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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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Paul Swortz 14 years ago
Greetings from Northwest Washington State. about halfway between Seattle and the U.S.- Canada border.

Just posted my first one and am looking forward (with a little trepidation) to this ...

MNicoleM 14 years ago
Hiya! I'm Nicole in Georgia and am going to start in a couple of hours when the clock strikes midnight and 2008 begins :-)
Madirakshi 14 years ago
Hi everybody =) I'm Michelle and like so many others, I'm starting today... well, now. Happy New Year!
Esther17 14 years ago
howdy everyone!

after having been on flickr for almost three years (!), and going back and forth about this, i've finally decided to jump in with both feet.

happy new year's! :)
.donelle 14 years ago
Hi all

Oh wow - what a commitment to make on day one of 2008 - but I am excited about it. I am normally behind the camera - not in front of it, so this will be an interesting journey for me.

Happy 2008 to all
flippant mist [deleted] 14 years ago
It's in the wee hours of Day 1 for me - although I'll be waiting until later today to have my first photo posted.

Hopefully I'll make it all the way through - this is one of my New Year's resolutions :)
Michelle McLatchy 14 years ago
Hi All,

Well I joined, now I'm committed. I've always loved taking the pictures, not so much being in them :p My husband encouraged me to try this. So here's to stepping out of my comfort zone in 2008! Exciting!

.Manisha. 14 years ago
Jan 1 is my first day, too! Looking forward to it. I just hope I can remain committed for 365 days!

Happy New Year to everyone!
cory mcburnett 14 years ago
i'm another flickr addict and i wanted to join in on the fun.
so what better day to start on than jan st and i see i'm not the only one..
i hope to see you all at the finish line a year from now...

here's to an even better year than last year.
jagdiego 14 years ago
what a great way to start the new year off, and i am excited. i have never used flickr until a few weeks ago, so i think that this group is the perfect way to start. i have my first picture ready, and its uploaded into my account, but how do i add it to the group "pool"? i am ok at the picture taking, its the computer part that i need practice in.
+Chrissie+ 14 years ago
Hi! I'm Chrissie, in Sydney and this is my first day. Looking forward to the adventure.
fantastical jar [deleted] 14 years ago
hi, i'm bronwyn (quite possibly!!), im from canberra australia, and this is my first day as well!! i tried doing this a while ago, but gave up. this time i wont!! :)
Lessa_g 14 years ago
Heya - I'm Lessa.

Been meaning to do this for a while, figured should finally do something about that 'meaning to' thing. I'm from Kenai, Alaska, I'm no great photographer though quantity sometimes lends quality. I'm a widowed mom to three, and looking to finally get myself together this year. Hopefully 365 will help keep me on track, moving forward in my own personal hell - er, journey. (grin)

So don't expect perfection. I'm just a mom with a point and shoot camera. And I'm blond. Go figure. Ha!
Steffe 14 years ago
Hello After nearly four years at flickr I guess it's time for another project. I have a few weekly projects going on such as My Old Tree set, and often shoot at building sites in my area, so this will be a bit different. I live in Tungelsta south of Stockholm in Sweden.
Hi, I am Jim and like Lessa said above, I have been thinking about this for a while now, but after finding myself watching other peoples 365 projects on a daily basis I decided to just do it!

this will be hard for me as I may be going away for a while, but I will still do it whilst I am away.
SunnySanny 14 years ago
hello, after being on flickr for some time i´m finally a 365dayflickrian, like my pre-posters i pondered over joining for some time now.... now, let`s see how far i`ll get...
i am living in vienna, austria and, if i keep up, the 365days-project will accompany me in getting 30.
Shai Coggins 14 years ago
Happy new year, everyone.
Today, I found out about this community project.
And today, I decided to be a part of it.
Now, here I am.
I could never do anything on a "daily" basis.
So, this is a challenge that I decided to take on for 2008.
We'll see how this goes.

Hope you all have a fab 2008!
atr365 14 years ago
hey everyone, i also chose the new year to start this project. Deliberated whether to choose the picture a day or SP a day project, the self portrait one sounds harder, and im a pretty private person.

i decided to make a new account for this as to not clutter up my other account, and also to keep it anonymous ;)
liz.kassera 14 years ago
hello. posted the first picture yesterday and look forward to the year's challenges. looks like i'll be in good company. can't wait to start commenting on your threads.
ElishaRenae 14 years ago
Hey! Im Elisha. I am really excited about doing this. I am a bit nervous but im sure it will get easier once I get working at it. Starting today! Nice to meet all of you!

Happy New Year!
fancy cast [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Samantha (obviously?) and will be starting this project sometime today. I have several contacts who do this, and have finally given in. Decided to start it fresh for 2008 though.

Happy New Year everyone! :)
concerned sign [deleted] 14 years ago
howdy :) i started ma 365 days project 2day 'n i'm waaaay too excited!
adjoining leg [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello Everyone,
just started today.
Best wishes for 2008!
thinkninja 14 years ago
Hello! I just started my 365. This should be a fun experience, as well as a good way to learn how to use my new Nikon D40!
sweetmadness178 14 years ago
hey all!

i start today. haven't taken my first pic yet, though. i'm very excited about this project.

happy new year!
foxie1125 14 years ago
Happy New Year, Y'all! This is day 2 for me. Looking forward to a great 2008 and many wonderful photo opportunities.
Shellie619 14 years ago
Greetings - new year - very grateful for that - new challenge...365. I have just taken my first. This is Shellie by the way. I am going to do a story on this project for my Get Creative newscast on Any input from the project members would be great!
Air Adam 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Adam - as you might have guessed! I'm a bit undecided about the 365 thing but I thought as it's Jan 1st I might as well take a SP and see how it goes from there. I'll certainly be checking out other people's progress though!
kylegrabenbauer 14 years ago
I Started Today.

My name is Kyle, I wanted to wait til the New Year simply because it was so close, and I couldn't think of a better day to start. I am starting with 2 other people. we sorta joined a pack that we would do this. so what I hope to accomplish by this next year of 365 is that I will learn more about myself and meet new and Amazing people, I hope all have an amazing year. I will be looking at so many of your pictures, and I'm looking forward to Having a good year.
The Doctr 14 years ago
Greetings! I've been eying a lot of you wonderful, talented group members the past year and debating on joining, giving it a try myself. Well, here I am! I hope to have a great time this year doing the 365, well 366 day thing. Looking forward to sharing with you all.

Happy New Year!

- Mark aka "The Doctor Is In"
JavaNut 14 years ago
Hi - discovered 365Days a couple of weeks ago and thought Jan 1 would be a great time to start... now if only my new camera had arrived! This is great - love looking at the other posted pics for inspiration - thanks all!

Happy 2008!
jamiehewitt 14 years ago
Hello, this is my 2nd 1st day! Tried it before, but i gave up unfortunately. I think starting on a significant date (this being January 1st) might help me a bit, so wish me luck!

jamie x
korrileigh04 14 years ago
Hiya -

I'm starting my second attempt with a fellow Flickr friend. This should be a big year for me so I thought that this would be a fun way to document it.

Good luck to all and Happy OhEight!

Korri Leigh
[Leslie] 14 years ago
First Day. A bit nervous. I chose to do this to learn a bit about myself and to document what should be a big year.
toasty oats 14 years ago
Hello everyone! I attempted 365 last year but only made it about 2 weeks in. This year I just got a new D-SLR camera and I think I've managed to convince at least one friend into doing the project with me. Here's hoping I make it this time!

-Dave P-A
erin power 14 years ago
hiya, i'm erin. starting on january 1st... the pressure is high but hopefully i'm up to the challenge. this is a great group and i'm looking forward to participating!

good luck to everyone.
d.rex 14 years ago
Here's Day 1 of my second 365 (366)... :-)

"01.01.08 - 1/366: I think there's something on my lens" by d.rex [?]
01.01.08 - 1/366: I think there's something on my lens
Orbitgal Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Orbitgal (member) 14 years ago
Orbitgal=Kim. that's me.
this has always been something I wanted to do, then I heard about a nifty little group in here I am!
dynamic treatment [deleted] 14 years ago
I have been watching and reading and enjoying everyone else's 365days for almost a year so I decided to begin my new year doing my own... What fun it'll be!
didactic moon [deleted] 14 years ago
Hey all, I'm Clive. Like some of you, I'm quite new to flickr and photogrpahy, but I really love the 365 days idea, so decided as part of my new approach to life and pushing boundaries and challenging myself, this would be a good to get into......hopefully it'll be fun and make me think, but I suspect some days I'll be none too pleased with my decision to get into this. Look forward to trying this and seeing all your attempts.

Good luck everyone!!! :-)
second-hand fold [deleted] 14 years ago
my name is giulianna. i live in philadelphia.

i am trying to do this again. i hate the way i look in pictures, so this is going to be interesting. day one, really plain because i actually haven't removed myself from my bed yet, and it is already 3:30pm. i think i have the flu. so it is one of those pictures that people take just to fill in the days. sorry.

wish me luck guys!
Kat says ROARRRR 14 years ago
Hi! I'm Kat and I got a Nikon for christmas and one of the first things I did was think of so many 365 pictures I'm going to take. I waited until New Year's to start and I'm excited to come home from school and have something that will keep me thinking creatively! I hope I keep up with it, and I expect to learn so much about myself in the next 365 days.
Renato Piereck 14 years ago
Hello, I'm Ren, I'm on my second day. This looks like fun, we'll see where it takes me..
angelamaphone 14 years ago
Hello, I'm Angela. I've thought about doing this many times but I really hate the way I look in pictures, so I haven't. But this year is a new year and I figured it's worth conquering that fear, and just going for it! Looking forward to seeing how far I can go!
~Casey~ 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Casey, and I'm starting today too.... can't wait to try this!
Regina J. 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Regina from Vienna. Till now I hate making selfportraits but my soul sister cybergabi promised me, it will be good for me - and I believe her :-) So I'm very curious how this work will change my life in the next year - I'm sure it will change! I'm really excited!
longing sidewalk [deleted] 14 years ago
Hey, new camera, new year, new challenges!
I'm ready.........i think.....
Lisa-Marie Jordan 14 years ago
Hi, everyone! I'm Lisa-Marie from California, and I'm starting today!
Ally_Box 14 years ago
Hey, I'm Ally from Newcastle, Australia, and this is my second go at 365 (last year I managed 145 before giving up). Hopefully now I've got a gazillion other people starting at the same time I will have some support, and starting from the new year should give me that little extra boost to keep going and make this year a 'perfect' 365!
stevelosh 14 years ago
I'm Steve from Rochester, NY. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this, but we'll see!
delightful toe [deleted] 14 years ago
I am Nate from Ontario, Canada. I've been a member of this group for a while now, but have finally decided to start. I guess we'll see how this goes.
wingless warrior 14 years ago
count me in too...rocket girl (aka kT) calling in from Atlanta, GA.
..Allison.. 14 years ago
Just posted my first pic of this 365 journey. I look forward to meeting my fellow 365'rs. Stop by anytime and leave a message.

Glockoma 14 years ago
Hello everyone! Starting year # 2 after a couple month's break...

Ringing in the New Year
onefootjapan 14 years ago
Hey, Im Sadiq.
02/01/08 will be my Day 1.
so yeah.
understood jelly [deleted] 14 years ago
Today is Day 1!
average morning [deleted] 14 years ago
So - here I go ... I'm Dede. My challenge will be to overcome a fear of commitment. LOL
Matt Hamilton 14 years ago
Well, I guess this is hello.

Hi, I'm Rick. I'm very good at not finishing things - we'll see if I surprise myself with this project.

I don;t like pictures of myself and think there are way better things in this world to burn pixels on than me!

I've been a player in Flickr Group Roulette for a few months now and have figured out that SP's happen!

With that said, here's day one of 366.....

FGR-1-1-2008- First shot of 2008 - Light Headed (1.365)
Andrea Rose Marie 14 years ago
Hi ya'll!!
I'm ANdrea, and today'll be Day 1 for me. I'm kinda pumped, but I do hate myself in pictures. But it's my Senior Year of high school, so I should have some good ones.
coherent locket [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by coherent locket (member) 14 years ago
It's Day 1 for me.
I'm 46 from Lancaster in the UK.
I'm a married gay man to the lovely Dave who has put up with me for 10 years.
I'm a radio journalist for the BBC .
familiar train [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello Everyone!
Day 1 for me =).
Diddleycat 14 years ago
Another newb! *Waves*

Project 365 is a smaller 'subproject' of something else Im doing this year. 101 in 1001. Anyone else doing that? I thought Id incorporate 365 as one of my 101, and use it to photodocument me doing one of my 101 each day.

Nice to meet ya all!
Wolfywhispers 14 years ago
What the hey, if I gotta look at myself everyday I might as well do it in good company. Day one for me
frame_of_mind 14 years ago
hello all!!! this is day 1 for the year, and for me... i've wanted to do this for a while and finally decided to take up the challenge.
guarded competition [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm Marie.

I think this is a great idea!

I started today.
Emily: Introspecting 14 years ago
Hello! I'm Denise from the Philippines!

January 1 is my first day, too! I'm so excited to begin this project. =p
Dupmeister 14 years ago
I just got started with Flickr and I thought what better way to totally overload myself then to jump into 365 and add one more thing to my plate. I look forward to meeting lots of great folks here and sharing my life, one shutter release at a time.
twnklmoon 14 years ago
Here we go...I am going to do it! I have committed and I am going to take 365 photos of me, one for each day in 2008. I am inspired by so many cool, creative Flickr folks and I am ready to go!

I am hoping to discover a few things in the process: lighting techniques, creativity, and self-acceptance.

I moved to Colorado Springs 8 months ago, and being a Texas girl, didn't fully appreciate the concept of a basement. All my extra boxes are there from the big move, but now I realize that it is prime space for a studio. I am hoping to get some lighting and backgrounds in the near future and appreciate any counsel on the subject as I don't know much about it. Any tips are welcomed. I understand Home Depot is the place to start. I actually have three rooms to work with and wanted to start the year with this photo of the faux fireplace.

I used my big honkin' lens (70-200mm) for my first shot, which is overkill, but I ordered a new 100mm lens that should arrive tomorrow. Whoo hoo!

I am also going to hopefully be, at the end of this project, half the person I used to be. It will be fun to see the difference in a year.

I am looking forward to the ride, and hope you will come along.
crowded office [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello all! I guess I jumped on the starting my 365 days project on the same day as a lot of people - who would have thought that January 1, 2008 would be such a popular day to start?

Hope to make a lot of good Flickr friends though this year!

lexiwho 14 years ago
I've decided to stretch my limits this year, reinvent myself if you will. Part of that is accepting that not every photo I take has to be perfect and beautiful. What better way to accept that than to take a photo every day for a year? I'm going to try my hardest to not digitally edit any of my photos, have them in their pure form as terrifying as that sounds to me.

I'm 23, currently really discovering who I am as a person but isn't that what your twenties are all about anyways? I reside in Tampa, Florida and I really, truly hate this place. I'm the youngest and the only girl in my family. Random fact, I was the first girl born into my family in over 30 years.

I have a camera that is over 4 years old and I've been too cheap to replace it. Maybe as this project goes on, you'll get to see my scrape together enough money to get a new one.

I'm looking forward to participating in this project and hope to make some new friends along the way.
Krissy Anne 14 years ago
I'm with the January 1, '08 crowd. =) I tried 365 last year... got to day 5 or 6. haha. This time around, I'm going to do better. So I started today and will continue tomorrow and the next day and the next...

I'm Kristin, by the way. I'm 17 and hoping I can create some interesting self portraits in the next 364 days. =)

Good luck, everyone!
csilverstein 14 years ago
HI, all. I'm Carla and from the SF Bay Area. I just posted my first picture after a friend challenged me to do this with her.
Plus, I was looking for a reason to get a nice new camera! :)
Steve Foor 14 years ago
Hi - I'm Steve a.k.a pacerboy from Northwest Indiana. Many of my contacts have done the 365 thing, so I'm hoping to do the same.

Good Luck to all.
Sweet♡One 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Jenni from Michigan. I've been watching this group for a few months and I'm really excited to be joining!
WolfS♡ul 14 years ago
I'm Romel AKA: WolfSoul
I'm from North Bergen NJ
and today is the first day for my 365 :)
girlymusic 14 years ago
Hello All,

I am Nikki.
I am a musician and a web designer.
This is a challenge to be creative everyday and to gain confidence in myself.

We will see how long I last.

Nice to meet ya!
decisive thrill [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello all my fellow Flickr peoples. My name is Jennifer and I've been on Flickr for a long time now and this my 3rd attempt at 365. I even got my best friend to join. Her name is Gay and she is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L on the outside and has a heart of gold on the inside.

I am a wife, and a mother and singer. I also work at Target to help pay the bills. ;0)

I look forward to meeting you all....Happy New Year!!!
Hello I am Sarah. This will be my second attempt at this/ I made it 97 days last time and just fizzled out I guess. good luck everyone!! = )
incurablykayla 14 years ago
I am Kayla and I just joined... Took my first 365 picture today and I'll subit it top the group in just a little bit here :]
HLGBella 14 years ago
It's 2008...
and I'm looking forward...
tracitodd 14 years ago
i'm traci and i joined this group today. hopefully i can keep this up all year!!!
Vince (VisualSense) 14 years ago
Hello, I'm Vince and I'm new to 365. I posted my first entry today, starting on the first of the year to a hopeful end of Dec. 31. I've seen a couple of my friends complete this in the past years so I thought I'd join them. My first:

protective cow [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm kev, and I have no idea why I think this is a good idea, but what the hell. here goes something :)
carolinabird 14 years ago
Hello : ) I'm here, I'm in. Is there a "MILESTONE: Day 1" thread? I mean, I'm glad I made it this far!!
mrsNo 14 years ago
Hi! I'm Davney Faye, and this is Day 1 for me. I live in a tiny little town in the midwest, and I'm getting married in Apirl (95 more days!)

I just got a Canon Rebel XTi for Christmas, and I really want to grow as a photographer, so I thought participating in this group, and Project 365, would be just the ticket!
EmilyChaps 14 years ago
Hello! I'm Emily :D

This is Day 1 for me.....

{heather} 14 years ago
What better day to start than today!!! Not quite sure how i'm going to manage w/ 3 kiddos running around but..... here we go!
Richelle Akimow 14 years ago
Here I am....joining this group...nothing like a year commitment to start 2008! My name is Richelle and I live in Vancouver BC. Happy New Year everyone!
nikkistill 14 years ago
Day1~oh so soft

Hi, I'm 1 for me also
eight bead [deleted] 14 years ago
New today, yet I've been around for awhile...lurking I guess you could say. My first picture is of my messed up ankle/leg cuz I fell and broke it 2 days ago. Fun times.

I'm from Western Washington. I'm in it for the long haul!
nuts4mymutt 14 years ago
Hi! I'm Crystal and my husband has "found Flickr" (kinda like finding religion). I've always had an interest in photography but am particularly interested in dog photography. Anyway, I'm in for the 365! Thanks for looking!

Crystal : )
b-real Posted 14 years ago. Edited by b-real (member) 14 years ago
I started this about a year and a quarter ago and by the time I got to December, everything was so overwhelming in my life, this project fell to the wayside...along with a lot of other things. So, this is really my second try, as part of my new year's resolution to give myself more quality me time. Wish me luck!
magical_pig 14 years ago
Hi everyone,

Just like a lot of peeps here Jan 1 is Day 1 for me.

I'm a musician and photographer living in Toronto.

Looking forward to seeing how the class of "010108" progresses.

Best wishes to all in the new year!


sweet t.e.a. Posted 14 years ago. Edited by sweet t.e.a. (member) 14 years ago
Day one. Very nervous. Wish me luck.

I'm 17 and have been taking pictures since I gained use of my fingers (and daily for the last few years)...but I'm not a portrait photographer. This will hopefully make me a not-so-shitty portrait photographer.

Day 1/365 :: The Getaway...
defiant hope [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello everyone. . .Jan 1 is Day1 for me. Hope I can see this completely through.
My name is Asa. I'm an engineer by work day. . .dad & husband after that. . .and with whatever time is left over. . .it's self-portrait photographer! I'm looking forward to having some fun learning a few more things about photography and Photoshop, and getting to know ya'll and myself better along the way. Best of luck this year!
CrzysChick 14 years ago
Hello everyone! Today is my first day at this project. I'm doing two of them - one of my daughter and one of myself.
Looking forward to coming up with new ideas for each day.
rodbotic Posted 14 years ago. Edited by rodbotic (member) 14 years ago

I'm Rod.
I had to read the rules before I could post. cause I wasn't sure if I the term "self portrait" enabled me to include anyone else within the photo. and yes it does if I setup the shot and push the button.(yah timer). so here is my first one. I know it' looks like I was trying to grab something, but I was snapping my fingers to direct the girls. I was intending to point when the flashes went off

magic carpet
SurlyGrrrl 14 years ago
I take too many self-portraits & several of my contacts have taken part in this project, so I figured I may as well give it a shot in 08! I wish myself luck. :)
Jaci Norwood 14 years ago
Day 1 "It's All About Fun"

Happy New Year! ... from the Dallas, TX area.

Here's to a great year and great fun.
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