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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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friendly pencil [deleted] 11 years ago
Day 1.... All In...

001-365 : all in...
Kaytayqt 11 years ago
HIHI... My name is Katie. I live in Ohio and work in the travel industry. I like to do these portrait projects to document where and when I go places and life in general. I did a 365 days in 2008, and a 52 weeks project in 2009. 52 weeks is so much harder than 365 because days fly by and all of a sudden OOPS! I missed last week! I look forward to being a part of this talented crew....

so_bambiesque 11 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Beth, I'm pretty new to Flickr and I'm about to post day 1 :) I found the group about two weeks about, but I figured I'd wait until my birthday to start. It seems like a pretty good starting point!

#1 03/08/2010 by so_bambiesque
Marina Peck 11 years ago
Hello everyone!
My name is Marina, I'm from Germany and I started my 365 two days ago.
This is my first picture:

misty mice [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello Everyone,

My name is Stephanie. I'm new at the whole photography thing. I have my camera Canon Xti, a couple lenses (kit, 50mm f/1.4, 100mm f/2.8) and a flash and I never take photos. I decided that joining a group might help. I love portrait photography, but I don't really know how to do it. No one is willing to let me take their photo, so self-portrait might be the only way I can learn. I am terribly scared of joining this group. I tried taking a couple of self-portraits last night and I'm not very photogenic or creative.
haytraveler 11 years ago
Hi, my name is Christy Trapp. I am your atypical fifteen-year-old girl. I like pictures and words. I like sugarcoated lullabies and thousand dollar heartache. I like disasters and impossible things that make you dream. I like things that don’t exist yet. I like the smell of coffee in the morning and crooked smiles. I believe in freedom and that everyone is born with a pair of wings upon their back. My love glides from room to room and I am not afraid to shine. I am forever infinite. I am restless in the way your bones always ache, and I store my heart in a jar for safekeeping. I am lights you turn out at night and sounds you only hear in the dark. I am a fan of cliches.

There is nothing that means more to me then pressing the shutter release on a camera. I want to make someone actually feel something when they look at my pictures. I want their breath to catch in their throat. I want to leave them speechless. I want them to wonder not what the concept in mind was, but to be able to associate their own experiences with it. And I prefer to use sewing lamps, overhead projectors, flashlights, and Christmas tree lights to do so. In more than one way photography is the perfect way for me to embrace every creative aspect of myself, and that in it’s self is reason enough to make it my life long ambition.

1/365 by haytraveler
I'm Alessandra from Italy
I don't speak english very well but I speak a great brooklyno!
I usually use my canon7D and love my second-hand sigma2.8
I have a photograpy addiction and 365day project now will be my slag!
This is my first photo: I was in my new empty home :)
1/365 self: new home, new life, new me??
montyke 11 years ago
Here I am, too.
Started three days ago.
(1/365) i scream into the night for you by resplendent✿photography

I'm Helen (:
Started today
eride1 11 years ago
day 001
My day one
Am Eric
chivalrous coil [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by chivalrous coil (member) 11 years ago
finally i started today yayy
oh anyway i'm ontie ;)

motionless reason [deleted] 11 years ago
All right, I just tossed my first four up there. Let the daily narcissism begin!
Jadeh Jasmine 11 years ago
*hugs Aithne*

Nice to see you here hun!
ghbb 11 years ago
Hi, I am ghbb

I do lots of self-portraits (that usually stay on my hard drive)...but this is definitely a new experience for day one was last weekend...and tomorrow will be day #10....(w/ my 2nd batch of 5).

1/365 by ghbb
lola_leila 11 years ago
Hey!! I'm Loicia, but everyone calls me Lola or Lolo. Your choice. Today is Day1.

belphoebe 11 years ago
hi, i'm aleta. i have a friend who did this a few years ago, so i wanted to give it a try. this is my day 1:

august 09 by belphoebe

i don't usually look this bitchy; i just lost a fight with a maggoty composter.
little bird ≡ 11 years ago
I'm Andiee (:
Heres my first 365 post.

NoisyKilljoy 11 years ago
Hey, guys, I just started my 365 project.
This is my first post
Day 1/365. by NoisyKilljoy

Hope to learn a lot from you all ;) Enjoy it! Xxx
Lauren Powell-Smothers 11 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Lauren

I'm on day 7 of the project. I hope to learn a lot about myself through this process.

rachelvberry 11 years ago
Hey everyone!
My name is Rachel, I'm from Manchester, England.
This is day number 1!

day 1 by rachelvberry
Dollface00 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Mercedes from hot as hell Los Angeles and I'm on Day one of this fun project :)

Nerd in glasses...
JannekeH 11 years ago
Hi everyone!

My name is Janneke and I started today, for the second time.... here's day 1!
whosnickbernstein Posted 11 years ago. Edited by whosnickbernstein (member) 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Nick. Today's my day one. I'm starting this in the hope that by day 30, I'll be firmly entrenched and happy with this as a project.

My goals are:
1. improve as a photographer
2. help me with my on-going get fit campaign
3. justify my buying of a better camera. I have a d60. It's great. I want a full frame camera, but if I'm not using it every day, I can't justify the expense. :)

1/365 (hopefully): shaving by whosnickbernstein

I would *love* encouragement feedback & ideas.

Good luck to everyone else doing this!
***NARCISSUS*** 11 years ago
Hi, I am Stacie. I shoot with a Nikon D5000. I am excited about this 365 project. I am open to all comments..good, bad and indifferent. All will help me grow. Thank you in advance!!!

winnieywhuang 11 years ago
Hi guys!! I FINALLY decided to start my 365 :) I'm so excited~
I really hope I stick with this project till the end.
Here's my day 1 (not that original... that's something else I have to work on... haha):

zesty money [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm Bron/Bronnie/Bronwyn/Whatever, and this is about the second or third time i've attempted to do this.

I'm going to honestly follow through with this till the end! bah! :)

And a slightly-not-original-but-hey-its-better-than-my-last-day-1-attempt-anyway photo!
1-365. A new beginning.
(I thought i'd be cool and start on my birthday. :D)
litlesam1 11 years ago
Hi everyone. My name is Larry. I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am just starting my second year of 365. I have decided to join some new 365 groups to help keep me interested in a second year. I just posted my first photo from year 2 today. Wish me luck in getting through a second year.
scientific religion [deleted] 11 years ago
Howdy yall! Just thought I'd make my 'teh emos' contribution as a first off and see how long I can keep this going!

Room With A View Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Room With A View (member) 11 years ago
Hello, my name is Karin and I now live in California, U.S.A. I've been using Flickr with joy for 7 years. I have long admired people who make the commitment to this 365 project. I welcome your feedback, please. I got a new camera 5 days ago. I can't leave it alone. I consider it my partner so it needs to be in this photo. Seems a good time to begin -

Self Portrait #1 - 9/1/10
daverobotham 11 years ago
Hi everyone,

I started a 365 day project 24 days ago (when I didn't have a flickr account) and so have only just joined this super group. Whilst I figure out how I should go about bringing myself up to date here is my first picture.

365: 1 by daverobotham

I cal it "You Shall Not Pass"

Made In London 11 years ago
Hi I am martin from the UK Started my 365 3 Days ago and hoping to develop camera and lighting skills doing the project.
Just thinking that I admire all who have completed this project as I believe it will be quite difficult at times
shawnie_0405 11 years ago
I'm restarting my 365 in hopes of making it past the second week. I'm so tired of flowers, trees and hill sides. It's time to shake it upl.

Day One by shawnie_0405
Toad in a Tophat 11 years ago
I am beginning my 365 days today as a means of challenging my brain and hopefully stirring up my creativity.
crisbyy 11 years ago
My name is Chris. I started a 365 project to help with my creativity! Here's Day 1 and my current Day 15.

1/365 - For God So Loved the World..

15/365 - Clones Cleaning Chris' Car
PurpleErotique 11 years ago
Hi all! I started my project yesterday, and I am using my cameraphone for this project. I may use my digital camera, a Kodack Easy share Z915, but I find I always have my blackberry so why not really utilize it! Here is my first photo. Good luck to all! And to me!

JaredPallesen 11 years ago
Have done 365 days before, but didn't manage to complete it, we'll see how I go this time! I'm sure I can do it. I thought about trying to just do 52 weeks but then I thought why do something halfway?!

victorious night [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi all. I have introduced myself before, 2 years ago, but unfortunately life got in the way and i had to step away from 365. So, I'm starting off fresh! Hope to read your comments and see your pics! Happy Saturday all!
rachel umeno 11 years ago
Hello! I started a 365 to push myself into taking more pics and to work on my lighting and composition in portraiture. I study photography at school and I'm stuck in a rut. I'm not banking on this project to be an immediate enlightening experience that transforms me into a better photographer, but as an experience where I can learn little by little as each day passes.

Here's my day 1

drowning_chicken 11 years ago
my name is Nikki.
im from NJ and this was my first picture

365Katpix 11 years ago
Well, today I finally joined. Was thinking about it for a long time. Life is tough, I want to see how I manage in the long run. Hope I can stick to the project.
My regular photostream is "Katpix"
Here is first day:
September 18, 2010
Jeff Hemmer 11 years ago
My name is Jeff, I am from Luxembourg and currently live in Bremen, Germany. I started the challenge a few days ago and hope to see myself finish it next year. One year is a long time :)

This is my first day:
001/365 - fresh same old haircut

Lots of fun and perseverence to everyone in 365! :)
Manu Colla 11 years ago
My name is Manuela. This is my second time at this project. Three years ago, I made it until day 220.

Day 220 - 28 years dedicated to the rock and roll service by Manu Colla

I wanted to tell you that being part of this project changed my life. It was a very tough year - I got divorced, was working on my Master's Degree, lost by best friend... - and look at this daily shots always makes me think: what a great year it was. Lots of things happened, and I'm so much stronger now.

Today, I'll start again. I'm turning 31 in the next week, and I decided to change a few things in my life. I wanna register and share this new year with you.

Luck to all of us, and tons of inspiration!
Natalie Wall 11 years ago
New to this whole flickr-thing, but needed some motivation to try new things with photography. Can't decide if it's then a good thing or a bad thing that I'm my own subject. Definitely quite the challenge ;)

First picture:

1/365: Pilot by Natalie Wall
friendly pencil [deleted] 11 years ago
I am a serial starter, but yet to finish the whole year...

Here we go again!

001-365 : game over man, game over...
..Bunsen.. 11 years ago
This is my second attempt at a 365 but with the help of my husband I hope to manage it this time!

Happy Anniversary Baby! 001-365
ekamil Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ekamil (member) 11 years ago
Hi all..
My name is Kamil.. I join this groups because I want to improve my photography skill. I hope everybody can help me :)
This is my 1st photos :
1 | 365 [ Shoot the world ] by ekamil
lyunardo 11 years ago
OK, day 1 for me in 265 Days.
I've enjoyed seeing my contacts do this project over the past couple years. What finally made me decide to make the plunge? I need to get back in shape, and lose about 25 pounds.
Having to look at my chunky ass on my viewscreen will be a big incentive! And it'll be a nice record of my journey.
Looking through all the great photos in the pool, I feel like I'm in great company.
Emma Brabrook 11 years ago
Hi guys!

I've known about this group for a while now but I only recently decided I'd have a go. I'm hoping it'll help me keep improving, and it'll also be a lot of fun! I can't wait to see where the journey takes me. Here's my first image:

Things that go bump in the night
emmzies 11 years ago
emma, i am totally adding you as a contact. i was hoping to find another random person who randomly started on october 7th.

day one:
day one.

day two:
day two
Day one for me in this group is day 35 for me in my 365 project entitled My Left Foot - a chronicle of my exploits over a year with an accompanying photo. So far so good in managing to take and post one picture every day but I know it is going to be tricky to do it for a straight 365 days.

Here's hoping!
t.f. krag 11 years ago
hey all,
fairly new to photography. doing 365 for the exp, discipline of taking a pic every day and to try to find some contacts and friends on flickr. i'll accept any and all friends. i'm hear to learn, look and show off.
i'm on day 3, BTW
HI.FI 11 years ago
Hello for all those above me and those that will be below me.. My second time trying my hand at the 365 day project. First was with another site and group. Im looking forward to becoming sick of my own face and finding new ways to bring my personality to a photo.. Much luck to the rest of you out there. my actual start date was 10/10/10.. Thought the date was a sign to do something different :)

Andrew James Ross 11 years ago
Hi guys, this is my 2nd day now! With thanks to Emma Brabrook above, who inspired to join this challenge, and get back into flickr! Here is my 2nd day self portrait :)

Megan Fable 11 years ago
First day!
alexandratulloch 11 years ago
Hi all! Today is my first day! :)

gr8ful4life Posted 11 years ago. Edited by gr8ful4life (member) 11 years ago
HI, my name is Stacey. Today is my first day. My pictures description pretty much states why I am going to try to do this...I hope to over come some self image issues as well as further my creative and technical skills as a photographer.
I've been signed up with flickr forever but have just started using it. Everything is new and confusing to me, hopefully that will pass soon.
Thanks for having me!
snuggie_bug 11 years ago
Hello everyone. Today is the first of my 365 days. I've had friends who have participated in this project in the past and now it's my turn! I'm pretty excited about coming up with creative self portraits and seeing what other people have done.
mofo 11 years ago
Back for my second 365. Chose yesterday to start--the last day I will see my boyfriend for a couple of months, as he has moved to Hawaii and I am still working in DC. Dramatic long-distance hijinks ensue. (I met him 2/3 of the way into my first 365, and he was in many of those images.)

Day 1: Aloha from Hawaii
iisRoo Posted 11 years ago. Edited by iisRoo (member) 11 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm very new to this. Well, not entirely. I've known about this group for years, but I could never get up the nerve to do it. I hate pictures of me (I'm extremely self-critical), so the idea of posting 365 pictures of me or parts of me was intimidating. I finally decided that I need to branch out, and what better way to do this than to join this group and have at it? I'm hoping to use this year to find a piece of myself, maybe a piece I never knew existed, or a piece that I just didn't give any attention to. Either way, I hope to grow in my photography and as a person.

I always appreciate constructive criticism, and I'll do my best to give some to others. :)

Here's my first 'me':
Day 1 of 365 by iisRoo
mcflipflops 11 years ago
Hello, everyone! I am now on day 5. I am going to do my very best to stick with my 365 project. I am hoping to learn more about photography and find some sort of style or inspiration. Good luck to us all!
Here was my first-
Ferry riding by mcflipflops
titchy_lou 11 years ago
Hi all, looknig to keep this up, lets see how far I get, shall we? :)

Young Love by titchy_lou
Choke76 11 years ago
Hello, everyone. I'm Chris - new to Flickr and this group. Here is my day one picture.
365_1 by Choke76
taskul 11 years ago
hey every one, day two and my first attempt, wish me luck
1/365 by taskul
TayBayx 11 years ago
Hey! My name is Taylor I'm on day 5 here, lets hope I keep this up!
plausible smile [deleted] 11 years ago
Hey all, I'm just starting my year 3 yesterday :-)

365 - Y3 - 001
London.Midnight 11 years ago
Hey. I'm Elena. This is my first day. I've been doing photography for about 6 years now. Err, ye :p
Canilú 11 years ago
my name is Daniela and I'm from Chile.
My english isn't very well, so I'm gonna try to explain myself.

I started my Proyect 365 since 3 days ago when I found a wonderfull camera in my boyfriend's house. Now I'll start to take pics with my little camera.

I hope to learn from you and share ideas and pieces of our worlds.

Here my first photo:

101 & 1.-

.Geoff. 11 years ago
Hi! I'm Geoff. This is my *gasp* 4th attempt. So hopefully this will go better. I failed my other tries because I had a hard time carrying my camera around everywhere I went. So I'm going to incorporate some cell phone shots into my stream which should keep things rolling hopefully.
familiar glass [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by familiar glass (member) 11 years ago
HI everyone I am Denise and i have wanted to a 365 for a long time and finally here i am...Excited and eager to learn from all the talented photographers on flickr!!!
bewildered view [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi! I'm Sarah and I started my 365 17 days ago.

These are my favorites so far:


bumpy parcel [deleted] 11 years ago
hiya! I'm alison and 16 and your photos are just so inspirational, I thought I would give this whole shabang a go, starting off with this:

wilfylou 11 years ago
Hi!!!! =)

I'm Wilf and i'm new here, i look forward to this, at least i have a reason to be snap-happy with my cameras, be it phone or compact.... =) great group with wonderful photographs!
me.photography00 11 years ago
Hi everyone! This is my first day posting! I hope I can get some great shots throughout the challenge!
ploii 11 years ago
Hi!! guys

I just started on this project yesterday :]
I decided to attempt this project to challenge myself to at least taking picture once a day!! and learn more about other techniques and creatives!!
le.svano Posted 11 years ago. Edited by le.svano (member) 11 years ago
Hey, I'm already on day 17 (picture 17 is not done yet), but as I didn't introduce my project when I started it, I will do so now. Below is my first picture in the project, combining two of the things you just have to do at some point (a mirror and simple lighting in a dark room). I've had my camera for a couple of years now but not really used it properly. This project will make me take more pictures, learn about photography and then there's the part about deciding something and sticking with it for a whole year.

I use (for now):
Sony Alpha100
Sony zoom lens 17-70mm, f3.5-5.6 (kit lens)
Sony 50mm f1.8
no separate flash (almost never use the built in one)
wireless remote (ordered but not arrived, still working with 10 sec timer)
Me again, in colour
Cayce Lee Photography 11 years ago
Hi! This is my first 365 project and I'm nervous and stoked at the same time.
Day 1
michellekmartin 11 years ago
day one :) looking forward to 'meeting' people, growing and learning from them!

1/365 by michellekmartin
theredzebra 11 years ago
hi guys... well day one started yesterday, but i just got around to posting. hoping to grow in leaps & bounds, meet other photographers, learn more about photography, & learn more about myself. cheers!
Caitlyn Penke 11 years ago
eeek hai, i'm caitlyn.
I finally joined the group but have been working on 365 for about fifty days.
Sorry to post five photos the first day, just wanted to show my latest work and form now on i'll just post my one.
mkay thanks, bye. :]
Rene10 11 years ago
Hello! I'm Rene. I took a highly unoriginal photo of myself on Nov 18 in a hat I liked and realized for the last year or so all of my photos have been very ordinary point and clicks. I'm hoping this project will force me to return to my exploration / love affair with my camera.
3sixty5 11 years ago
Today is the day that I fear most in my life. It's the day when someone I love and adore figures out who I really am. The day they decide I'm not good enough.
Sorgatron Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sorgatron (member) 11 years ago
Started yesterday on a whim. Heard about the concept from Maverick months ago and thought using instagram on my iphone with this could be fun.

Trying the @ChrisMaverick self photo trick
RDroog 11 years ago
I started this project two days ago, and am on my third day. The idea came to my head when my photo teacher brought it up and encouraged me to do it, and I started it on a day that I realized that I need to start over from scratch on a lot of things, so it would be a good day to start this project. So here I am. Day one is here.
***NARCISSUS*** 11 years ago
This is my second attempt at the 365 project. Now that life is a little more settled, I am ready to complete this project. Good luck to everyone that just started!!!

Here is my first shot!!

Casey David 11 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Casey from Alabama. This is my first attempt at the project; and I do hope I'll successful at it.

Here's my first addition =):
"The touch of mist felt soft, felt warm on my face." by Casey David
xinh.xu 11 years ago
Hi everyone, i'm Xinhui from France, just got my DSLR a few week ago.
This is my first day, really cool group !!!

APu72 11 years ago
I found this group today, when lying in a small flu at home sofa and looking flickr picures. My heavy camera bag and Gorilla pod goes with me almost everywhere with me. Only problem for uploading a picture everyday might be lack of internet connection when travelling.

Here is my first shot, which includes picture in picture.

Inspired by group 365 Days by APu72
dramamath 11 years ago
You need not upload a photo each day. If you find yourself lacking an Internet connection, just wait until you can connect again. You are allowed to add up to five self-portraits each day, provided that the photos were taken on five different days.
APu72 11 years ago
Ok, that's good to know.
Beautifull Artz 11 years ago
My name is Kristen. I am 26 and working on my bachelors in psychology. I am a licensed Deaf/Blind interventionist and love my job. I am an artist and am in love with photography.
young love
Jessica Pruett 11 years ago
Hey everyone. I'm Jess and I'm not doing a 365 of myself, I'm doing one of my daughter! So I hope that is ok :) She's the Jo Monster hehe.

Day one here we go!
365 Days of Kylee! {Day 1} by Jessica Pruett
dramamath 11 years ago
I would recommend that you submit your photos to Project 365, as this group is specifically reserved for self-portraits.
Morgan Cottle 11 years ago
Day one. Just started.
DanielleRC 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Danielle. I just started today :)
youn-ar-gall 11 years ago
Hello there!
I'm YouN. Just started yesterday :)
evrimcmn 11 years ago
Hi every one I'm Evrim from Turkey. Just started few minutes ago:)

and day one:

day 1- 06.12.2010
flippant yak [deleted] 11 years ago
Hey Guys!

I'm Kimmy, from Melbourne Australia and I'm new to flickr! So I thought 365day project was the best way to start :D
Nesasio 11 years ago
Hello! Day one just started for me about...20 minutes ago. :)
Copenhaver Photography 10 years ago
Hello, my name is Gillian.
I started my 365 days on the Dec 16th for my birthday. I have been meaning to start one of these for a long time now, but was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep up. Here goes :)
I have been in a creative rut for a while now, so I figured that forcing myself to take a few moments out of everyday to take a photograph might lead to some ideas and maybe even some great shots.
sturdy straw [deleted] 10 years ago
Today is the day after my birthday and since I am a habitual procrastinator it seems like the perfect day to start my 365 project. I look forward to learning more and bring inspired by everyone else!
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