dgobhai 4:27pm, 13 July 2006
Any other NYC'ers (or frequent visitors) want to keep in touch?
Every now and then I break down and try to talk to my "normal" friends about the beauty of Web Standards. They smile and nod for a while.

Is there already a good NYC standards focused group somewhere?
If not we could RoR one in about 30 min. Or just meet at the bar.
redundant idea [deleted] 15 years ago
I would definitely be up for something. I'm just learning about the web standards (yes I know I'm a bit behind) :-)
lydia mann 15 years ago
Hey Dinshaw,
Yes, I would like to continue the information-exchange, and I'm always up for cocktails. My typical work-week evening availability is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday before 9:30 or 10.
Uh... what's RoR? (unlike your *friends* I am disinclined to nod and smile)
Jeremy Zilar Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Jeremy Zilar (member) 15 years ago
I am up for meeting up. Maybe we should try to extend this beyond the AEA group. Is there a Flickr Web standards group?
lydia mann 15 years ago
Here's a link to a group Tim Boyd has tried to get going:

Here's the Flickr group:
stuntbox 15 years ago
I'm definitely game for some kind of regular monthly meetup. Something to keep a dialogue going and the ideas bouncing around.
stuntbox 15 years ago
I've spoken with a few people here, and should there be any desire to have the occasional speaker or presentation (in addition to the informal get-togethers) we can make a conference room available at our office (seats about 40).
dgobhai 15 years ago looks like a good place to start to me.
Thanks Lydia.

Stuntbox, that sounds cool but... where's "here"?
semidivine 15 years ago
I'd be very into it... I am going to be out of town a lot so I might just have to hear about it all third hand, but if I am in town I'm there.
stuntbox 15 years ago
Ah. Good point. "Here" would be the BusinessWeek offices in midtown.
lydia mann 15 years ago
How's next week look for people? I know of half price drinks and food from 5-7 at La Palapa (6th Ave./Washington St. or St. Marks/2nd Ave); in midtown there's Havana Central (46th bet. 6/7 Aves.). Other ideas, or dates?
iancorey 15 years ago
dgobhai 15 years ago
Thanks Iancorey.
There are 50 developers signed up to be informed about standards meet-ups in NYC already (see Ian's link above). I think the way to go would be to start a meet-up group in that cat and pick a date. If anyone has any better ideas please email me or post here. Otherwise Ill see if I cant get it rolling.
dyobmit 15 years ago
Hello An Event Apart people!

We've tried a few Refresh NYC meetings over the last few months, to limited success. We're looking at doing another in the next few weeks.

Should we roll this all up together and see where it goes?
dgobhai 15 years ago
Yes we should.
I like Lydia's Midtown idea I don't know the bar but I trust her with my cocktail hour.

Havana Central (46th bet. 6/7 Aves.)

How does next Wed (July 26th) around 6:00 sound?
dgobhai 15 years ago
If people like that dateTime here i will create a meet-up and let all the various, scattered parties know.
dgobhai 15 years ago
That is how Meet-Up works right? You create a new one for every event, right?
lydia mann 15 years ago
do it!

Here's a link:
Happy hour: 4-7; Lara-the-manager said Wednesdays can get crowded but if we're there early-ish we could carve out space. I can be there by 5.

If you want a less raucous spot, there's always the place we went on Tuesday last week - it seemed pretty quiet.
dgobhai 15 years ago
All right. Everyone should go here: and click the "Or, sign up to hear when...." . Then we can get the ball rolling. Tell all your friends.
dgobhai 15 years ago
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