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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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John's Life 13 years ago
I couldn't find the 7 days group, so I figured, heck, what's 358 more days? I just loaded my second picture, so I'm still batting 1000.
healthy motion [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi everyone ~ introducing myself as new to the group today, although the pic I posted is from a hike yesterday at Enchanted Rock Texas.

I'm Susan, originally from California, but now in Texas. I'm currently obsessed with photography and hope to obtain a DSLR in the near future! This looks like a fun project ~ hope I can last the entire 365 days......
entertaining toys [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi 365ers. I'm Jacki, and this is my third day of 365.
I'm an amateur photographer - and I mean that with every ounce of the word's meaning. I point-and-shoot. I just ordered a new digital camera and hope to improve a little, learn a little about lighting, etc.

Plus, I'm vain.

Born and raised in the greater Chicagoland area. Loves to laugh until my stomach hurts. Training for the half marathon (so hopefully you'll see me shrink in my photos.) In love with life.

Stop on by, say hello.
shevoo 13 years ago
Hi - I just started this on Jan 1st; I figured - new year, let's do something new. I'm not much of a photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures. Little nervous about having so many pictures of myself, however, and so publicly available!

Like the rest of us, I hope I can last the entire year, too.

MacShaggy 13 years ago
hi everyone,
now i start the 356 days...
{nanda} 13 years ago
Hi everyone!
New, starting today! I really hope I can make it!
I´m in Brazil and I already found many brazilian people here. Still really excited...
roxanne rae 13 years ago
i started 4 days ago, and this is my 2nd attempt. last time i tried this it was during my volleyball season and it got really tricky to remember haha my bad :( but this time imma do it.

im 17, from chicago, and happily taken.
i shoot with a canon rebel XTi that i received for christmas, but all my previous shots were taken with a sony cybershot.

Melissa Gridley 13 years ago
Hey all,
I've been on Flickr for about a year but just got really active. I started my 365 (isn't it 366 this year?) on December 31. I really want to be consistent with this, so I set my standards to something manageable. So far so good - you all are an inspiration!

I'm a military videographer stationed (for now) in Texas. I thought I'd have a little 'in' with photo being as I've been doing video 7 years, but I was wrong. They're very different animals, and I have to say I'm enjoying photo more!
cluelesswithacamera 13 years ago
Hello all,
I was talked into doing this by my hubby. He wanted me to and I said no, but as I have thought about it I have thought of some fun ideas so I decided to give it a try. Hoping to get more familiar with my camera this year and feel a little more comfortable stepping outside of the box
acoanimal 13 years ago
Hi All,
I am starting the 365 today is the first day. It will be interesting as I am usually the one behind the camera.
frog princess1 13 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm actually on day 6 - hey, I even started on Jan. 1 - and I saw this pool on another of my contacts pages.

I've just come into the digital age after my old 26 yo Canon AE bit the dust. RIP. I"m a bit shaky, but I'm game so if you'll have me, I'm in!
CaptainG 13 years ago
OK, I am going to give a go.

I am starting today and will be taking the self portrait each day. As I was thinking through this, I was thinking how boring it would be taking a picture of something that I do every day. I will have to really consider each day so they are not all me sitting at work or at home, etc, etc. Lets see if I can brew some of my creativity.
scandal christina 13 years ago
Hello to all!
I'm Christina, and this is my second day. A friend ( gifted me a pro account, so I'm joining them in the 365! I posted a picture last night of my runny nose... I had hoped to go out for some great pictures yesterday, but my allergies kept me house-bound. Nevertheless, I'm going to try my best to keep up with the caliber of great photos on here!
Coolgirlsar 13 years ago

Newbie here, first day! I'm Sarah and in the process of packing up and moving home so hopefully that should lead to some good photos. Look forward to seeing everyone's stuff.

Take Care.

TG - Elín Elísabet 13 years ago
Oh hi :D

I've just started a 365, I'm on my 6th now. It might be a 366 though...

I just did it for the fun of it, I'm not sure if I'll be able to hold it out. I'm lazy, and busy. But anway, I'll hope the best :D

Dread Pirate Jeff 13 years ago
Hi everyone....

I just started this this year after seeing some of the other 365 projects. I didn't actually know about this group until yesterday, but was inspired by some random 365 images I found to start my own.

This is the only New Years Resolution I made. Just to try to keep up this routine of one self portrait a day for a full year will be a challenge. Don't expect much artistic quality (though I see that there are MANY in this group that take amazing self portraits!).

Most of mine will be shot with a cell phone camera at 1.3MP simply because its far easier (and I am lazy) to email from my phone than it is to shoot with my 400D, convert the RAW to JPG on my laptop, move the pic to a USB key, wait till I get to work and upload from there. I have dialup at home thanks to living the country life away from the city, so I have to rely on public access points and work to provide enough bandwidth to upload images to flickr.

I will endeavor to do some with my SLR though, as I have been somewhat inspired by the others here.

hollow rabbit [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello all. I started this project on the 1st without actually knowing about the group! I was inspired by watching dubstyle's Whiskerino 07 set (he has such amazing photos!). I just happened to notice that he was posting his photos to 365days as well, so I joined the bandwagon.

This project serves as a creative outlet for me. I'm currently stuck in a business job, and need ways in order to express myself and retain sanity. I'm a 100% amateur photographer, don't ever plan on making it a profession, I just do it for kicks.
my mate jay 13 years ago
Hello folks!
This is my 7th day as I started on the 1st January 08 (totally new at this posting game so I apologise if I mess it up). Started basically to keep a record or the year since I seem to be losing my memory and saw this group with so many other people doing the same as me, fantastic. Looking forward to the challenge of a portrait a day!
zach krugler 13 years ago
Hi mi name is Zach and I look forward to being a part of this group! It seems like such a fantastic idea and I can't way until I can reflect upon an entire year of self portraits!
remarkable doctor [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi, my name is Leandro (aka xk prj) and I was jealous of all the people of this group for their patience for realize their shoot regularly day by day, now, I want to do the same things to...
mofo 13 years ago
Oh my god. Am I really going to do this? This day, 7 January, marks day 1 for me!

My name is Mofo. Well, it's not the name my parents gave me, but it's close. Just had a close friend die, and simultaneously lost the affection of a new love in my life, so I am feeling a deeper need for a "witness" in my life. I've been doing tons of self-portraits anyway, just a matter of the day-to-day discipline.

If I keep going until Jan 6, 2009 (which will actually mark 366 days in this particular year), then I will be ending on the Feast of the Epiphany. Seems apropos. ;-)

YAY! I'm here! (crap...I'm kinda scared...)
hi, i just joined! today is my day one, and i will upload a picture tonight. i am really nervous, but excited at the same time
sonialena 13 years ago

I feel like a perpetual newbie to photography, always learning new things.

I found myself coming back to this group over and over to look at all the wonderful photos, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. Posted my first photo today.

I'm looking forward to exploring new ways of seeing photography and myself!
the evil monkey 13 years ago
Happened to see this group on the flickr blog and thought it sounded like fun. I'm sure that none of my photos will be anywhere near as artistic as some I've seen here.

Litte about me - I'm a student in Christchurch, New Zealand, studying astronomy.

I just realised I already had a self-portait photo on flickr, but I took that about three weeks ago, so it can't really count. Hmmm, maybe I could do 365 handstands? Could be difficult in a office though -- too many things to fall on!
filterofsyntax Posted 13 years ago. Edited by filterofsyntax (member) 13 years ago
Rarely am I ever one to "join the crowd" and do something because everyone else is, however I have decided join this 365 Flickr Project. Which by rights should be the 366 Project (because 2008 is a leap year). I'm going to put a twist on this thing though, treating the year as a day, I will try my damnedest to take my self portrait at a specific time based on which day of the project it is.

Explaination: The hours from 6a-12a equal 1080 minutes, divided by 366 equals 2.95 minutes per day (I'm rounding to 3). This means that today I took my picture at 6:21a, on day 100 I will take my picture at 10:57a. I'm setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to take the picture, and I will take the picture during that minute of whatever I'm doing. I feel this twist will keep me interested enough to stick this out for 366 days.
Manuel Niederl 13 years ago
I really like that Twist..
I admire your motivation to pull that thru :)
christinaalessi 13 years ago
Hi - I just started 365days on the 5th.
I have my photos as "friends only" right now because I'm sort of feeling a little shy about this.
However, I'd be happy to add anyone from this group to my contacts :)
devilish giraffe [deleted] 13 years ago
Hey I'm new here, this seems like a great group with plenty of activity. I'm starting the new term at college tomorrow (I study photography) so I'll do my first selfie then :)

gia_365days 13 years ago
Hi! I only started my 365 days project. Today is day 3. I hope I will be able to finish it. I'm kind of busy at the moment. I'm supposed to write my dissertation. But I already saw so many inspiring photos here and already have a lot of ideas.
I'm really new to taking self-portraits so I hope to learn by doing this project and from the great work of the others in this group!

craigiebaby 13 years ago
Hi ya - Craig from Beckenham, Kent (UK) - 23 years old and a complete Flickr virgin in many respects. My friend gimme_shoes had been doing 365Days last year and have to be honest got really keen on the idea... and with that bought a new Fuji Z10, invested in a Nokia N95 to give the project ago.

I don't profess to being great - but hey I'm having fun in the process of doing it. I think one of the more challenging things is having to keep up with it whilst at work (currently on leave till Thursday).

Oh and I'm on day 8 now and trying to think of something to do for it..........
octagonfudge 13 years ago
Hey all! I started my 365 (366?) project january 1st, without searching for a group. Whups. But, I'll start adding them today! This will be interesting...
Little about me- I am a cartoonistr/graphic designer living in Savannah. Most of the time I am either in the studio, knitting, or knitting IN the studio, so we'll have to find ways to make this interesting...
Capt1nBackF1re 13 years ago
Well i've been doing the 365 day challenge since the start of december. I didn't know about this group or how to join till today. I have a set on my page for 365 but i'll start uploading to this pool today.

Hi, looking forward to actively being involved with the group. Happy New Year... and stuff like that.

Fernanda T 13 years ago
hellooo!!! i just joined the group yesterday! and im getting to know how this site works and stuff....Im new to flickr!!!!!

have a good year!!!

paintedbooklady 13 years ago
I'm Lauren. Day 2 today. I've been posting month in the life sets for awhile now so I thought I would try 365. Such a great group. I'm really looking forward to this.

Old school Flickr member. Haha.
massdistraction 13 years ago
Doh, meant to introduce myself sooner. I'm now on day 10 of my first attempt - though I initially joined the group way back in 2005!

Thankfully a few friends also started their 365 days on the 1st, so we're going to try to keep each other going all year. I'm excited!
Saucy Little Wench 13 years ago
Procrastination, thy name is Laura. My intention was to start my 365 project on January 1, but life happened; so I'll be posting my first photo to this group (and to Flickr for that matter) as soon as I finish typing this introduction. Woo hoo!
coldpants 13 years ago
Hi! My name is Daniel and I'm a swedish boy posting on day (actually it's night :)) one. I feel that I want to start using my camera more instead of just having it laying around and this will hopefully help me alot!
n.elle 13 years ago
hi everyone... i'm nicole and i'm setting up shop today.
javYliz 13 years ago
ok, hi! this is Javier, starting of on this quest
i'm an argentinian 23yo, nowadays living in downingtown, pa, usa
i can only hope to remember to take at least a pic a day :)
see you around :)
Rachy91 13 years ago
Hi ya'll, I'm Rachael, I started 7 day ago. I wanted to start my 365 day January 1st but I kept getting busy with stuff and forgetting. I been on flickr for a while know and wanted to do it, I just wanted to wait till this year.
vertigelt 13 years ago
This is actually Day 4 for me, but didn't know there was a HELLO thread. So... Hello! Thing's I've realised in 4 days:

1) my camera's sufficient but "New Camera" won't last long on my Lust List (and has recently risen to the top of said list)
2) I definitely need a tripod (even for my "just adequate" camera)
3) The world is chock-full of amazingly creative people (and I'm not even sure anymore that I'm one of them)
4) Flickr is seriously one of the best web sites ever designed (even if they do maintenance that requires downtime during peak hours of traffic)

I'm hoping through this project to improve my dedication to and artistry in photography and to make some great contacts. I also hope to get myself out in the world a little more and live my belief that there is beauty everywhere.
shelby -GC- 13 years ago
ha! it took me a while to find this reply box.... I still haven't figured out how to put my pics in the group :( I will eventually but I wanted to say hi! :) I've seen beautiful pictures of everyone and I'm very impressed, looking forward to this next year!!!
citybumpkin 13 years ago
Hello fellow beginners! Good luck with your 365 days project. I'm still ambivalent about doing this, which isn't a good sign... oh well. It's just a day at a time, isn't it?
Carolineisbr0ke Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Carolineisbr0ke (member) 13 years ago
Hey. Honestly, I'm really new to flickr. I've had an account for awhile now but I just started uploading pics. Today was day 1 for me. I just uploaded my pic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day/evening (depending at what time you are reading this post haha).
Mister J Photography 13 years ago
Hey all,

I'm an aspiring concert photographer who is trying to expand his range. I'm highly neurotic and self-conscious so I find taking and posting self portraits fairly terrifying and extremely challenging. I have lots of personal reasons for doing this, which I won't list here but I'm a soon to be 28 year old Yank who's been a Londoner for going on five years now.

This next year is going to be a scary one for me, so what better option than to document it like this?

So hi, I'm Jeff and hopefully I'll get better at this ;-)
dimple and the light 13 years ago
luna.nik 13 years ago
Hi! This is my first day here (not on Flickr, but in this group). I am determined to follow through with this project and I thought it being my birthday, it would be a good day to start. I really don't have anything whitty to say =)
LiLi S. 13 years ago
Hi there
Just here for the fun and see...
Natalie Gunji 13 years ago
Hello everyone! This is my first day here. Hope I keep on shooting for this project everyday. Wish me luck! :)
meowari 13 years ago
Hello, this is my 3rd day and I don't know how to permalink because I'm really not good with all of this stuff...
jesh1223 13 years ago
hey. i'm jes. this is actually day 15 for me.. so far, so good :)
i'm hoping to gain more creative perspective in my photography, while meeting fun people. i've seen so many great 365 portraits on flickr. i'm hoping to join those ranks :)
if all goes as planned, i'll be living in the UK by the end of this year, which, should definitely make for some interesting 365s :)
jc_syzygy 13 years ago
Hi, I'm JC. This too is really my 15th day. I've been taking photos sense the 1st.
I've been in a creative slump. But this project has got my creative juices flowing again. I have a back log of photos to up load. I'll be getting to that soon. I'm excited about this project.

Also, I've started loosing weight. I lost 15 lbs. in December. I plan to loose a lot this year. So anyone who is interested can see my progress.
Cy-V 13 years ago
Hi I'm Samantha, this is my day 1!
At first I wasn't sure if I was willing to join this yet, because of my obese, but I figured it might be nice to see how my body develops now I'm in therapy for my eating disorder and starting to lose weight.
Maybe it's something I need to do to learn to accept and listen to my body, instead of being frigid about how I look. This is how I look now. Period. I'm working on it. I'm not the 63 kg girl I was 2/3 years ago. But I will be. Someday. First I need to learn how to eat properly. Losing weight shouldn't be my foremost goal. Getting normal eating habits should be.
So. I joined =)
This is gonna be fun! ^_^
quinntillion 13 years ago
Hi everyone! I started this on the first of January. In the past, I rarely take pictures of me, so from this challenge, I want to simply have more pictures of me. Also, I don't like looking at myself, for various reasons. This challenge will force me to look at myself and hopefully I will find something about myself from within those photos.

I also want to try to do some interesting Cindy Sherman type experiments and other photo editing crazy type stuff.
LeluOdinLove 13 years ago
hello all! just joined the group; am on day 3. really wanting to be creative and have fun with this - will be looking to the group photos for inspiration...

looking forward to seeing you! :-)

victorious experience [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello :)
I started yesterday, I really hope I can make it! I will try my best not to give up, because self-portraits aren't my strength.
specialk3513 13 years ago
Howdy ya'll

i just finished my first week of this. I'm hoping that this will make me get my camera out to be more creative. I think i'll either find myself taking tons more photos or feeling like its homework i have to do, but its still fun for now.

Looking forward to seeing where this year takes me.
Natrasha 13 years ago
Hi! I'm totally new to this. I can't wait to see a whole year's worth of pictures. I think this group will help motivate me to stick to it.
Fluin 13 years ago
Hello fellow newbs. I'm joining your ranks. Rachel & Julie said I should do this project and I agreed. I haven't really picked my camera up in over a year and I used to shoot pretty frequently. Yeesh!

Time to get back into it. :)
Rachel.::.K 13 years ago
I would like to personally and officially welcome Fluin to the group since I am partly responsible for his undertaking of this project.
Bacoon Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Bacoon (member) 13 years ago
Hey Everybody,

Got invited by a mate this morning and thought it sounds like it would be fun (painful, evocative, hard, helpful and all the rest) so I decide to jump on board the 365 day train.

Happy snappy to you all, yeah.
Indabelle 13 years ago

a friend suggested i put my 366 (doing it for the 2008 calendar year) project up on flickr -- i'm looking forward to drawing inspiration from this group!

cheers -
neveredi 13 years ago
I've just uploaded my first photo to the 365 days group..Curious to see all this creativity around here. Looks like a lot of fun!
Б.А. 13 years ago
Hi everyone!

Well, I think I'll join this 365-days frenzy :-)


autumns.lioness 13 years ago
Hello Everyone!

New to flicker, but have wanted to join this group for a while, found it through the mission101 group on Livejournal.


I think i'm going to have some fun :)
someonelivingnowhere 13 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm David from Central California. I thought I'd give this a try to see how long I can keep it up for. I didn't even know about the group till I saw it in someone else's photostream and loved the idea. I posted my Day 1 today already . . .
Hollywood Monkey 13 years ago
I'm back! For the third time. I bailed out before because I was just in too much pain and I had set my expectations a bit too high. So now I'm back , still in pain, but I turned forty on saturday and thought I'd try to document the year.
st. cecilie 13 years ago
Hey good people of 365 days! :) I'm Cecilie and I'm trying out this challenge for the very first time. Very excited! :)
Ickle Jizzle 13 years ago
Hi all, I'm JT from London, UK. It's the first day of my year long effort.... hope I can keep it up!
justdawn673 13 years ago
Hello! I am new here. It is a huge leap out of my comfort zone to take photos of myself, but am looking forward to the challenge!

I ahve seen some very inspiring shots in here:)
Nicoliosis! 13 years ago
hello all! i'm nicole from the grand midwest of the u.s. (indiana to be a little more exact).

this is day 3 for me and i'm pretty excited to be doing this!
i've found it hard to take photos of myself so hopefully this will inspire me to take some fun and interesting ones.. : )
Bruna Benvegnù 13 years ago
hi! i'm bruna from rio de janeiro, brasil.
this is day 3 for me! 362 to go!
vasmodeus 13 years ago
hi, I'm Van from Hanoi, Vietnam, starting day 1. I really like the idea of this group and everyone's photos bring quite a lot of inspiration. The closet thing to a camera I have now is a sony s600 after my the wide ocean swallowed my nikon, so pls don't mind the poor quality. Glad to join! ;)
ashleylouise 13 years ago
Hi, I'm Ashley. I'm on day 18. Having fun so far. I'm excited that so many people are joining in this challenge!
::reflecting truth:: 13 years ago
okay, okay. i surrender to the 365 god(dess). i'm starting today. i'm a freelance photographer living in LA. i've been thinkin' about doing this for quite some time, but just sittin' back and waiting until everything lined up perfectly for me to do it. well, that's not gonna happen and all is perfect. so, i'm diving in head first. hope there's no sharp, pointy rocks hiding out in that 365 pool.

all jokes aside, this outta be fun.
R Werk. Posted 13 years ago. Edited by R Werk. (member) 13 years ago
I figure the group mentality will keep me in this. :)

I'm Becca. I'm 18 and a Freshman Photo Student at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY.
I've planned on a picture a day since the summer, but never got around to it. Hopefully this will give me something to exercise my creative mind.

On to Day 1.
Annie_Banannie 13 years ago
Hi everyone :))
I'm Annie, and today's my Day 1 for project 365 days.
I'm not a professional photographer, but I do like photography.
And I'm joining this to have some fun. :))
alisasaxanoff 13 years ago
Hello everyone I"m doing this challenge along with another for 2008. I loke the idea so here goes nothing :D Oh and my name is Lisa :P
mighty badge [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by mighty badge (member) 13 years ago
My name is Allie. I randomly found this through a random person on livejournal. Sounded like fun, so...yea.

Let's see how this goes, eh?
alert base [deleted] 13 years ago
hi.. ive been a member for close to a year now and have yet to post one shot.. i have not un-joined yet cause i know that at one point or another ill start the 365 journey.

maybe today is that day.

maybe not.
Subterfugeboy 13 years ago
Hello, people! I thought I'd introduce myself here. I've lurked for a while and I've been taking my pictures, but I just haven't bothered to post any to the group. I figure that I might as well start doing that, too.

I don't always have reliable internet access but I do manage to get my photos uploaded often enough. I hope you enjoy looking at them! I hope I finish this 365 thing, too!
Red Tiga 13 years ago
Hi all!
The name is Yog & im a freelance graphic designer.
I promise to be as brutal with myself as poss!
Brutal and as creative and as 365day as possible.
fumbling zipper [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by fumbling zipper (member) 13 years ago
I am hoping to find myself again. Photography will hopefully help me do so.
Just Plain Ne' 13 years ago
Hi everybody!! My name is Rene'...(Ne' for short). I'm kind of long-winded....I apologize in advance!

Anyway-- I joined the 365 about a week or so ago, and I just wanted to say how excited I am to be starting this project. Like Subterfugeboy, I too have been sort of "winging it alone" and decided it was finally time to become part of this community.

This is one of the best things I've decided to do in a long time. I feel pretty confident about being able to pull off a photo of myself a day (because I take a disgusting amount of SPs anyway...ha!), but I do expect to come up against many days where my creativity is lacking, so the ideas, inspiration, feedback and support from a group of folks like this, I know will be much appreciated!! Many of you already have been an inspiration to just don't know it. I plan to give just as much great feedback as I hope to get and maybe make a few Flickr friends in the process!

Cheers to the new year!!
9stitches11stars 13 years ago
I have been taking a self-portrait everyday for a week now, to gear up for joining the group. So I'm on day seven!
I am doing this more for personal growth, and to learn more about photography and my camera in general.
I travel pretty much year-round for my job, so it is also a matter of personal documentation and remembering all of the places I visit.
Looking forward to the challenge!
waiting middle [deleted] 13 years ago
I have taken the first picture & am about to upload it. One thing confuses me. It is self pics ant it? coz some of the pics dont look like self pics to me!
Axemaniac-Art 13 years ago
Rain at last-365/10-19.1.08-
hi, i'm actaully on day 19 now, never introduced my self,,,my hard drive just crashed so i lost my photoshop,,hope i can get it again, guess i'll to be creative in other ways for a while
nutty line [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi! My name is Alexandria and I am new. I love photography and am looking to get into it more. I love this group and everyone's photos are amazing!
Travis Seitler 13 years ago
Hey, everybody! This is my "Day 2" - Starting on Jan. 1st just seemed so clichéd to me. ;)

I'm actually trying to kill two birds with one stone. I've hit a snag in material for my blog, and I've always wanted to try the whole "picture a day" thing. Now I just take a picture of myself interacting with something I'd like to blog about. =)
Julie Lavelle 13 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm Julie. I'm now onto day 30 of my 365. It's already been quite challenging, but I'm thoroughly enjoying this experience. I think it will keep me focused and productive everyday, which is exactly what I need.
I can't wait to see how I progress and change over the course of this year. Definitely excited for this challenge!
Check out my work here:
gibsojared 13 years ago
Hey all. This is Day 1, Jan 30th 2008. I love photography but I am pretty new to the game. I like the 365 concept since it will give me a reason to use my camera everyday and create something different with a subject I am pretty used to.
There will be some holes in my 365. No good I know. But, unfortunately it cannot be helped and I do promise to still take the pics everyday. I am in the Navy and will undoubtedly be under the sea for some of this year. I will have to post the days' photos when I get back.
I am excited to get it going and to see all that everyone else has to offer as well!
tumbledbones 13 years ago
Hi everyone! Today Jan 30, 2008 is my Day 1. I wrote about what draws me to this project under today's SP:

I'm excited (and a little nervous) to be part of this!
tomandmarsbell 13 years ago
Hi! My name is Margaret. I am 28 years old and live in Southern California with my husband and our two cats.

Today is January 31, 2008 and it's my Day 1. I came across this group and found it to be really fascinating. I have been wanting to get into photography and am hoping to get a better camera soon. Looking forward to the next 364 days!
noodlepdx 13 years ago
I did an attempt last year that only lasted about two weeks. I just started attempt #2 yesterday. I'm feeling way more committed this time.
Shawn Ifill 13 years ago
Yo, what's up? This is a great group. I joined a couple of days ago on my birthday and look forward to the upcoming year in photos. See you all around.
fidoalmighty 13 years ago
Hello, I'm John. I'm a bit of a geek and I do graphic design. I'm a big Star Wars fan and I dislike popular culture, usually. Some of it can be good. But the rest is terrible, in my opinion. Like Hannah Montana....I wanna stick an ice pick in my ear when I listen to someone rant and rave about her.

Ahem...anywhoo....that is me. So, enjoy.
hello :) i'm zoe, i'm married, i livein scotland and i'm over curious about everything, i want to learn every craft my brain will let me (which is less than i'd like) this will be my day one........

i'm nervous and thats why i havent started, eekkk.....
Subject is too Cute Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Subject is too Cute (member) 13 years ago
Heyas, Leo from Chicago. Not sure anyone wants to see my mug for a year but Here goes!
That *Denise* Girl 13 years ago

I'm Denise, I live in Glasgow, and I'm new to all this.
I started the 365 thing on the 27th January so this is day 6 for me. I started it before I came across this group, but thought why not, I might as well give it a try!
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