Elamberdor 1:24am, 9 December 2008
You've just seen the most beautiful dress/skirt/etc...

it has pockets (inner bonus squeal noise)
...wrapped up and run home with up the bag
....try in on....
...triumphantly try to thrust arms into said pockets to test volume, angle, length from arms (as you do)
....and alas

- no entry!

You think - "maybe the tops are sewn to avoid sagging reminiscent of vintage main-street stores of yesteryear, where seam rippers in handbags were as commonplace as keyring can openers now are..."

but no!

A fauxket!!! Why!? Why tempt me with such cruel things? I need useful accessories to attach to myself!!

...rant aside...

How do you feel about Fauxkets??
la sortie 13 years ago
I'm sorry I saw your post this late but I'm totally with you.
Those faux pockets are a crime!

Some Jackets have pocktes that are closed with yarn, you have to open them yourself so that the pocket doesn't make the jacket look weird as long as it's on display in the store but the other kind, where you see an entrance but nothig is behind it is simply cruel!
Elamberdor 12 years ago
turns out everyone down the street here seems to fix this dilemma by wearing items on neck-slouching lanyards! Go figure! =S
Little Black Car 10 years ago
Totally a cheat.

Lesson: Always test pockets in the store!
Amanda Pockets 4 years ago
Make sure the pockets are really deep pockets; all of your hand and some of your lower arm goes into the pocket ( the pockets you put your hands in).
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