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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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woordenaar Posted 8 years ago. Edited by woordenaar (member) 8 years ago
Starting again, year 4.

Burning 2012
sssealegs 8 years ago
Hey there! My name is Marz and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Glad to be apart of this group.

This is my second attempt of a 365. Hopefully this year I go all the way! Anyhow, I've made it easier for myself by starting on the first day of the year to keep track of days. Hope everybody had a beautiful NYE and great start to the year.

Day 1 - Fingerprints.

1. Fingerprints
#bbeeaa 8 years ago
Hello everybody! My name's Bea, from the Philippines!

My 2nd year on doing a 365 project. Really excited about this!!! Already started my first day :)

Happy new year and good luck everybody! :D

1/365: Introduction
Auntie P 8 years ago
I've done 365 Days before but have taken some time out these past couple of years. I'm back again. :)
meechellllle 8 years ago
Hello! My name is Michelle, and this is my second attempt at a 365.

I did one a few years back, then deleted everything because I hated it. Starting fresh this year. The goal is to not take any cop out shots this time so I don't end up hating it.

Good luck everyone!

Rebirth (1:365) by meechellllle
sazztastical 8 years ago
Morning all, this is my 6th year although I only ever completed the first two. Would love to get another year under my belt as I do really miss doing it and being able to look back on things and remember what I was doing on any given day. I can't believe how big this group is - a bit different to when I joined it that very first year! Good luck to everyone just starting out and here's to 2013 being a good year for 365ers

Sally x
dramamath 8 years ago
A simple reminder to everybody that this group (365 Days) is for self-portraits only. It may seem restrictive, but that is how and why the group was formed.
Morgânia Lima ♕ 8 years ago
Posso participar se começar hj?
dramamath 8 years ago
Você pode começar em qualquer data que você deseja.

You may start on any date you wish.
becky.c 8 years ago
Hola todos! I'm Becky from New York, USA, previously from Singapore. I've been wanting to start this project for a while now, but with my recent move to NY & the beginning of a new year, this seemed like a perfect time to finally GET ON IT.

Looking forward to challenging myself, and GLHF to everyone :D

Alessandra Tardio 8 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Alessandra from Italy. I started my 365 days project yesterday for the first time :)
ThroughTamsEyes 8 years ago
Hi all!!

This is my first 365 project and I am excited and a bit nervous!
premium voice [deleted] 8 years ago
I really do not enjoy being in front of the lens and not behind the camera, therefore this is a challenge for me. Also coming up with 365 creative ideas and the time between university and work to put them into place is going to be a hard task. I am looking forward to 2013 ;)
Jesse&Lisa 8 years ago
Hi, this start what I hope to be my third 365 self portrait year, this year in a new group.
CopyCatFilms 8 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm embarrassed to admit that I've started before and failed. But 2013 is a New Year--I'm here to stay. I started 1/1 but we have guests where my computer is located, so I'm going to be a couple of days behind--but taking pictures nonetheless.

I'm a freelance video editor & filmmaker who has just picked up and moved across the country from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area! It's gonna be a crazy year, looking forward to following all of yours.
Brith Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Brith (member) 8 years ago
I think I'm gonna do this. I've never done it before, but my sister, "Stoker Studios" has, and it looks interesting! So I am starting Saturday, January 5, 2013. That is all, nice to meet everyone. :)

Ms Kat 8 years ago
Hi, I've been a member of the group for a while now, but I just started, well, in November I started my 365days #3, so I thought I'd say hi again.

Hi again.
hogg86 8 years ago
Hi, Dave here. I just wrapped up a 365 project for 2012. One of this groups moderators suggested I try a self portrait 365 project. I really planned on stopping, but I think this may help my photography grow, so I guess I will see how it goes.
cscotchmer 8 years ago
I completed a full 365 a few years ago and had a great experience (posting into this group as well). I'm back to give it another try - the first time I did I had a pretty amazing year - here's hoping for wonderful things to capture again this time around.
Donna G. 2013 8 years ago
I thought this was a great idea. Going to give it a try.
PrashantKr 8 years ago
Hi, I am Prashant and I am starting on 9th January 2013. I'll be doing self portraits in black & white and I can already feel the pressure of shooting self portraits after my first one. I hope I make it through with the support and motivation of group members.
spec girl 8 years ago
A photo of myself for 365 days... I suppose everyone has their reasons. For myself, it is more of a personal project for reasons that I'm not quite sure I even understand yet. In contributing to this group--I hope to stay motivated, and I can see already by the fantastic photos, that I'm sure to be kept inspired. My name is Joelle I will be using an iPhone 4 or a Nikon D80 for my uploads. Thanks for having me-I look forward to meeting you all :)
Remarkable Imagery 8 years ago
I'm already 20 days in (Started on New Year's Day). I had been wanting to do this after being inspired by the work of Alex Stoddard. Even after this short time coming up with a decent piece has challenged my creativity, my work, relationship and time management.
I've had to manage how to fit in the photography, the processing and the uploading as well as checking out other peoples' work, my own expectations, communication with people close to me and my level of skill.
Nowadays I wake up already thinking and planning for the days shot.
Samantha Pugsley 8 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm only on Day 5 as I started a bit late. I got really inspired after reading the flickr article that ran about Kyle Thompson, the 20 year old conceptual photographer who is also running a 365 project. I'll be using the Nikon D3200 as well as my tripod and remote timer. Please feel free to critique my work as I'm very very interested in getting better. I want to look back at this time next year and see a drastic difference in my work. I'm hoping to think outside the box a little more, create meaningful concepts, and to feel more comfortable as being the subject in my photographs. I look forward to seeing everyone's work! Good luck!
Mermaid Noir 8 years ago
Hello! I'm officially starting this project after weeks of putting it off (and despite my first picture turning out horribly - no more excuses!) and using a Nikon D5000. I'm open to any new contacts or any tips to sticking out the whole 365 days!
Imagined Photography 8 years ago
Officially started this project 5 days ago - to learn to love myself and find beauty in me. 5 days down and I already see an improvement in my self esteem! So excited about the progress I am making emotionally, and how these photos are helping...

Here's my absolute fave so far (I took it today with a cheap fan while kneeling on the floor haha! My "tripod" was a paper shredder and a mouse for the angle :P )

_MG_3094-Edit copy by Imagined Photography
Gene1138 8 years ago
Hi, My name is Gene and I'm a foto-holic, I have been on flickr for some 3 years now and I'm ashamed of myself not doing a 365 project! Feel free to add me as a flickr friend!
yates_rl 8 years ago
Hey everyone! I officially started my 365 on the first of this year but just now found this group. I started a different 365 almost a year ago with an iPhone app but I just started getting into "real" photography over the past 4 months. I never make New Years resolutions but to get myself out of a funk, I'm doing a more "artistic" 365 on Flickr.
Feel free to add me as a contact and best of luck to everyone!
♔ Georgie R 8 years ago
It's good to know ordo.ab.chao. that you're doing a 365 project but remember this is a self-portrait group :)
Mike Alegado 8 years ago
Hello! I just started my 365 yesterday. I was Inspired by the people who got better in photography doing this, so I'm gonna challenge myself to do this as well.
sir.maulin 8 years ago
Hey everyone. I used to be pretty active on flickr when I got my d40 circa 2005. At that time I started, and subsequently failed to finish, a project 365.

Fast forward and I received a d300s as a graduation present from my wife in 2010. I've been shooting a decent amount, but mostly events at work, weddings, or kids birthday parties for friends/family. I've enjoyed it, but have felt like I lack the interest and creativity I had when I got my first DSLR (the d40).

I turned 30 in November, and have really struggled with the need for stability and a restless desire for more challenges and creativity on a daily basis.

In an attempt to re-engage with my creative self, I'm starting this and hopefully some other projects that will force me to snap a shot no matter what.

My first one was taken a moment ago on my ipad. The best camera is the one that's with you right?

Looking forward to following everyone on their journey and finding inspiration in the daily grind.

Victoria E.S. 8 years ago
Hello! I started this project a few weeks ago, and I've been really enjoying having a constant from day to day. So far I've been exploring identity, my relationship with my environment, and documenting time. Mostly this project is for play, and I'm stoked to see a playful, friendly community online dedicated to it :)
sergeant killjoy 8 years ago
What's up everyone! I tried this 365 thing about 6 years ago and poo-pooed about 109 days into it. Going to give it another go as this year is going to be amazing and I want to remember it! Cheers errybody!

sarah. reed. 8 years ago
I did this once upon a time, long long ago, and am going for another run.
NHG2908 8 years ago
Hi Everyone!

Day 1 and starting with a very mundane shot - I hope this to be a marker of my progress. Really looking forward to taking part in 365days!

Cacá Filho 8 years ago
Hello Everybody... Starting by yesterday.. but i was without internet, so today I will put a new photo.. let's see how this will work! =]
lfviolin 8 years ago
Hi Guys,
Just found the group. I started already 62 days ago and posted already some pictures.
I am exciting to learn from all of you.

hayleysarah 8 years ago
hello there.
this is my day 1.
i've taken many photos before but i'm just beginning to see myself as someone who can create art with this form. i just set up my flickr account today.
i'm an art therapy student, interested in self-discovery, and authenticity. the spirituality of everyday life, the depth of people within, and natural sexuality interest me, too.
feeling happy to have found this part of the internet.
x hayley
Avid Avoider 8 years ago
hi there! i'm giulianna. just a boring dirty-water girl from philadelphia.
i've tried to complete this project a number of times, but i've gotten lazy and somewhat embarrassed. (trying to explain this project has made me feel a little silly before.)
so this is a photography exploration, documenting procedure and a test of my will.
i hope to make it this time.
Stacie was here... 8 years ago
Hi. It's me again. Second go round. Last time was in 2009-2010. Good times!
renku 8 years ago
^ That's funny, doing my second round as well, and my last one was 09-10. Must be something in the air
Chosen at Random 8 years ago
Hi, first 365 for me. Chose this to do something outside my comfort zone. Hope to stick with it, have fun, and learn some about photography and myself.
Kavan The Kid 8 years ago
How's it going everyone! My names Kavan and this is my first 365 project. Check it out and let me know what you think? Love feedback!

Here is my first photo
"Anger is our Cancer" by Kavan The Kid
Sandeaux 8 years ago
Hi everyone! It's day 1 for me! Hope to see you all in a year!
I'm looking forward to drawing inspiration from you all.
I'd love your feedback.

1/365:  Sandeaux Mad
worried sign [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi, I just started, I posted my first photo today. I live in Connecticut USA
AmyyKathryyn 8 years ago
Hi there :)
Its my first day today (woo!) Im really looking forward to seeing how creative I can get with this :) Would love to hear what some of you guys think :)
Amy x
Sarah Mae 8 years ago
I am starting my second 365 Day project. During my first one I met the man who would become my husband. Now that we are married, I am documenting my first year of being married, a month into it. :-)
jessthemediastudent 8 years ago
Hello :) I'm doing my first 365 -- on day 9, so far, but I forgot to introduce myself! :) I'm hoping to improve my photography skills, so please let me know what you think :)
dumbledad 8 years ago
Going for it again. I loved the first and second but the third ran out of steam. I do love and miss the whole 365 project though so I am back for a fourth year. Here's day 1:

1st of 4th 365: Off to Colombia :-) by dumbledad
HarmehBites 8 years ago
Mine starts tomorrow! August 30th :) I'm only 17, but I love photography and I am so excited to give this a try! ♥
Twiztedtech 7 years ago
Hello all - I started this project before and last all of a day ... but this time i'm hoping things will be much different for me , as this years i'm starting a journey of discovery. a journey to find love , the love of ones self ... i'm hoping to improve my Photography skills in hope to record my journey and express my findings...

Pray for me that my journey is a completed one by the years end or at the very least and enlighten trip to goals and accomplishments that help on my way to loving myself…

oh yeah i start Jan 1
axiomatic base [deleted] 7 years ago
Happy New Year from a chilly England, day 1

001-365 : a brand new year...
♥ brooke gehringer 7 years ago
Hi everyone!
Just started my 2nd 365 today, 4 years after my first. I'm so excited to see where this takes me!

Here's day one:
The Beginning | 1/365 by ♥ brooke gehringer
Jhascrapmom 7 years ago
i did this years ago, for two years ( well one of me, and then one of me and the kiddo i got pregnant with during that first year).
now he is five, i am old and i am here i am.
A. ph' 7 years ago
Hi everybody :)

I have just started my own project 365. I have only taken two photos, but I'll go on it the whole year (or I hope so).

This was my first pic, hope you like it ;)

Día 1. Happy New Project 365. by A. ph'
katie.kersh 7 years ago
I'm currently on day 3. Started on April fools. I've tried this project a few times already, but I hope I stick to it this time.
scasillas15 7 years ago
Come As You Are by scasillas15
Mickster. 7 years ago
Hi - I'm new to the group, but started my self portraits on Jan 1. I loaded 5 recent photos to get started.
Franz Hutterer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Franz Hutterer (member) 6 years ago
I don't know wether this thread is still active, but I just wanted to introduce myself quickly :)
My name is Franz, I'm 17 and still a student. I will graduate this year and also go to university, so it's gonna be a year with lots of changes for me.
Hopefully I will manage to upload/take a photo every day as I think this project is just awesome ;)

Greetings from Germany,
Mnon ♥ 6 years ago
Hey everyone!
My name is Manon, I'm 22yr old living in Paris and this is my 2nd attempt to do a 365days project. I attempt in 2011 but failed (on another account). I take this 365days more lighty as I know I won't take and don't pretend to take excelent photos. In this purpose I chose to do it as a 365selfies challenge, because it's easier done and I think it will be funny to see my face evolving (also my hair color change often) . It's a project to be positive about my body and my face because self-care and self-love is important :)
Sara Dilley 6 years ago
Hello, everyone! My name is Sara and I'm a photography (hobbyist / semi-pro) based in Seattle. Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions throughout the year!
dumbledad 6 years ago
, , & Good to see some New Year 2015 starters - good luck with your new 365 Self-Portrait projects
eternoldesign 6 years ago
Hi everyone,
I'm a Graphic Designer / Photographer living in France and working in Luxembourg.
Started the challenge today and looking forward to the next 364 :)
steadfast bit [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi @ all,


Here I am after a long time thinking about a project like this.

This is my day one !!!

I am a 41 Years old IT-Specialist from Germany and I am very excited what kind of experience I will make here in the next 364 days. I´m looking forward to many exciting photos which I will hopefully explore here.
soufiane najah 6 years ago
Hey guys!

I'm a hobbyist photographer doing mainly street and portrait photography. I started around 7 months ago and today i finally made the jump and started the 365 project. Wishing you all happy clicking and looking forward to seeing all your amazing work!
Eric.Ray 6 years ago
Hello everybody,
I just completed a project photo 365 year today and now am here. I did a 365 days 1 object year, a while back and several 30 day projects. I guess these projects help to keep me going. Maybe now I'll figure out how to control my camera with the cellphone, or just use the cellphone or selftimer. I'm basically a hobbyist who started taking pictures about 50 years ago and took a long time to go digital. As I learned in the past I have to mark my calender to keep track of things, since I'm not starting on Jan. 1..
ambiguous language [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi everyone,
I have been on Flickr with different accounts since 2006. I have recently re-married and have started a new life with my wife, Nikki. I needed a fresh start with a new account, this one. I decided to start a 365 Days project because I am always the one behind the camera, never the subject. I honestly have very few images of myself. I will use this 365 Days project as an opportunity for personal growth.
Tracy's Passion 6 years ago
Michael D. Dunn:

i am tracy. i have a concussion. i'm climbing out of the darkness. this project may help.
dramamath 6 years ago
Tracy's Passion:

I cannot think of a better way to climb out of darkness than by learning more about yourself, and this project is great for that. Welcome to the group!
Boxy McBoxface 5 years ago

New account, new name, new project... welcome to the comforts of my mind!!
Dale Miller 5 years ago
I was here several years ago. Now I'm back. I am not impressed with the direction Flickr has taken in my absence, but I'm going to have fun with a 365 series regardless.
Matty's Focus 5 years ago
I just started in this group. I have done a 365 in the past, but not 365 self portraits.
This ought to be interesting. I just hope people are still here to see it them :)
dramamath 5 years ago
I started again yesterday, nine years after my first year (eight years after my second).
carol_sutildaniuk 4 years ago
Hi Everyone! Today is day 1 for me.
♔ Georgie R 4 years ago
I look forward to seeing your photos :)
OJ A 4 years ago
Hello. A search for photography projects to do led me here. Day 1 for me. Hopefully I can do this project. :)
woordenaar 4 years ago
I started again yesterday, fourth time around.
nemo_the_great 4 years ago
I need to restart this or post from jan 1st 2017 as I have shots backing up - the maintence of a 365 challenge take much more time than a daiy capture itself! I want to push the different kinds of shots and photography that I take by making a daily habit of capturing *something*.

I want to challenge myself with lighting, lenses, techniques (on camera and post). First off though I need to make workflow much more efficient!!!!
steven.rose 4 years ago
Right, getting back into photography slowly albeit with my phone for now, so thought this was worth a shot again as my last attempt many years ago failed quite miserably! Day 1 today, wish me luck.
lauren elena 3 years ago
I've been a member for a while and tried a 365 project a few times, but never actually completed one. I've been trying to find a good time to start one again, but there's never a good time. So... Guess I'll just have to start one at a bad time. Hopefully within the next couple of days...
ghostgirl_Annver 3 years ago
Hi I am Annver, found flickr 3 weeks before and posted since then every day photos of me. Now I want to join 365days :)
Hope it's okay to start in the middle of the year. My English is not that good yet, so my mom helps me to write here.
Sometimes I might be not able to post because of no internet f.e. after a taifun but then I will try to post them the next days.
♔ Georgie R 3 years ago
We are delighted see your photos on the 365 Days self-portrait group 😀
(I'm one of the admins)
AngelaIrene40 2 years ago
Hi! I'm Angie. I added Flickr years ago but couldn't remember my log in and had to make a new one. So this is empty. Probably a good thing as I used to be huge. Anyway, it also means it's taking some learning to figure out this group type thing.
I'm not one who likes to take pictures of myself, nor anyone else take pictures of me, so this is way out of my comfort zone. That is why I want to do this. Only when you leave your comfort zone will you grow.
I'm in my 3rd quarter of my Multimedia Graphics degree and in my last photography class for the certificate and this will only help me grow as a photographer.
I will be posting 2 pictures today. One that I actually took, but first a screenshot, which has my face in it, of the app not allowing me to post here, just to report the problem.
Lets get the party started!!!
♔ Georgie R 2 years ago
AngelaIrene40: Hi, I'm one of the admins – good to have you with us. I've been a member of this group for almost twelve years so I've got quite used to taking a daily selfie. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. There must be a way of finding your old log-in, have you tried?
AngelaIrene40 2 years ago
Oh yes! I tried for days, but I know how many email addresses I've had! Would be so cool to figure out which one it was! It would be amazing to see what I would have had on there! Even though I don't recall getting too into flickr, even one or two old photos would be priceless!
♔ Georgie R 2 years ago
AngelaIrene40: Actually I have two other Flickr accounts which I can see on my iPhone but which I can't access on my iMac as I've forgotten how to get into them. I daren't do anything drastic as I fear I may compromise my main account which has 18,000 photos on it 😳
AngelaIrene40 2 years ago
Oh my! Sounds like me and Facebook! HA HA! Yes! No messing with the main!
quietfeather Posted 11 months ago. Edited by quietfeather (member) 11 months ago
I do a few self portraits every so this still a group I can share just my day to day? I erased all of my content from 2006 to 2019 after my divorce and would like to build it all up with MY life!
Old Shoe Woman 11 months ago
quietfeather This is still a group.
gaymay 11 months ago
Welcome, ! Anyone that plays Animal Crossings is okay with me! Welcome to your life!
quietfeather 11 months ago
James May thank you!! I take it you know just how fascinating this little game is!?
quietfeather 11 months ago
Judy Baxter thank you!
quietfeather 11 months ago
James May thank you!! I take it you know just how fascinating this little game is!?
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