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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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Mary Jane Ray 11 years ago
Hi, I started on this project on Dec 1st but just started posting today, so am catching up a bit. I've been wanting to do this for over a year, but was too nervous, too busy, too ... anyway, I've started now and am really enjoying the challenge and creativity and learning experience this project presents.
rockbeertravel 11 years ago
Hi Everyone-

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Nikon D7000 tomorrow. I will be spending the 31st getting to know my new pal and will begin this project on Jan 1st. Looking forward to it!
x.rukiye 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Rukiye
I recently joined Flickr and on New Years Eve instead of a resolution thought i should try and complete the 365 project .
Hopefully I can stick to and complete this :)
emalb 11 years ago
Now then.
drsfrancisquinzel 11 years ago
hey my friend told me about this in april but it got really messed up when i went to camp as a counselor, im starting over on jan 29. im at home, so i have hardly any of my sweet makeups, but im really excited to do this!
chipclay01 11 years ago
Well...let's give this 365 project a try. I got a feeling they are going to be some bad pics posted by me. Not much extra time to spare, so you will just have to take the good and the bad. I am start out with my Nikon D40 and hope to get a new D90 in February. I think it will be fun though. Snap, snap away!!!!!
absurd taste [deleted] 11 years ago
This is my new year's resolution...hope it lasts.
lutherinlondon 11 years ago
Hi all... well I'm Luther..... and I'm from London. Heard about this a while back but never really got round to starting it. I'll be using a combination of my Sony A700, Sony DSC-P150 and (possibly) my camera phone so hopefully don't miss any days. Anyhow... new year... new challenge... lets see how it goes.
Flair Candy 11 years ago
Hi, my name is Hannah and I am a blogger from Manila. This project is a part of my New Years Resolution - to own the value of Discipline. This project will help me achieve that. You can check out more of my blog on :)
Laine Apine 11 years ago
I'm Laine Up. My name is Kristine. Lived in Latvia, now moved to Netherlands.

I love photography, try to catch every piece of inspiration world throws at me. I like to look and show other what I see.

I started 365 in April, but I quit. Now I'm trying to nail it again :)
Tom L A Jones 11 years ago
Hi all,
My name's Tom Jones and I'd like to see how this project goes. Love the concept and it will be a real test to see if I have the discipline and patience to follow through with the entire year, but I'm excited to try. It's new year and I'm looking a little worse for wear, so I've cropped my face right out for my first image. Hopefully I can provide you with some interesting shots in the 364 days to come!

1|365 by Tom L A Jones
Johanna Dorothea 11 years ago
hi everyone =)
i started a 365 last year, but it was bad timing so i figured i'd start fresh on new years day.
Just a bit about me... my name is johanna. i got my first dslr the beginning of last month. and i've never taken a photography class. but i've fallen in love with the art and hope this challenge will help my photography improve!
agreeable dogs [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello, I'm Lauren! I started the project today! I've been waiting to start this since September of 2010. I use a Nikon D90 and I am in love with it. I hope everyone enjoys! Have a great 2011! :)
prickly wrench [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello all. My name is Franquito but most folks call me Frank. What a perfect day to begin day 1. Happy New Year!!
hellogreenstar 11 years ago
My name is Robert and I am from Southgate Michigan. I got my first Nikon D3000 a few weeks ago and haven't done much with it, so a 365 would be a great way to make sure I pick it up every day.

Happy New Year Everyone!
kicki22 11 years ago
I didn't make it last year, but I'm going to try again this year. Feel free to follow me:
cellophane.Flower 11 years ago
Hello, hello everyone! I've been wanting to hop on the 365 bandwagon for a while, but decided to wait for the new year. So, here I am!

day one.  365 by cellophane.Flower
nicole_chi 11 years ago
hi, I just started a minute ago and looking forward to the challenge! Great way to start the new year ;o)
Brie ma 11 years ago
Here we go :) I am also jumping on the bandwagon and starting 365 today. I've been waiting since november, but wanted to start in the new year. Looking forward to seeing everyones contributions.
Counter Clockwise Musings Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Counter Clockwise Musings (member) 11 years ago
Hello! Started my 365 project today! I've been thinking about starting for a while, and decided what's better than starting out the new year with something like this. I'm excited to see what everyone creates!
Amina Samy 11 years ago
Hmmm, looks like I wasn't the only one who thought 1.1.11 would be an excellent day to start the 365. New Years Resolutions FTW. Excited about this, and excited about seeing everyone elses contribution and evolution. Good luck everyone; hopefully we all stick to our resolutions!

Feel free to check out my photostream :)
languisity 11 years ago
I've done this before 3 years ago and completed it, but I thought it would be fun to try it again this year. :) So, here I am again.
mentalmercury 11 years ago
One of my friends has done a few of these 365 projects in the past and he started a new one yesterday. I thought I should give him some competition (though I'm pretty sure I'm going to loose to him).
Location Unknown 11 years ago
I have wanted to do this for 4 years. Cheers to accomplishing goals and living life. I have another Flickr account and have created this account to dedicate to 365. I wanted to take the opportunity to really feel free without worrying who is looking. I am hoping to learn more about myself and photography. Form and technique are always open to reccomondations.

I never intend to offend anyone and please note I have set my account to moderate.

Thank you and a good journey to all!
righteous recess [deleted] 11 years ago
Like a lot of other people, I've been wanting to try my hand at a 365 days project for a while. The new year seemed like the best time to start! I hope I can make it! I've been looking through this group for a while now, and so many of your 365 projects are so inspirational! I hope I can improve my photography through the course of this.
maureenhabeeb 11 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm new here too. I am looking at cameras but for now I have the camera on my droid incredible. While I'm an artist (painting) I don't know much about photography, yet. I feel like anything else I'd say is so said that I may as well not say it. But I'm excited! Happy New Year!
Juan,2,3,4 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Juan,2,3,4 (member) 11 years ago
My mom always said I'm some Juan special.
Hey! Here I go again on my fourth attempt to complete a 365 album. Hopefully my lucky GaTech license plate with 01 will be a good omen. The Falcons are doing, really good, maybe they will go all the way; may be I'll go all the way. Let's find out together. Please feel free to comment on my pictures and if you would like to use any on of them please let me know.

1/365, Lucky GaTech license plate.
Ruby Ras 11 years ago
Hi everyone, Ruby is the name. I've been wanting to start a 365 project for quite some time now but I was waiting on the new year. It's finally here so let the challenge begin. Good luck to you all. Happy
New Year!!
~*Denise*~ 11 years ago
I'm back for another year :o)
Chapendra 11 years ago
I'm back, too! After 3 years in a row, then a break - now again. I wish I would have never stopped. If anyone needs tips, help, etc that isn't from the group forum, I'm gladly open to help.
meligrosa 11 years ago
The last attempt on my 365 project in 2008, I completely forgot about it at around day 320. Working on my lack and despite of commiting to anything for a year (long time for me), I'll give it another try and start it again for 2011.

I got a new camera for my birthday last year (Leica lx5!!), so this project will also help me figure it bit more and photograph my fave crew of peeps along the way that will make this awesome new year 2011 specially fabulous
AnthonyTulliani 11 years ago
Hello! Im Anthony and Ive already started four hours late, im starting off pretty bad :- \ . I started this project back in 2009 and never got to finish. I hope in 2011 i will be able to follow through. Despite being out all day I only had a chance to snap this basic photo of myself to qualify it for the first day. Didnt get home untill now to upload it so thats my problem. Ill be getting a smart phone soon so ill be able to get the photos in while im out in the world, sooner! :)

princessrica 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Erica! Not exactly a newbie. Have attempted a 365 *mumblemumble* times. Starting out the new year by trying yet again after a long self-imposed break.
heidi benjamin 11 years ago
hello, i'm heidi... i am one day behind but i started today.... happy 2011. i hope i can keep this going!
LauraHurtado:) 11 years ago
Hey :)
I just started this yesterday...
I really want to see how it'll turn out for me.
Bee Nouveau 11 years ago
Hi - day 2 on my first attempt at a 365 project. Hopefully i won't get distracted by something shiny...
finneyd2001uk 11 years ago
Hello folks! I've started this project to see how my creative side can improve! you know 365 pictures of me could get a little strange! lol
oddbill 11 years ago

Hello, I'm Bill. I've been meaning to do this for a couple of years. Getting a good self portrait 365 days in a row without being too repetitious is a challenge i doubt I can meet, but it'll be interesting to fail at it, at least.

Good luck, all!
Shabby Chic 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Paula and wow...what a challenge! Let's go!!
Orionid Von Eisenheim 11 years ago
Hello! My name is Chris, a fellow from NY.
Starting on January 1st, 2011, I will be taking one self portrait shot every day until January 1st, 2012.

I want this year to be a year of progress, a year of serious self-reflection and self-evaluation through action (taking self portraits), and a year of story telling. It is time that I grow out of my shell and begin living in the world of possibilities.

It will be a challenge, but I believe I can do it. I will root for you guys, too!
DayLove 11 years ago
Hi all,
I am Daymond from Charlotte, NC. I always wanted to participate in this and now I think I will give It a go.

Thanks and enjoy :)
Alley Kat Photography 11 years ago
hello everyone, on day 3, of my frist 365 .....I hope it help me focus on other types of photography other the photo shoots... wish me luck
finicky cattle [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello everyone. My day 1 started like 2 mins ago. my name is Veronica and I'm from California.
cxnigro 11 years ago
Hey - I'm Celeste from Boston. I think this is the coolest idea and I'm excited to participate.
Brandon.Olson 11 years ago
I've just started but here's my Day three! 362 days left!!

pusspaw 11 years ago
I think I am appears I'm going for round two....

Pusspaw - Auckland, New Zealand

She's At It Again
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hello! My name is Emil, and I'm from San Diego. I've participated in the "My 20xx Daily Photo Diary" since 2007, and am going for my fourth year with them. I've thought about doing an actual 365 self-portrait project for a couple years. In fact, I have some dear friends who have done it before, and who have tried to get me to do it myself. Well, I started the year with three self-portraits, so I figured it's a good a start as any!
Ruby Ras 11 years ago
Hi. I'm Ruby, I've been wanting to start a 365 for quite some time now but just never got around to it. I figured this year is the best year to just jump in and do it. So here I am. Wish me luck
cory660 11 years ago
Hi. I'm Cory and I'm a failed 365er. Last time, I made it 9 days. This time, I'm takin' one day at a time.
rudylorejo 11 years ago
Hello, my name is Rudy, and I study photography at Columbia College Chicago! This looks like fun!
homme_de_fer3 11 years ago
Hi all,

I've been looking forward to January 1st so I can start my project 365. I don't think I'll have problems getting the required "shot a day" but rather, it's getting the time to develop everything in PS. It'll be fun to look back on the year when I'm done.
caring salt [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Erik and trying 365 for the first time. I'm not sure where this project will lead me, but for so many people it seemed like a worthwhile exercise so I'm finally taking the plunge.
Gypsy Forest 11 years ago
hello all.... looking forward to seeing you through the lens...
koreyhomer 11 years ago
Hello world! I'm Korey, this is my 3rd year as a SLR owner and the first time I am participating in a photo project. I am hoping my portrait skills will grow with time and hopefully ya'll will enjoy a thing or two.

I started on 1/1/11 and already missed a day due to sickness so I guess I'm really a 364-day-er :-D

Feel free to add me - I look forward to getting to know you all!
Kirsi L-M Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Kirsi L-M (member) 11 years ago
Hi. I started on the 1st of January but only found out about this group today. Is it ok to jump in at day 6?

(About me: I'm a sporadic amateur, thought this would be a project that would get me to grab a camera every day)
kuritita 11 years ago
Hello, my name is Estitxu and this is my first 365 project. I started 2 days ago and I already missed a day >_<. Well, here is my day 2.

2/365 - Are you ready to rock?
Esquinadelaiguana 11 years ago
Hi, I began today.. I am happy for this experiment. I am doing it with some friends in Puerto Rico. I will make the selfportrait, but my friends here don't want to take pictures of themselves.. At the end, we want to make an Expo!!! Wohooooo.... See you during the year. Blessings and Peace for all!!!!

glackmeyer Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glackmeyer (member) 11 years ago
Hello everyone. Day 6 uploaded and have only missed one day so far...hope to not let that happen again...should be interesting an year. I'm 54 yrs old and in about 190 more days my wonderful wife will give birth to our fifth child...also won't be shaving the entire time so my beard will grow out along with the 365 days...planning to try a few different cameras from my collection over the years so expect some film shots and other's really great seeing all of your work too! You younger shooters are blazing new trails and leaving a slip-stream from the speed your moving through photography...Goodluck to you all. Hope your all here next New Years...peace, kevin
Juniper Bloom Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Juniper Bloom Photography (member) 11 years ago
Hello all,

I just stumbled across this group! I have heard about the 365, in the past and decided it would be some really great practice. I am very intrigued by all of your works, and am excited to get started on my own.

To make this a bit more of a special treat for myself, I have decided I am going to wait and begin on my birthday, Jan 13th!! Only 6 days away!!

Here we go! Keep up the amazing work everyone, you ALL rock!
Natalia Lozano 11 years ago
Hello, People!

I'm on Day 7, see you here :)
ladyghez 11 years ago
Hello peeps
me llamo Gez, lol... my cousin started posting daily pics of his newborn on FB last mo n reminded me of this project, so here I am! PS im taking all pics via cell phone b/c im destined to prove to the world, phones can kick @ss too!
Rhonda in TN 11 years ago
Hi all! My second attempt at a 365 project. I'm on day 7 and feeling inspired!
Crazi Moma 11 years ago
Hello Everyone, Looking forward to my 365 Adventure with all of you!
Michelle Stevens 11 years ago
Hello everyone!
Just started 365 last week, and so far it's been wonderful!
Looking forward to everyones photos!
aerocott 11 years ago
Hello hello,

I started January 1st. A self portrait and a post-it note with my thoughts on. Looking forward to see the result of this project. 2010 was a rough year, so 2011 can only be better!
Khder (read as Kider) 11 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm about to embark in this 365day project. 365days of self portrait. I just dearly hope that can finish this project and still be able to look at my face after being over smiled, over photoed, over flash photography. But because It's for greater good. I will embark this journey of the 365days self portrait.

My old portrait picture
US Army Portrait by Khder (read as Kider)

It begins today. I just took a bunch of pic. Still gotta sort that out and my main computer is not here so I'll Upload it last this week. PROMISE! Cross My Heart
glamorous destruction [deleted] 11 years ago
I really look forward to the 365 challenge. I love my camera but find it hard to know what to take photos of; so what better way than taking 365 interesting self portraits!

Day 4
jonnahsmith 11 years ago
Hello!! I signed up for this today yet techniqually yesterday fifteen minutes ago. I got my older sisters camera since she got a new one so I am learnig how to use it. I am really lookin forward to this! Today, is day one!!!
CRomannBayer 11 years ago
Catching up! On Day 21, almost ready to just post 1 per day. Enjoying everyone else's work; very inspiring!
CiaraOH 11 years ago
Hi everyone! I started a self portrait project on January 1... on day 13 now! Wonder when the novelty will wear off! ha!
aenri05 11 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm Anj. I already started w/ my first shot for today. Although it should have been better if I started new year. but oh well. i didn't think that I would be able to keep up. but here it goes! :) Hit me up guys. Good luck! :))
killmoulis 11 years ago
Hej! Name's Prosser. Just started with my first self protrait today. { 17/01/2011 }. Hoping to be able to keep up with this properly, and this is also good use for my new camera!

Looking forward to a whole year over this project! xo
my names saige, this is really going to be a challenge for me considering i'm new at photography. i can't wait to start some time this week (:
Madelyn Collier 11 years ago
My name's Maddie and this is my first 365 project. I'm excited for the challenge it's gonna bring. So far, I am on Day 5.
jlorinda93 11 years ago
This is my 3rd day and my 5th day on Flikr. I'm so excited for this project because it will keep me motivated to take at least one picture everyday!
chalupabatman 11 years ago
HELLO everyone! I'm back for another year.

Oh my name is Nicky, I'm pretty cool. Don't be shy, one of the main reasons I'm doing this again is to meet some cool photographer friends and get feed back on my work. I love 365 and the people here.

here's photo number ONE.
Origami Rain 11 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm Stephanie and like many of you I have been wanting to do this 365 day challenge for a while. I'm a 2nd year photography student at university but I don't take as many photographs as I would like too. I'm hoping this project will change that!

Today is my 3rd day and it feels pretty good to be sticking to something. 362 more days to go!

P.S. I really want to meet new people, I always hear this project is great for making new photography friends. Do talk, I'm friendly! :]

Good luck to you all!
towering tail [deleted] 11 years ago

Michael here. I'm not a pro by any means. I just like to take photos. It will be interesting I guess to see how I can keep it interesting with 365 days of taking self photos. Seems like an interesting group. This is my first time on Flickr so bear with me.

God bless,

daycoppens 11 years ago
Hi everyone - I'm Day and I've been wanting to do this for about 3 years and I'm finally done procrastinating. Looking forward to this, though I hate having to explain to the husband what the project is for the umpteenth time. Fingers crossed, hope I can make it.
BadlyDrawnSpence 11 years ago

Tried to do this last year, but failed miserably. This year, i'm on it!

silvia barrie 11 years ago
well, hello everyone, i´m in day 2 ;)
hapydaze916 11 years ago
Hi everyone I am starting this challenge over again. I have been wanting to really get into my photography and this year is the year. This will make sure I get hands on with my camera every single day!
Gary Allman 11 years ago
I'm approaching this year in a very different way to my completed 2007 365 Days project.

I started my first 365 Days to force me to regularly use my new camera. Looking back on those pictures what I've enjoyed most about them (apart from meeting my wonderful wife - Ginger_Blue here on 365 Days) is the record they've preserved. So this time I'm concentrating on recording my year and less on abstract self portraits.
Iamlindaaltamirano 11 years ago
Is this where I introduce myself? not sure..
I am Linda, a Graphic Designer and SAHM. I love everything crafty, artsy and eco friendly. I am in love with life and my life (my daughter)
Will be posting soon :)
Tiphanie1979 10 years ago
My name is Tiphanie. I am joining this group so that I can get that spark back. I recently took a digital photography class that I feel I didn't get much from and then was sort of forced to take pictures for a wedding and hated every second of it. That was Sept and I haven't picked up my camera since.

At first my pics will be digital until my darkroom is set up, then it will be a mixture of B&W Film and Digital.
Hey, my name is Heather. I've been wanting to do this for a while but I was hesitant because I don't like pictures of myself and I don't have much free time at all. But I decided to give it a try anyway, hopefully it stretches creativity. I started on Jan. 6th 2011.
SophiiWoofi 10 years ago
Hi Guys, names Sophii :)
I'm 19 and from South Wales (Britain). I've been looking for a project for a while and this seems perfect! I'm hoping it's something that will make me more creative and maybe less afraid to be in front of the camera, as opposed to behind it.
Here's my day 1 - any feed back would be awesome!

Entering My 365 Day Wonderland  by SophiiWoofi
s0ma2281 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Pip from New Zealand.

I'm just starting out seriously with Digital Photography; it's previously been 'just' a hobby and now I've taken the leap to study it full-time in 2011. My first assignment for the year is a self portrait, and I came across this group in my quest for inspiration.

I'm a complete amateur, but can't wait to challenge myself and (hopefully!) watch my progress as I learn more over the course of the year.

Photo #1 to come soon :D
spooky plough [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello, I'm new, I'm a 21 year old female and I'm hoping to sharpen my skills. I love all kinds of photography and I think this project sounds very cool.
jodie nicholson 10 years ago
Hi from Melbourne Australia, I've just completed my 11th day and despite telling myself that I wouldn't get pulled into the time-suck that is looking and commenting on a bunch of your pics, I seem to be spending far too many hours this week doing exactly that.
yumptatious Posted 10 years ago. Edited by yumptatious (member) 10 years ago
Hello! I'm Em, I'm in the south east of England and I started yesterday after a friend laid her gauntlet down and I stupidly picked it up.

I'm interested to see where the 365 challenge will take me, after seeing some A-mazing projects completed by others.

I'll be using my dear ol' Canon Ixus and my HTC phone when I'm out and about. I have no idea how to use Photoshop so, to be honest, this project will be just a few small steps away from drawing a pic of myself and knocking at your door to show you!
Randomographer 10 years ago
greetings! I'm Rob from Colorado. I started the 365 thing yesterday. let's see if I can do this!

I've been a Flickr member for a few years but just signed up for a Pro account a week ago. I'm hoping that by doing this it will re-ignite my passion for photography. I feel like I have a purpose now that I have a forum to share my work.

I look forward to hearing your comments and sharing mine with you. :)

Fiona L Hammond 10 years ago
hello, i am fiona. i am excited about this group. i hate self portraits b/c i think i'm better behind the camera rather than in front of it but this will give me a chance to further my editing i hate to not take a nice picture of myself.. ;) i look forward to learning from and adding to the group
gifted rule [deleted] 10 years ago

I've tried this project 3 times before.. once in 2006, once in 2008, and once in 2009. fourth time's the charm! :)
tamarinss 10 years ago
Hi! This wil be my first time doing this project and I am really excited. I started on my birthday of February 19th, and was on vacation so I was unable to post...and I missed a couple days due to vacation excitement, but plan to upload the ones I have and never miss another :)
* andrea . 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Andrea and this is my third attempt at 365! This time I have a friend who is also doing the project (though he's uploading his photos to Facebook..) so I'm hoping having someone venture though this with me will help me achieve my goal of finishing!! I'm on day 9 :)
noelle campos 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Noelle and this my second attempt at a 365. I always lost track or motivation but not this time. I started on the first day of March since Spring is on it's way and it's getting super sunny here.
kurnau 10 years ago
Hey hey hey. I am Mau, 26 going on 27, Finnish and this is my umpteenth attempt. Before, I lacked motivation and time to do it but now I have both in bundles! :) Going on second day now, and having a blast going over other peoples' photos. :)
KnotsByCecil 10 years ago
this is Day 2 for me, and I enjoy it a lot, I will keep taking a pic per day... That is awesome!
I am also on this website:

One photo a day for a month, and if the experiment works we will do it every month. Principle: a theme per day and a bunch of people from all over the world. I am proud to be part of the first MarchMyWord!
Check it out! Send an e-mail to the admin if you like it and would like to be part of the next one!
The Jumping Bean Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The Jumping Bean (member) 10 years ago
Welp here goes.

I'm Sean. I'm from Texas. Been thinking of doing this for awhile. What the hell..

Anyway, here's day 1. Kinda hard to hold the camera at arm's length and get my whole face when it has a 50mm lens, I may have to use my 35-80 even though that one only goes down to f/4. Or put it on a tripod and use the remote..
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