Loving this!!

serious root [deleted] 2:34am, 3 November 2008
I know it's just day two of moo.

(Hey that rhymed...)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying everyone's photos. So much talent! I can't wait to see where we end up come day 100!

Peace, love and hair grease...

possible tent [deleted] 13 years ago
LOVE IT MICHELLE!!! :) Will we see crime scene photos? LOL
serious root [deleted] 13 years ago
hahaha... no crime scene photos... but anything I do from work I'll be from the BlackBerry then jazz it up in Photoshop. If I bring in my D80 my boss will be like, WTF? Heh.
possible tent [deleted] 13 years ago
ahahah - funny!
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