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nuttallp 11:44am, 3 September 2007
Hey again guys,

I was asked to start a new thread for the 'Your favourite HDR' as the other had got so large. I'm really please with the popularity of it and the fact that a couple of people have said that it inspired them to give the technique a shot :)

Rather then create a new thread of the same, I figured that it might be an idea to post the HDR image of yours that is most popular, in terms of 'interestingness' as determined by flickr... i'll start

lewes street

I was surprised by the popularity of this image, as it was more of a 'throw-away' shot than others, until I HDR'd it and it came alive!! My first ever explore shot :)

I look forward to your submissions
(101 to 139 of 139 replies)
Douglas M Paine Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Douglas M Paine (member) 14 years ago
There are a lot of nice photo's here but, some of you need to ask, is there an equal amount of low vs. high contrast in my photo's?? I see to much high contrast in some of your HRD's. Please keep that it in mind while shooting. Also, please leave your workflow. Mine can be found by clicking on my picture.

I ask that some of you who aren't sure about HRD, please look it up!!! or ask me, I can help.. thanks!

P.S. simply tone mapped images don't count.. and I know of at least five photo's on this page don't meet the requirements people!!!!
M-u-z 14 years ago
Hotel De Ville
MACanon 14 years ago
Wade Rose 14 years ago
Long beach
first hall [deleted] 14 years ago
This was part of the merchandising of a spanish pop rock band called Punxsutawney Phil. Yes, it's the most popular groundhog in the world. :-)

Punxsutawney Phil's promo draft image #1
screamingsnapshots 14 years ago
postcard perfect

here's my humble addition to this list. one of my first hdrs :)
Kirk Peot Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Kirk Peot (member) 14 years ago
Mt. Rainier from Chinook Pass, Washington HDR Process

Just discovered HDR 2 months ago when I bought my D200.
I am in love with this process, especially where I live.

The are some very inspiring Photo's on Flickr.
Nice job people!
perfect sign [deleted] 14 years ago
The Golden Gate
Kirk Peot 14 years ago
Since the help and search engine seems to be crap, can someone tell me how to post a picture in the thread with it linking back to my page?
I can not seem to get it to work.
Thanks for your help.
inquisitive meal [deleted] 14 years ago
Click on the all sizes button, then on the medium size. Below says:

1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:
inquisitive meal [deleted] 14 years ago
dream car
peteSwede 14 years ago
Kirk Peot Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Kirk Peot (member) 14 years ago
Thanks VegaPrime!
vincechan06 14 years ago
Another sunset shot
sgatto 14 years ago
And this is mine
Bunch of Jasmine
Chiubacca. 14 years ago
HDR: 36th street station...
Everything Everywhere 14 years ago
San Agustin Church - Manila, Philippines (by Everything Everywhere)

This one would be my most popular, and probably my favorite of my landscape HDRs
JAM1978 14 years ago
eJara ©® Posted 14 years ago. Edited by eJara ©® (member) 14 years ago
Un HDR, con estilo peruano...
:: A HDR, with Peruvian style...
:: Un HDR, avec un style péruvien...
:: EIN HDR, mit peruanischem Stil...

Coloring Windows

Adeus !!
JerOmm 14 years ago
Here is mine :

reflective border [deleted] 14 years ago
Agama Lizard in Spiderman Costume

Agama lizard in Spiderman costume
This one has been favorited 28 times since I posted it about a week ago:
Going Nowhere Fast
I have other HDR shots with more favorites, but they've been posted much longer and this one seems to be on track to pass them.

Neott73 14 years ago
@gmharrison 14 years ago

Why did you post in this thread its 2 months old, and you felt the need to post it in both of them.
Mixmaster 14 years ago
why not? Give the guy a break.
bryanscott 14 years ago
My post popular HDR shot (also the most popular in my stream) is one where the HDR effect is very minimal. In fact, it barely looks HDR.

Chicago Night
JJey K. 14 years ago
hi this is one of my frist hdr pics.
townhall 5
spinfly 14 years ago
My highest-rated so far...

FriendofLight 14 years ago
One for HDR and XMAS:

May the holidays be filled with wonderful surprises!
Michel Filion 14 years ago
Parking Space
fede0253 14 years ago
Frutta e verdura alla Fiera di Ottone
wemidji 14 years ago
My contribution. I've enjoyed this thread; lots of neat photos.

fotosniper 14 years ago
Pont Neuf
edit Raws in NX
HDR in CS3
best exposure brought back in and feathered for the water and neons
The_Jon_M 14 years ago
still struggling with not using a tripod and having a camera that doesn't do RAWs or auto bracketing

schwana 14 years ago
My most "interesting" HDR, as well as my first - theres a lot to improve in this, but I still like it!
The Early Bird
Cloverbell 14 years ago
You're all wonderful :D
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