Made By Sonia 12:31pm, 28 May 2012
Is there a secret to covering the rim of a cake board with ribbon? I have tried various methods of glueing it around but the glue spots always seem to show up. Without some sort of glue the ribbon does not hold and how do you attach the two ends together where the ribbon meets? Hope somebody can help me as it is driving me nuts....
Kingfisher Cakes 9 years ago
Hi Sonia,
I use sewing pins. I put one or more (depending on the size of the board) on either side and then one at the back to join the two halves of ribbon.
Hi, I use double sided scotch tape. Works a treat. Just use pieces about 2 inches long at intervals around the edge of the board, and also a final piece on the ribbon to keep it in place.

Not had one come unstuck yet!

If I ever run out of tape, then I use some toupee tape instead (which is what I use to secure ribbon around a cake, as it's much stickier).

Made By Sonia 9 years ago
Brilliant..thanks Sandra and Amanda! Now that you mention it it sounds logical doesn't it? By the way Amanda what is toupee tape? I've never heard of it!
It's tape that keeps a wig on (toupees!)!!! Lol!

Celebrities use it to keep low cut tops in place over their boobs too. It's just a very tacky fabric tape. Perfect for ribbons (I never have it touching the cake though, the tape is on the outside ofthe ribbon, and the excess goes over the top).
Made By Sonia 9 years ago
Thanks Amanda...I did wonder if that was what is was. Now who do I know that wears a toupee?
Tash289 9 years ago
well if it's like booby tape, why not try the actual tape (I think it's called invisitape) to keep the ribbon in place. You can purchase this at any pharmacy. I saw it at Priceline.
Made By Sonia 9 years ago
I learn something new every day!!!
mayheart ~ MAY 7 years ago
i use my glue gun... just control the heat as it ooze out itself when too hot... turn it off wen it happens... work quickly so it wont dry up before you know it... ;)
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