eliza yeah 4:32pm, 29 July 2008
Handy beer holsters!
Beer pocket

(I don't have any decent pictures of my pocketed dresses yet, but felt compelled to post...)
la sortie 13 years ago
Lols! And it managed to hold TWO bottels!
Thanks for contributing!
alicecorner 13 years ago
A place to hide food!
Sounds weird, but when your parents say no more biscuits and you just need another one it comes in so handy (:
gannet_guts 13 years ago
Hee! Love!

Mine are usually just used for lipstick or spare change. I need to become more innovative.
Button and Thread 13 years ago
oooo: lipgloss, money, cellphone, iPod, letters, paintbrushes, cups, hands.

pockets are wonderful! so many lovely ways to use them. how dandy
Admiral T 13 years ago
My friend said she could fit her family pet dog in the pocket of her dress.

Red Riding and Dinosaur in the Hood
You can't really see the dress (it's grey) in this photo but the pockets were voluminous - Scout's honour.
Elamberdor Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Elamberdor (member) 13 years ago trip to the movies *sneak, munch, sneak*
Amanda Pockets 4 years ago
your hands. I had a school teacher who always had her hands in her pockets. Every blazer jacket, skirt, dress, and pants always had pockets. She didn't stand or walk with her hands at her sides very much, extremely rare to put it. Her hands were in her pockets.
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