Tayne 11:28pm, 14 April 2009
The government, under pressure from the car industry, is considering a tax-payer funded incentive scheme to offer up to £2000 off the price of a new car in return for the scrapping of a car aged nine years or older.

Now this won't work as anyone driving a nine year old car is either doing so through choice, ie the enthusiasts and classic car owners, or is doing so through financial necessity. The classic owners won't scrap their pride and joy and if someone can't afford a newer car then they are unlikely to have the extra £10,000 that the car industry wants them to spend.

There is also the consideration that this scheme needs to be applied to British made cars only, something the government can't seem to make their minds up about.

And the fact that cars under nine years old may be subjected to higher rates of road tax...

This foolish plan could end up costing the country(you an I) millions of pounds, here's the petition to stop it, please sign it

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hk11_yah 12 years ago
Why the "British made only" bit?
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