4130 14 years ago
Question time. Is there anything special I should be doing? I am taking pics and posting them and stuff. I think I joined the group correctly. I'm so confused.
The Newb 14 years ago
Day one for me - got sucked in by a talented friend. I have only had my big-boy camera for a week or so. My intention is for 365 to be a record of my progress as a photographer.

I'm really hoping for comments/criticism.

Wish me luck!
beau-foto 14 years ago
Day 1, gotta start somewhere right? Please tell me what you think, can't get better if i don't know what I'm doing wrong. Be gentle, I'm sensitive.

Beau Elkins
Ryan J John 14 years ago
Geoff.. You now can add your pictures to the group pool.. just go to your picture page and right above the picture there's a button that says "send to group".. click on that, and select the 365 group, and that's it!
Here I am! :-)
From Italy.
This is my fourth day and my English is terrible.
Geoff4130 14 years ago
Thanks Ryan!
substantial hole [deleted] 14 years ago
Today is my first day with a Flickr. A friend of mine is in this group and convinced me to start taking myself portraits 10 days ago, but today I will finally post.
brash camp [deleted] 14 years ago
Jason here, started 5 days ago... it's already turning into an experience, my day two photo already has over 150 views... and was on flickr Explore for Dec. 3... I hate self-portraits and any pictures of me, got an XTi about a month ago so need some projects... gotta step out of your shell sometimes I suppose!
clear cent [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi, 4th day as well and its cool so far. Takes your mind off a long day and gives you something creative to work with. :) Now if only my D40 would fit in my pocket... *sigh*
Jason Cabreros 14 years ago
YO! Day 3. What did I get myself into!?
Alina_H 14 years ago
Hey! Day 2 for meee! My sister told me about it and it seemed like a lot of fun. Im trying to come up with different ideas for everyday....cant wait! :)
[ aboring ] 14 years ago
oh boy, here i go.....*jumps off cliff* day 2 for me.
NJT_YT 14 years ago
I've started today, 6th December 2007. The only problem I have now is dragging this damn thing out so I don't bore the pants off myself and other people.

I have ideas..
industrious science [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi all!! I'm going to go ahead and jump in!! I'm going to post my first photo this afternoon...thanks for having me :D
SparkleShellstar 14 years ago
I am about to post my first picture, been meaning to start for ages so why not today!

7-how-7 14 years ago
oh. shite.

i'm in.

oh. shite.

your friend Sevens...

Xmas is here in San Luis Obispo
hallowed self [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello Hello! I'm about to start.

Here we go...

I'm Kat, BTW.
bob conaert 14 years ago
O damn now there's no turning back anymore,
added day 1 today.

greetings bob
Hi. My name is Rita. Today is my first day!
ahead time [deleted] 14 years ago
hi i'm Maddy, i just started today :)
Autumn Welles 14 years ago
This will be my second attempt. I didn't make it past day 20-something last time. Hopefully this time will be better. (:
Shaun_Sheep 14 years ago
Hi, my name is Shaun and this is my first day.
redjoshuameg 14 years ago
Hello, I haven't uploaded until now... even if I began my 365 in april... so here I am...
joseph.antoniello 14 years ago uploads since April? That's a long time!

Anyway, I'm heading into week 2. Here we go!
stuffed bear girl 14 years ago
Hi all. Today is my big day 1.

love2beMe 14 years ago
hi, i am nervous today is my day one!!! hope you have as much fun as i plan too!!!
minz_a77 14 years ago
I am going to start my 365 today! My friend Elena has been doing it for a while and I was inspired to do it too!
cuddly distance [deleted] 14 years ago
HI all.....I just started
mknit 14 years ago
Day 1... that wasn't so hard... but tomorrow will be another story!
gbmcinephoto 14 years ago

I'm looking forward to the challenge of keeping this interesting with a mix of pinhole, extended exposure, and interesting locals for my self portraits. We'll see if i can come up with 365 different ideas...
envious desk [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi, my first day.
Looking forward to another 364.
365 photo's of me......what has the world done to deserve that :)
Photogalicious 14 years ago
I'm a newbie too!! I think this will be so interesting. I love this thread :)
only1geekette 14 years ago
I have seen this for a while and thought about doing it, and couldn't decide. Finally today I decided to go ahead and start. So... Hello everyone!
Akeson 14 years ago
Feel like I'm getting ready for a polar bear swim all jittery and excited looking forward to the first plunge tomorrow. -Andy
djFindus 14 years ago
Hey everyone, started a few days ago but joined the group today. I hope I can stick with this to the very end!
OddMix 14 years ago
I took my first step on the path today.
Buttonz 14 years ago
Hi guys, another newbie here. I've been thinking about joining Flickr & doing this for a while, so I decided to do it as part of my 101 in 1001. It's going to be fun!
ReeBeckiSupergirl 14 years ago
Hello! I started four days ago and I'm already loving the challenge!
Steffoush 14 years ago
Hi 365 ! I just turned 40 on 12-21 and I wanted to do a year in my life with you all !!! My name is Stephanie but you can call me Steph....or Steffoush!!! Can't wait to check out all your pics !!!
Beancounter7 14 years ago
Hello fellow 365ers!
Just finished my first week and am having fun - think a year might be challenging though
FieldDan 14 years ago
Greetings! I found this group through a photo on Explore, and after lurking in fascination for a while I finally jumped in last week. I'll be shooting day 7 today.

Working a night shift has kind of messed up my shooting schedule already. I've decided that a day starts when I wake up and ends when I go to sleep, regardless of the calendar. So there.

I would love to get some comments and feedback, and I try to make a habit of commenting on interesting photos. See you all in the pool!

-Dan from So. Cal.
Rait Arro 14 years ago

I heard of 365 Days 1h ago. Great initiative. I really look forward to spotting changing patterns in my self-portraits; the first turned out to be a rather murky one. Hopefully I will persevere with the commitment.

Applesaucer 14 years ago
tomorrow will be my fifth day of 365!
it's all very awesome so far; the guy who created it is a genius.
anyway, happy hols! :]]
Everyday!?!?! I've been posting 365 shots since Oct 26 and I've gotta tell ya' ain't as easy as you would think.
northshoreleo 14 years ago
Hello! I'm Leo, just started today... picked Christmas day, Happy birthday baby Jesus, Shake & Bake! Oh and any tips and comments are greatly appreciated.
sunshinecity 14 years ago
Well here I am!!
Alex, 31, Rome Italy!

I'll actally be starting my 365 diary on Jan 1st... but thought I'd get a head start and introduce myself!

This will be my 2nd day-to-day photo diary, but my first with selfportaits only!

See you in 2008!!
Taz Spin 14 years ago
Hey everybody!
I'm Taz, 27, from Korea, but I'm in Indiana USA right now.

I joined this group several months ago, but was waiting
for a good time to start.

Got a new camera for myself as a Christmas present so decided
to start yesterday morning.
.km 14 years ago
Hi I'm KM, from a small red-dot country (Singapore).

Yeah, I've seen this group since few weeks ago but just joined few mins ago, and was waiting for the New Year (2008), and that'll be the day I'll start my Day 1!

Feeling excited! =D
stehvue 14 years ago

Im stehvue from Germany. First I wanted to start yesterday, but starting a project on Christmasday is pretty difficult...
hcobb826 14 years ago
hey everyone, I saw this group when I was searching to find photos taken from the camera I was about to (but now I have) buy. After I got the camera, I started an unoffical 365 day project, because I didn't see myself being as dedicated as I have been. Seeing as I did a great job remembering, I decided to join. Hope I keep it up!
jeanbee Posted 14 years ago. Edited by jeanbee (member) 14 years ago
Hi everyone!

This group is a great idea. Today's my 1st day. I need to do a fun challenge and learn something on the way. Wish me luck!

- Jean, Long Island City, NY
majikcamera 14 years ago
Hi I'm Don
I just joined this group today and I am getting ready to post my Day 1 in a few minutes.
I have known about this group for a long time. I have a good friend (jump4joy) who has been doing it and is nearing the end of her year. She is actually the person who introduced me to flickr.
Like a lot of people I am a little nervous about my ability to keep this up. But I know if I start it I will try very hard to keep it up. And I know that all I have to do is get the camera out and take something that has me in it. They don't all have to be masterpieces of self-portraiture, do they ? So here I go.
woodendesigner 14 years ago
Hey there. Day 1 and I'm looking forward to day 2. This should be a fun year. Hope you all feel free to comment on any of my photos and I'll do the same. Good luck.

country.bumpkin 14 years ago
Hi, Im Laura. I just joined the group too, and I am a very very amateur photographer!! :) Im hoping that the 365days project will help me to understand my camera and photography better, and that at the end of the year, I might be able to say I'm just an amateur...

I'm starting mine on Jan 1st though. Need to practice a little bit...
The B@man 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Thomas, and will be starting as part of an interesting 'New Years Resolution'. I started one of these earlier this year, but my resolve crumbled. Hopefully knowing there's a set start and end will help keep me going! Here comes 365 (or 366? Not sure what to do on Feb 29th yet.)
pictographic 14 years ago
hi,i'm priyanka, i just joined this group a few days back but am planning to actually start the 365day pictures from the !st..i hope its ok!!
am really very excited!! :D:D
fast month [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm Ana. I just got a new camera. It was what I needed to start the project. I'll start on the 1st of January. :D
Scott11970 14 years ago
Hi to all!!! I'm Scott, and I too plan on starting on the 1st, I hope the challenge of this will spark some creativity. Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone else.
beadedbudgie 14 years ago
Hey all! I lurked around this group for a few days and was intending to start on New Years Day as a resolution kind of thing...but I got too impatient, so I started today.
petervanallen 14 years ago
Hi all,
my name is Peter, I live on the Isle of Portland on the south coast of Dorset, UK. Just about to start my second year on Flickr and now looking for something to maintain the discipline of taking at least one image a day for a year I joined this group, the Project 365 group, and 'One object 365 days project' which also look interesting.
I'm ready to start on January the first and am really looking forward to seeing everyones uploads, hopefully we can all keep it going for a year and make this a really great group.
I mainly shoot with a Nikon D80, and occasionally a Fuji E900 and S9500.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, see you soon on these pages,
You'reMyFavorite 14 years ago
Hi, I am starting the 366 on the first of the year. I just joined and cant wait to start the challenge!!! This is a great idea.
Happy New Year, See you on the 1st!
betsylou24 14 years ago
Hello, I'm Betsy and I will be starting the challenge on January 1st. I found this group last night and I love the idea. . .

See you Tuesday!
Babs1696 14 years ago
Hi - I'm Babs......Many of my Flickr friends are involved in this project, and I've tried to get up the nerve to participate......finally I am ready to give it a try....gulp.....!! Hopefully I will get it together and start Jan 1 --- otherwise, I'll be along in a few days.......for sure!
Isa Costa 14 years ago
Hi all!
I'm about to start this project (1st january) and I am very excited about it :)

See ya around!
mkgillman 14 years ago
I've justed started today. I absolutely cannot stand having my picture taken and I am really bad about using my camera everyday.

This can only go well right?
*Gossy* 14 years ago
Hi - I just started today and posted my first picture. I'm debating trying to do this project without ever getting my face involved, because I'm lazy. Like today. I didn't want to do hair/makeup.

We'll see how it goes ;)
akane kinomoto 14 years ago
hello everyone! Day 1 for me. This is a challenge for me... I really want to stick to it, through the whole year! =D

Happy New Year, by the way! = )
Black wolf 14 years ago
first pic in today
should be an interesting challenge
. tori . 14 years ago
Hi! I am Tori!
I started today. Excited to meet you guys!
Retro Loved 14 years ago
Hey, I'm Kris just started yesterday. This should be fun :) And happy new year guys!
nicole bee 14 years ago
I intended to start tomorrow, but I figured I might as well jump right in. So...hello!
CreativeExile 14 years ago
Ditto, nicole. Just found my tripod (we moved in August and I'm still unpacking) so I'm in for 2008.

I'm Denise, BTW. SAHM to two and an avid photographer. Trying to get (keep?) my camera out of the bag. Permanently ;) And get more photos of me, not just the kids.
Little Miss Sunshine. 14 years ago
I'm starting tomorrow and I'm really excited. I'm less than a week old here at Flickr so my pics are gonna be kinda I've really enjoyed going through and looking at everyone else's photos! <3
old-fashioned hat [deleted] 14 years ago
Hey there.!

I'm Emily, and I just started today. I'm pretty excited about this, especially since the next year is going to be very interesting for me. I'd hardly consider myself a "good" photographer, but this sounds like fun. Happy New Year everyone!
lintmachine 14 years ago
Hi All,

I just posted my first day. Looking forward to the new year.
voicesbybrian 14 years ago
Hello Everyone. I've been following you all for a while and I just Love this group. Now that I have my own D50 I'm jumping on board. Hopefully my photography and photoshop skills will improve as the year goes along.

I'm looking forward to the journey and to "meeting" many other 365ers!

Happy New Year!

suesue2 14 years ago
Hi guys !

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now.
I post one shot a day anyways, so whats one more right ???

This will be fun ;-)

Happy New Year all !!
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