talz13 3:22pm, 26 November 2009
I have seen on the forums here that the maps for Japan (Tokyo even!) are pretty horrible, and completely agree. I have gone to Japan twice in the last two years, and wanted to post pictures to flickr, but when I went to view my geotagged photos I could not make out anything on the map.

Today I was just tagging some of my vacation pics from this year. I was trying to find the Yokohama baseball stadium (by the way, I had the coordinates from wikipedia, but couldn't do a search on the map for actual GPS coordinates!), and was forced to just position my pictures on the vaguely brownish area that, as far as I could tell, was the stadium.

Now, going to and loading up the maps, I can get ALMOST as much clarity as the google maps (which I could pretty much pick out the seat I was sitting in at the stadium). Why can flickr not use the maps for japan?

If you want to see particularly where I'm talking about, check the coordinates: +35° 26' 37.43", +139° 38' 26.64":

google maps:,139.640733&spn=0.01... 26' 37.43", +139%c2%b0 38' 26.64"

yahoo us:
mister brown 12 years ago
I'm with you on this. Flickr's maps for Japan are abysmal.
IrenicRhonda 12 years ago
mister brown wrote
I'm with you on this. Flickr's maps for Japan are abysmal.

I agree to 'Flickr's maps for Japan are abysmal'

I'm in the UK. Flickr hasn't heard of half the places and the other half has names that no-one has used since the 19th century. Resolution for the satellite imaging is appalling for about a third of the country
Morgan Mullooly 12 years ago
haha.. try bermuda.. Seemingly the people there don't have to travel anywhere as there appears to be no roads.
Fried Toast 12 years ago
Yahoo/Flickr maps are garbage. They didn't use to be. What happened? I'm assuming when Yahoo bought Flickr is when everything went downhill.

Use Google instead:
mister brown 12 years ago
you used to be able to use Google and the detail was good for Japan, but it all went crap in the Yahoo takeover.
zedworks 12 years ago
I use the localize bookmarklet. Works with google maps like a charm :)

(and stuff are placed on your flickr map as well, as good as flickr/yahoo maps get it, anyway)
RobFisherUk 12 years ago
What zedworks said. I find the interface more pleasant all round.
nonplusultra1978 12 years ago
Japan doesn`t allow to much to close satellite shots shown on web, Google had complaints about that issue from Japan, street view satellite images provided by Goggle bothered Japanese....
mister brown Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mister brown (member) 12 years ago
no more that other countries, and as stated above, Yahoo's maps of Japan have more detail, just not Flickr's. Streetview is quite popular here too, so they 'allow' it.
nonplusultra1978 12 years ago
they do allow, but it`s something that was mentioned in media and because of that, I presumed that something might be .......... there, that stops better quality or street view, or whatever, don`t really care about it, just knew about that "case" so I mentioned it, as possible cause, for something...
talz13 12 years ago
I do have to say that google's street view of the Tokyo area is pretty good. I was able to "walk" the trip from my hotel to the train station without missing a beat.
ShadowVlican 11 years ago
bump.. flickr maps still sucking in japan...
Shinryoma 11 years ago
Flickr maps in Japan are useless!
mister brown 11 years ago
Yep, no Improvements at all. Do they not care about the Japanese users?

I heard Yahoo in Japan uses the Google search engine for it's searches. Maybe they also use Google Maps and that's why the detail is better on

The localize bookmarklet is great for tagging, but for people who want to view the location from my photostream...
Varjohaltia 10 years ago
Just checked again some of my geotagged photos from the Kyoto area, and yup, there's still no detail save of a few lines that abstract a couple of the major roads. The little animated banner on the location shows detail, but as soon as you click on it you get into the "we don't have this detail" loop.
Viejito Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Viejito (member) 10 years ago
As IrenicRhonda already pointed out:

It is not just Kyoto or Tokyo
It is not just Japan
It is not just Asia
It is not just Earth
It is not just the Milky Way
It is the entire Universe!
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