electric clover [deleted] 12:36pm, 29 July 2008
As a Museum member or visitor, you pay for the great experience you have here - right? Well, not completely. Every visit is subsidized by public support or private contributions.

The Museum's $5.4 million annual operating budget comes from Durham County (about 20%), State of North Carolina (about 6%) and all other sources that we call "earned income" (74%) - admissions, memberships, fees, contributions, gift shop, train tickets, etc.

For next year, Durham County has increased operating support for the Museum by $143,000. Our State support remains the same as last year. So if you know a County or State person, tell them "thanks" for their support!
Lauralind 13 years ago
awesome !

Its funny you made this group, I just asked my daughter last week if it was still free for durham residents on wednesdays, I wanted to go shoot and now heres this group ! More incentive !
electric clover [deleted] 13 years ago
Yeah my family goes all the time. The museum doesn't get enough love. I figure now that I'm much more active in photography I'll need a place for the best images, and I'm sure there are many others on Flickr with NC MLS images to share.
cygnus921 13 years ago
It's a fantastic museum, and I'm glad to see it's getting additional support from Durham County. I'm from out-of-town (Richmond, VA), but I'm going to ensure that the NC MLS is on our to-do list anytime we visit family in Durham.

Thanks for the great museum and for the Flickr group!
martelrkm 13 years ago
Went for the first time yesterday. This place is cool.
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