Duck 365

alistair_uk 6:38pm, 14 February 2009
All the attendees of BathCamp were given a duck to take pictures of in cool places. I decided, being only slightly crackers, to combine this with Project 365 and take a picture of the little chap every day. The images so far are in this set .

Should I be adding some of the better images to this group, or would that be overload?
alistair_uk 13 years ago
I have decided not to add the images in the end as it would overload the group with images that are not necessarily the best images in the world.
digicolleen 13 years ago
That's Duck-tastic! Great set! I think you should add your pics to the group :)
Gioser_Chivas 13 years ago
yeap, add ur pics
alistair_uk 13 years ago
Well, you have persuaded me. There should be another 66 in the set, and I will add new ones intermittently.
Sërch 13 years ago
:) thanks
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