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Michael D. Dunn 12:16pm, 5 November 2007
I am starting an official Day 1 thread to cut down on the ones that are started when new people join. This will have a link on the intro page. All new intro threads will be closed.

Have a great day.

Da Management :-)
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Rachel Michaux 13 years ago
Hi-- My name is Rachel and like many other members here, I've heard of the challenge and I'm willing to take a shot at it, or rather, 365 shots.....
enthusiastic wall [deleted] 13 years ago
Hey all. Steven here.

Joining the first day of Febuary....Febuary...however you spell this month.

What a great way to proactice my photography.

Here goes nothing!
quaint pizza [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello, everybody. I'm Jonna, 23, Finnish and I joined this fun today. Actually, I originally joined at the beginning of January but it fell through, so I decided to give February a go and hope to stick with it until next year. *nod*

I'm geeky, so most of my 365's will be lame and have weird shout-outs to random games and whatnot, I'd assume, so... hello. Nice to meet you and all that!
GenKysarPhotography Posted 13 years ago. Edited by GenKysarPhotography (member) 13 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Genevieve, 25, Seattle(area), WA. My husband makes fun of me and all my pic taking... but I really love it! :) (As a result he ruins nearly every pic he's in.. lol) Anywho - been wanting to join for a bit now, but just got the motivation. I will do my first shot later today, so look out! Rock on...

for some reason, I unjoined this group yesterday - rediculous accident I think! added my pictures since my start 2/1/08. Sorry, and thanks.
American Dan 13 years ago
Sup peeps I decided to start a 365 today this should be fun lol

1-365 Field of fire
staceybea 13 years ago
Hi there. Everyone here takes such wonderful photos, it will be nice to be able to look at something inspiring every day for the next year. :)
michele_cape 13 years ago
Hello, today is my first day. I'm 25 and living near Austin TX currently. I guess I'll see how long I can keep this up!
istolethetv Posted 13 years ago. Edited by istolethetv (member) 13 years ago
marco, 31, from myc. today is my first day as well. i've read over some of the other posts in this thread, and i think i have a lot of the same thoughts about this group as a lot of other people... is this an excercise in vanity? can i really take 365 (interesting/unique/etc) pictures of myself? etc. i guess i'm fixin' to find out.
Gary Allman 13 years ago
Gary from Portsmouth UK, starting out on my second year. For me the first year was eye opening and life changing, what will the the second year bring?
Rho-Lex 13 years ago
Hello I am Rho. Just moved to L.A. a few months ago with boyfriend and dog. I'm going through a ton of self-transformation right now and this is an awesome challenge and it's also a sweet opportunity for me to document this "chapter" of my life. Gaaaaaah how cheesy! ENJOY!!! xoxoRho
phloeme 13 years ago
Hi, I'm Phloeme, 27 from France.
It's my 1st day. Well, for the 2nd time in the last 6 months :-). Hope I'll keep up this time.
Saracmd 13 years ago
Well im only half new.
I did this once before and didnt get too far. Im trying again. Yesterday was my first day, my Birthday! its an easy day to remember. I need lots of motivation to keep with it this time!
Any way, im Sarah, now 22 from Canada. Im totally loving this pool!
the spacecowboy 13 years ago
I'm Chris, I've been umming and erring about doing this for ages now, but I've decided that with my new camera I'm going to document my 32nd year. Here goes!

Day 1 - Me and My Camera
Inwardlyfacing 13 years ago
I decided to start the 365 days project a few months ago, but chose to wait for my birthday to actually join and start posting. Each year my birthday has proven to be more than a simple milestone and more than New Years ever could, gives me the focus for my year. This year my focus will be on expressing my creativity and figuring out what I want from myself, so here I am. :)
~Andrea - exactly 31 years old from Tempe, AZ
velvet.harriot 13 years ago
Well hello hello! I decided to start today. I just recently purchased a Nikon D80 and haven't been able to find people (or good weather!) so I figured I'd be a perfect photo subject, minus all my self imagined flaws of course!
Angie C 13 years ago
Hello, I'm Angie. I've been watching this group forever and have finally built up the courage to join in. I practiced for the last week, to make sure doing the project was feasable for me. Today is my first official day though.
(This is my favorite of the last week)
Back to Human (-5 OF 365)
apple0hs 13 years ago
Hello, today is my day 1 :)
raineydayz photography 13 years ago
Hi everyone, my name is Raine. I am on day 5 :)
Twilight Jones 13 years ago
Hiya. Here's my first day! My wife is going to give birth to twins in 2 weeks , and I just started a "something you do every day" thing! I must be out of my freakin' mind! YAY insanity!
day 1 / my camera tastes funny.
veryaquarian 13 years ago
Hi all
It's my first day, my 29th birthday... I want to document the last year of my twenties...
Kelly Loves Whales 13 years ago
hi there.
i'm kelly. today is day three for me! i am super stoked to be part of this creative, fantastic group!
far-flung comparison [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by far-flung comparison (member) 13 years ago
Helloooo...I'm Jenna. I don't think I'm very creative, but sometimes my camera takes some good pictures :), but I live in Chicago so hopefully I'll have some good backgrounds. So today is my first day. I'm a little nervous because I don't know if I'll be able to take a picture of myself every day. My roommates are going to think I'm so wierd. Yay! I'll add my photo in a couple of minutes.
Stink Poop 13 years ago
Hey everyone! I've been doing this for a little over two weeks now.. it has been very interesting so far. I find myself getting tired of taking photos of myself... which makes me ask, what am I going to do for the rest of my 365?? I think its time to think outside the box!!

imarawr 13 years ago
I just posted my first photo, and I'm really excited to do this thing...I love taking interesting pictures but I kinda suck at it. Maybe this will help push me to the limits and help me get more into photojournalism...and give me an excuse to put on fun clothing/use silly props :]

Day 1
Eustace James 13 years ago
OK. I've been dancing around the idea of doing this for a long time, and in chatting with Mav earlier today decided that I would take the plunge! This promises to be an interesting journey, I think.
nikki_fowers 13 years ago
alo - i am a week into this project and very addicted. My sister and I are doing this together - so I look forward to 365 days of adventure. I am on Day 8 -
self portrait
mirla elizabeth 13 years ago
I'm on day 37 and have just joined the group - I'm new to the whole flickr thing - but really enjoying it.
mistdog 13 years ago
Hi, I'm Jon, I'm going to give this a go. I hope that joining this group will give me motivation to keep going, and some good ideas of new shots to try.
lindsey price. 13 years ago
hello! I'm Lindsey, started today. hopefully this will help with my series and also for motivation to always have a camera at hand.
neighborly desire [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello. My name is Rich and I am a 37 yo engineer. I have some friends in this group and they have been pestering me to join. I finally gave in. Looks like it will be a lot of fun. Cheers
*deb* 13 years ago
Hi, I have been doing a daily self-portrait since early January but just found this group. I will start adding my photos here starting from yesterday and today though and not try to catch up...I'm sure you are all glad about that!
acrid rock [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello All! My name is Travis and I'm 33 years young. I want to use the 365 days group to help me grow as a photographer and to learn more about my self in the process. You guys all look like cool and creative people from the photos you post so I now this is going to be a blast to do.
Day One-11
Mike Paradise 13 years ago
Hello everyone. My name is Mike and I live Minneapolis, MN. I thought about doing something like this but chickened out. I finally got a pro account. Now I am going to do this project. It sounds very fun and interesting. I hope you enjoy!
Photocheek 13 years ago
Hi everyone. I'm committing to this project, after much consideration and fretting. I'm nervous about it, but hey, maybe I'll get used to seeing my mug in a photo more often, and even take more photos of the world around me as a result. Looking forward to this right now. (Will I feel that way on Day 50 when I'm out of ideas and have the flu?)
Let the fun begin.
Raymond Brown 13 years ago
Hi. Raymond here. I started my 365 days on the 1st of January! On Day 41 as of today!
rainy furniture [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi. I'm Caitlin. I am starting my 365 days today, February 10th. I have been watching and hesitating for while, but I'm just going to give it a go!
grandmas art 13 years ago
Hello. Today is the first day of my 365. I hope this will force me to think outside the box and develop some imagination. I really admire those of you who have stuck with this committment.
ouzelak Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ouzelak (member) 13 years ago
Hello out there. I wanted a project to encourage me to pick up my camera a bit more than I have over the past year, so here it goes. I live in Alaska.
Patflinschrod 13 years ago
This is my second attempt at this project. The first time I think I only made it to day six, so here is hoping that I get further than that this time around! So, here goes and I am on Day 1
peter milo 13 years ago
Hey, I just started uploading images today, but I started this project four days ago. I only have dial up internet at home, so I kinda waited until I had access to high speed to upload. I'll try to keep it more current in the future. Sorry for the multiple posts today!
silent yam [deleted] 13 years ago
I finally found THE balance that separates the empty space of insanity and the wasted time of sanity: PHOTOGRAPHY.

Early alchemists believed the entire universe was made up of only four substances: Earth, Air, Fire and Water...and then came digital photography. My fingers and eyes use a Canon S5 IS.

Visit me:
alleged mice [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi everyone!
This is my first day, and away we go!!!!!
taylorfranklinhide 13 years ago
Hi. I'm Starting a 365.
Yesterday was my camera's first birthday, so i decided to start the project.
wish me luck!
Paul [W] Campbell 13 years ago
Hi, I'm Paul Campbell.

I got myself a new camera last week after getting frustrated with the 'toy' I had before that.

I don't normally like taking pictures of people, especially myself. If nothing else this project will help me get over that. It should also inspire me to do more and different things everyday. The Rut is evil.

So here's me, Day 1, raring to go:
Day 001: I wish I didn't have to do Mondays
Can't you see the burning excitement in those eyes?
Marcus McBride 13 years ago
Hello everybody, yesterday was my day one. So now i'm just commenting here before i'll post my second picture. :D Happy hunting.
_chill 13 years ago
Hello all-- day one! I'm Carolyn and I am really excited to get this started.
kindly zebra [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello everyone, this group inspired me to get into photography again. I've just posted my day one and i'm really excited. Wish me luck!
nathascha 13 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm Natacha and been deliberating for a while if I should do this or not. Finally decided to take the plunge :)
Stefanie★ 13 years ago
Hi there!

I am Stefanie and I have been debating on whether to do this project for a long time. It will be an interesting next 365 days for me, so I am really excited to do this. :)
Hello all,

I am Danica, from Belgrade, Serbia, and my dear friend Ana ( persuaded me to join this group as I was intrigued before.

OK, I'll start today with posting

boiling governor [deleted] 13 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm Dennis from Chicago. Looking to get into something that I can stick to EVERY DAY. This seemed like the best outlet. I'm stoked let's see how it goes.

charitycase 13 years ago

I've done a total of three days, but I'm really excited about this! That's my first photo.
todeszebra 13 years ago
A little late for introducing, but.. ;)
I'm Steffi, also called Zebra, 22 years old and from Germany. I live in Stralsund, for Studying, but in these days, I visit my parents in Germany. My photos are generelly more for fun than with any professional ambition ;)
I liked the idea of a photo each day from the beginning, when I heard of it the first time. But needed many month to start. Well - here I am - and today will already be my 12th day.

trishia 13 years ago
Hello all! Jumping into this project to push myself as a person and a photographer. I am looking forward to it. No, wait, I am dreading it. No, wait- I am looking forward to it! AAAGH!
1/365...  am I crazy to do this?
_ErikaJean_ 13 years ago
I'm Erika. I thought this was a great Idea... So I'm in! I just posted my first self portrait today!
purring leg [deleted] 13 years ago
I'm April.. this is day one. I want to see how I change in a year... I am really excited. This will be great accountability practice for me, as I didn't really make any new years resolutions.

I'. 22, live in the oklahoma city metro area and work for a Zoning Analysis Company as a - you guessed it - Zoning Analyst.

Thought I would introduce myself here! Have a great day!
KriMiSS 13 years ago
Hi, I'm idleberry. Or Kristin.

I'm 29, and live in Scotland. I'm a born again student.

today is my first day. I don't actually like photos of me that much, especially at the moment. But I'm hoping that by joining, I'll be able to readdress that, and fix my hang ups (I'm overweight, maybe seeing too many fat pics of me will help me lose weight).
PhotoJonny 13 years ago
hi, i'm jonny.

i'm a mental health nurse, living in york, uk, and working in leeds. i enjoy photography but my portrait taking is pretty rubbish, so this project will hopefully help me to improve. more pictures = better pictures. at least i hope so.

i know idles ^^ from another place, [hi again :)], but if there's other peeps starting in the next few days an wanting to buddy up for some encouragement that would be cool.
Nicnacske 13 years ago

I'm Inge, teacher, living in Belgium... feel like crap lately and have to do something just for me... I love taking pictures. So i decided to join this project.
just Mike is fine Posted 13 years ago. Edited by just Mike is fine (member) 13 years ago
Hi all,

I've been a long time admirer of other 365-er's. After much procrastination and self-doubt, I'm finally taking the plunge.

Warlach 13 years ago
Hi all,

I've just started regularly uploading to Flickr and have started a 365 Days project. I'm a 22 year old journalist working in Sydney, Australia. My only access at the moment is to my Nokia E65's camera, but am looking at purchasing a Canon 400D with my girlfriend.

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself, here's my day 1 pic. There's an explanation in the description:

17/02/2008 - Self Portrait
hanapbuhay 13 years ago
My first day... I currently have a Canon SD800 and a Canon 40D. I, originally, purchased a 30D, but within 30 days, the 40D came out... so for a few more dollars, I had the latest and greatest.

The girlfriend was suppose to bring the DSLR to Italy, but the 40D did not arrive in time.

I'm brand new to the DSLR world, so any tips and tricks would be appreciated. Thank you. =)

Here's my first 365 Days entry:

Still Jet Lagged
asopiram3 13 years ago
Hello, My first day I am excited for this project. I want enjoy and share a part of me.
lindseyy. 13 years ago
Oops it's my third day.
Anyway, I'm Lindsey and I just wanted to do this to challenge myself by being creative, and well lasting a whole year hopefully. (Besides all the cool kids are doing it. :))
But I have lots of ideas and themes that I've been wanting to do, and now I'll get my chance. I'm hoping to start a few of my own mini challenges!
Good luck all!

This was my day one shot.
Day 1: Now I lay me down to sleep...
NizhoniGrl 13 years ago's my first day and i'm really excited!
Katrina-Runs Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Katrina-Runs (member) 13 years ago
Bama from Alabama. I'm insane so why not memorialize it for a year?

Oh and my mom named me Katrina 29 years before the hurricane. But the similarities are hard to ignore, so there 'ya go.
zonked apparatus [deleted] 13 years ago
hi guys, here i am on day one... my name is donna and i am from sydney australia :)

meresoftwilight 13 years ago
I've wanted to do this for awhile and a friend convinced me that starting on my 21st year of life would be a good way to motivate myself.
I'm Cat (although by birth Courtney) and from Canada.

Day 1 got me this

I'm excited to try something new.
ecospc 13 years ago
Hello. Day one with high hopes.
Nice to meet you all.

lostintravise 13 years ago
Hey everyone! Day one for me!.. Hope all is well! 13 years ago
Howdy all. I actually started this yesterday, but just got to joining and posting today. I'm an old dude from Maryland. =)

i am trying (2 of 365)
rachcald 13 years ago
Hello everyone, Day 1 of a year that should be very interesting.
JordyR Posted 13 years ago. Edited by JordyR (member) 13 years ago
Hey, been following members of this group for months, and finally decided yesterday to take the plunge. I made it through today, so I am 1/287ths done!! Here was my first shot:
1/365+1: February 23 - Life Through a Lens??
Hi to all. I started January 10th on my 25th birthday. I've had my eye on this group for a few months now, but decided to start on my own milestone. I wanted to have a photographic chronicle of this momentous year of my life. I want to see if I change drastically. Will I continue to be happy? Will I accomplish all the goals this year that I have set out to do? So far, so good.

Here's day 1.

25 is old!!! - Day 1
press.the.button 13 years ago
Hello to everybody!

I've been contemplating joining this group for a while - unsure whether I could commit to daily photographs of myself. Now that I've got a new camera a few weeks ago, it's the perfect excuse to shoot more! This is day two for me.


organic shelf [deleted] 13 years ago
Hello Everyone!

Been watching this group for awhile. I wasn't really that interested in joining at first. After having been ill for nearly two weeks, and just being so damn sick of being sick, and on my way back to "better", I decided, "What the hell?" Time for some changes.

This feels good!

Warmest regards to all!

- Mark
Royale A 13 years ago
hi everyone. my name is royale. yes you may call me royale with cheese. my friend has been telling me i should join. i'm into photography and i think this will be a great project for me. i call this the "learn to love myself" project. hopefully after taking self-portraits for 365 days in a row i will love myself more. that's my goal. we shall see how it goes.
thanks sab. <3
bonnimichelle 13 years ago
I am trying to build my photography skills yet no one will let me practice on them.... so I am going to practice on myself.
between_the_bars 13 years ago
My name is Elise, and I live in Ontario, Canada.
A friend of mine just started this today and I thought it may be a good idea for myself as well!
I am using this group to become more comfortable with myself in front of a camera, test ways to take self-portraits, and to see changes over the year!
bu5ter1222 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by bu5ter1222 (member) 13 years ago
Hey, my name is Dale. I'm from a small town in Missouri named Louisiana. Yeah, it confuses the hell out of a lot of people. I'm actually on day 5 but I just came across this post. I'm new at photography and I'm hoping that this and a couple other groups will help me learn a few things.

This is my day 1 photo:

second-hand fold [deleted] 13 years ago
Hey, my name is Giulianna.
i'm just a kid with a camera roaming the streets of the east coast. (generally philadelphia and the surrounding states...ny, nj, etc.)
i'm not new, but i'm starting over. i've had lots of trouble committing to this project. i start, go a few days, a week, then quit. if i can stay motivated, i hope to finish this project. i was hoping to start on my birthday to document my year, but i sort of like leading up to my birthday as well. on march 11th, i shall be 16. this is my year-long goal. document my year.

as long as i can stay motivated, i hope to continue on here.

day one- leap.
elated giulianna. 001.
jetzicalvin 13 years ago
hi. i'm jetzi. pronounced hetzi.
i stay in chicago, am sixteen, in art school, high school, and modeling school.

i just put up my Day 1 photo. cooool.
earthy nut [deleted] 13 years ago

I'm Gypsy - I joined today - I started my 365 today.

This looks like a really fun group and a fun way to stay motivated/involved in the challenge.

Nice to be here! :)
watermelon4linz 13 years ago
hey i'm lindsay. i started today. the leap year. i figured i better take advantage of this day because it isn't going to be around next year. i've thought about starting this for a while but never had the courage until today. can't wait to get to know everyone. here is my day one

Clopin 13 years ago
Ok, I joined as well. Like a lot of you, I've been thinking about this for a while and decided that March the 1st would do as a start date.
My name is Kevin and I'm from Antwerp, Belgium.
daud sembrono 13 years ago
Hey, Nice to join you all. I'm David, from Australia but currently living in the Sudan. My first day is Feb 29 2008, although I didn't get to post till now. Looking forward to this challenge - especially connection issues.
Towey 13 years ago
Found out about this through a lot of my friends, started on the day I got my new Canon S5.

Looking forward to the challenge, since I dont usually take photos of people, and even more rarely of myself
tragicfame 13 years ago
My freedom temporarily on hold, thrust into the pipeline of time spent in the "sandbox" serving our country. I am already a few months into the deployment, but since my deployment is at least 365 days as well, then I thought it would be a good idea to document my times as time slowly goes by. The downside to this experiment is that my creativity will be stiffled a lot. There will be lots of places and things I can't take pictures of, and likewise, I have about 3 outfits to my name right now. But I figured the idea of doing this project in a war zone could have in its own unique aspects not often seen. So here goes. Here is Day one. I anticipate by my next milestone we'll be seeing some sand.
zoe prinds-flash 13 years ago
my emotions will be put into my image everyday until march 1st 2009. :)
machris (Mary-Ann) 13 years ago

I want to do this LOL and since today is my birthday it's a good time to start.

now to go and take one LOL

kingshell 13 years ago
day 1 for me!

yay! putting a sticky note on my desk now to remind myself to do this for the next 354 days.
Lady Pandacat 13 years ago
hi :D

i just joined today and will likely take my first photo tomorrow...this is such a great idea...i'm excited to start!
bageriab 13 years ago
Took my first 365 photo on the 28th but just joined the group today. Hoping to get a SLR in the next few months. And that this group will help my skills, and self image. Looking forward to doing the mini challenges
kellyannjones3 13 years ago
Hello all!!! My name is Kelly-Ann and I just joined the group today!
abigail & co. Posted 13 years ago. Edited by abigail & co. (member) 13 years ago
4.365 University Library
Hello, I'm Abigail! I'm on the tenth day and already tiring of photographing myself...
I hope my determination lasts. I just have to have faith, I suppose. 355 days left!
lesamonster 13 years ago
Day 1/365

i wasn't aware of the "rules" of the 365 photo project my first few days, so please excuse day 2 and 3. part of me feels i should just say day 4 is my day 1, but.... i'm ok with my ignorance.
stubbsy101 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by stubbsy101 (member) 13 years ago
Hey everyone,
I just discovered you by accident today and thought 'this looks awesome!'
So yeah. A year of self portraits... hoping to discover, explore one of my favourite aspects of photography, and record what should be a big year in my life.
kimrose... 13 years ago
I am very rarely in photos since I'm always the one taking them, so I'm going to give it a try!! This should be interesting :)
basha04 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by basha04 (member) 13 years ago
Hi everyone!
My name is Barb and I am from Michigan, USA. I have been considering this idea for a while and figured I might give it a try. I saw these cool windows on the way home from my job and took a "spur of the moment" shot. This is my first portrait.

bp6316 13 years ago
OK, I finally gave in and started up yesterday.

And confession time: I'm actually nervous about this!!! Don't have a clue why, but I am. Anyway, I'm Brandon. :-)

Hope you enjoy.

And I'm already cheating a bit... Here's my Day 2 entry, because I like it a lot more than my Day 1 shot. And what did the shampoo commercial say? You never get a second chance to make a first impression ...

March 3 2/365 - OMG, I'm doing 365!
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