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nuttallp 11:44am, 3 September 2007
Hey again guys,

I was asked to start a new thread for the 'Your favourite HDR' as the other had got so large. I'm really please with the popularity of it and the fact that a couple of people have said that it inspired them to give the technique a shot :)

Rather then create a new thread of the same, I figured that it might be an idea to post the HDR image of yours that is most popular, in terms of 'interestingness' as determined by flickr... i'll start

lewes street

I was surprised by the popularity of this image, as it was more of a 'throw-away' shot than others, until I HDR'd it and it came alive!! My first ever explore shot :)

I look forward to your submissions
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Jonas Thomén Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Jonas Thomén (member) 14 years ago
If There Were Elves...
If There Were Elves... Large on Black
Pablo AN Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Pablo AN (member) 14 years ago

@gmharrison 14 years ago
Yellow Chevy
mobilevirgin 14 years ago
This is my most "interesting" HDR. Didn't make explore though :-(

Elephants HDR
claustral 14 years ago
Pretty in Pink
Onken Bio-pot 14 years ago
Apple HDR

third most interesting of all my photostream apparently :)
Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church

This shifts place with another HDR for the top of my most "interesting", but I'm posting this as its my most "successful" HDR in terms of Explore ranking.
CynDB 14 years ago
Jupiter Beach Sunrise I
RolAdn 14 years ago
Sailing in Buenos Aires
motionless detail [deleted] 14 years ago
this is my most interesting HDR: reached #59 on Explore

Paese mio che stai sulla collina...

but this one reached #28:

Levanto HDR panorama
Oybon 14 years ago

Surprises me, as there are aspects of it I don't like
Nick Haigh Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Nick Haigh (member) 14 years ago
quite a few of mine have been in interestingness or Explore but I prefer this one Sacred Temple
complete whistle [deleted] 14 years ago
Pisgah Presbyterian Church, est. 1784[?]
spodzone 14 years ago
Much to my chagrin, my most interesting overall is digital and HDR:

Sunlight through Rain (HDR)
birdtoes 14 years ago
Howling at the Moon
Canon John's 7D (Wow! 5,000,000+ views, Thanks) Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Canon John's 7D (Wow! 5,000,000+ views, Thanks) (member) 14 years ago
Blackpool North Pier Sunset
My most interesting HDR but never have had any in explore.:(
judo_dad1953 14 years ago
Ryan Desiderio 14 years ago
Boracay Sunset
reflective border [deleted] 14 years ago
Secret Chamber
ablaze foot [deleted] 14 years ago
Tb-Tb 14 years ago
Port HDR
mr_hiboy Posted 14 years ago. Edited by mr_hiboy (member) 14 years ago

There's few that seem to like, that's good enough for me :)
sennaista 14 years ago
ZADRO 14 years ago
Humbly, I submit this hdr, which happens to be my most "interesting."

School for Advanced Research (SAR) Campus, Santa Fe, New Mexico
School for Advanced Research (SAR), Santa Fe NM
Optimus-Mpora 14 years ago
Dark A Side of The Rainbow

This is a remake of an Old HDR i took which was my most interesting,because i now have a full key for photomatix.
JTeale 14 years ago
garreyf 14 years ago
Rust at the beach #1
serac 14 years ago
Mönchjoch Morning
zhensem 14 years ago
iCamp 14 years ago
cloud over ad
Serrator 14 years ago
-- from Serrator - (?)
srini_g2003 14 years ago
Cool Reflections..
Kennyb83 14 years ago
HDR Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge
chid.gilovitz 14 years ago
John Forrest view HDR
Fried Toast Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Fried Toast (member) 14 years ago
The Farm Defiant
The Farm Defiant
rytamagna 14 years ago
Simon Bone Photography 14 years ago
Carn Brea Sunset in HDR
Silent Observer 14 years ago
Fiery sky
Jeff Clow 14 years ago
Some excellent stuff in this thread......

Here's one of my first high dynamic range images and it is still my most popular on Flickr:

Golden Moment
quizzical pet [deleted] 14 years ago
pschmutz Posted 14 years ago. Edited by pschmutz (member) 14 years ago
beautiful shots in this thread!! thumbs up!
this one was one of the first taken in port basel ...

Port Basel III
Pedro Olivo Guach 14 years ago
Saleen Mustang

saleen mustang IV
Graeme Grovum 14 years ago
One of my first HDRs, and still my most interesting. (Sydney CBD)
Sydney CBD
Rob Michalski 14 years ago
Bartek Kuzia 14 years ago
The workshop
The Real Ferg 14 years ago
duned again
DianneCC 14 years ago
A-Star HDR
rustyjaw 14 years ago
Not only my most popular HDR, but also my most popular photo.

hall of mirrors II
chop1n 14 years ago
neil.nathanson 14 years ago
Most interesting hdr and most viewed hdr of my stream as well, no explore yet :(

3D HDR Globes
lazysoul 14 years ago
Non lasciarmi
powellm79 14 years ago
Never intended to try HDR when I set out to take the photos. Tried it and it looked nice to me.

San Francisco Skyline
♫ Desmatron ♫ 14 years ago
Tschoepler Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Tschoepler (member) 14 years ago

PTGui for aligning the different exposures
Photomatix for creating the HDR, 5Exp
Dynamic Photo HDR for tone mapping [values will follow]
PS CS3: retouching [vanishing point filter, j-key (what is that tool called?) and stamp-tool ::]

just started uploading HDRIs :]
violet021581 14 years ago
Lawrence Whittemore 14 years ago
This is my most popular photo as determined by interestingness.
Fat Lip
poised cast [deleted] 14 years ago
Ålesund city
Geoff in Worthing, UK 14 years ago
Brock Street, Kingston, Ontario - HDR and Orton
Not that I've done that many! I'm sure HDR works best on more subtle or pastel colours. This was a Photomatix version.
Racklever 14 years ago
Eastgate Street, Chester
adrian.m.figueroa 14 years ago
xxom 14 years ago
Suzhou river at sunset
Roberto Cumsille 14 years ago
@gmharrison 14 years ago
these threads are so annoying! we had a 100 and something one previously that stuck at the top of the board for about 2 weeks, and now you decide to make another one.
Perrimoon 14 years ago
Wow, I really like your shots!
This is mine
¡arturii! 14 years ago
prakashodedra 14 years ago
A couple in london

Christolakis 14 years ago
resmith85 14 years ago
NIcely Colored House on Broad, Evening Sun
Diner car delight
Rupert1987 14 years ago
Tower Bridge
hk_traveller 14 years ago
Fenghuang 鳳凰 跳岩
JPaul23 14 years ago
an early attempt, OTT, overly tonemapped, but still gives a good sense of the place it portrays

rock alley_Petit Bot Bay
Ispok 14 years ago
Samuel Hervás 14 years ago
true death proof
Lee251073 14 years ago
Beetham tower HDR
Fonzzi 14 years ago
Agave HDR
PauloVicente 14 years ago
Mi aporte

SlapBcn 14 years ago
HDR Attempt 2
Douglas M Paine 14 years ago
Shanghai Nights HDR 2/3

This has been my most popular HDR by far with over 600 hits, 100 in the first 24 hours. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to those who like it!
Tbatty Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Tbatty (member) 14 years ago
This is also one of my favorites.
Lights And Cement
Over 700 views and I only have around 3300 views for all my pictures combined so this makes up a good chunk.
_pictures 14 years ago
HDR - vineyard sunrise
Matty_P 14 years ago
Sky over Pennines
8zil 14 years ago
amsterdam HDR
HDR @ egypt
elementalPaul Posted 14 years ago. Edited by elementalPaul (member) 14 years ago
Newhaven HDR
yourmightyruler 14 years ago
our mark

Graffiti at Providence, RI, on an abandonded RR bridge.
justbelightful 14 years ago
Arch at Devil's Garden, Utah
Devil's Garden arch
Dave Roquel 14 years ago
Night Lights

Well this is my most popular with 6 people calling this photo a favorite
and Viewed 276 times (Not including me) I know there are loads of mistakes as this picture was the first time trying HDR with night photog. welcome critics and comments Thanks.
Jonny Jelinek 14 years ago
well then, this would be my most popular picture.
so far: 296 views, 20 calling it a fav, 48 comments.

Stream To Sunset
J.Livingston 14 years ago
Well then. my most interesting, whatever interestingness means ;-)

Plastikreste wiederverwendet ? Recycled Plastic ?
wee_photo 14 years ago
videovisionsla 14 years ago
_RedShoesGirl_ 14 years ago
there are some amazing images in this discussion. i am truly impressed!

feel inadequate posting this one but it is the top of my inerestingness list.

out where the buses don't run
Tb-Tb 14 years ago

Port HDR
LilFr38 14 years ago
Great photos above!
Here is my most "interesting" one:

Ac3eduu 14 years ago
Bird Nest
Gavin.K. 14 years ago
My contribution

Marina Bay skyline
Frenck's Photography 14 years ago
This is my most populair HDR right now:

Feedback is always welcome :)
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