Drnantu 5:39am, 19 November 2010
I had the images geotagged. I can see the GPS data in locr GPS Photo and Adobe Photoshop CS2. I uploaded the photos to flickr using Flickr Uploadr 3.2.1 and the webpage direct upload. The GPS data is gone from EXIF and the photos can NOT be automatically added to Flickr Map.
I then uploaded the same picture to The picture is correctly shown on the map.
It seems that Flickr is lossing the GPS data for all the new pictures that I upload either using Flickr Uploadr 3.2.1 and the webpage direct upload.
Does any one else have this problem?
tarmo888 11 years ago
Check these settings

Also, EXIF is only stored on original files, not on thumbnails.
Drnantu Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Drnantu (member) 11 years ago
To Tarmo888:
Checked all the settings. Have EXIF and GEO EXIF public. Problem still there. Given the fact that the GPS data is shown in, Locr GPS photo and Adobe Photoshop CS2, I can only conclude that the GPS data is lost during uploading or flickr has lost the GPS data.
I am using Nikon D90. The previously updated photo shows the correct GPS data:
GPSVersion ID
GPS Latitude 27 deg 43' 18.11" N
GPS Longitude 85 deg 21' 42.03" E
GPSAltitude Ref Above Sea Level
GPSAltitude 1361 m
GPSTime Stamp 11:37:54
GPSSatellites 07
GPSImg Direction Ref Magnetic North
GPSImg Direction 104
GPSDate Stamp 2010:10:03

The GPS data is lost for all the new uploads.
IrenicRhonda 11 years ago
gongfu_king wrote
Have EXIF and GEO EXIF public.
Having them public is not the question.

In You>Your Account in the Privacy and Permissions the second section is called Defaults for New Uploads. Have you checked Import EXIF location data?
Buckeye. 11 years ago
That's the 2nd of Tarmo's suggestions. And Gongfu does actually imply that s/he's checked that - but...
IrenicRhonda 11 years ago
I know Buckeye. but in reply gongfu_king only said he had made them public. From past experience I have found that people think they know what you said without actually reading it. So I thought it worth repeating.
tarmo888 11 years ago
gongfu_king: The GPS data is lost for all the new uploads.

I don't see GPS data on your photo's meta pages either, can you send a link of the photo that should have the GPS info?

What software did you use to geotag your photos? Try Geosetter.
Buckeye. 11 years ago
I absolutely agree, Rhonda!
hilofoz 11 years ago
I use Lightroom to process the images which I then upload to Flickr. If I make sure that the metadata is not minimised, the jpegs it outputs from the raw files will include it. So perhaps if you have output your images from the raw originals, you might need to change the export settings to include the exif metadata in the files.
hilofoz 11 years ago
There is another problem as well. It depends which application you are exporting your images from. I have both Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture. When I export my images to Panoramio from Lightroom, it reads the geodata incorrectly, or does not recognise the format. To update these photos to read correctly if you only have Lightroom, if you wish to place them in Panoramio, you need to click on the GPS data displayed in the exif data, and it will take you straight to Google maps where you can copy the co-ordinates from the browser window, and paste them into the Panoramio interface where co-ordinates are changed.

For those people who have Apple Aperture, it is interesting to note that the geodata in exported images from it will import correctly into Panoramio. Also, Aperture works with Flickr (and has a plug in for it, just like Lightroom), so there should be no problem with it working correctly from there.
hilofoz 11 years ago
BTW I geotag with Geotagger. I drop the images on to it straight from Lightroom after I centred the co-ordinates of the photo on Google Earth. Very quick.
navyjoe2011 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by navyjoe2011 (member) 10 years ago
I had the same problem with Aperture 3. Here is the solution:

Drum Roll......................

In Aperture 3 go to preferences and then go to BOTH the export and advance sections and select

1) Include location info in exported photos (Export Tab)
2) Include location info for published photos (Advanced tab)

You obviously only selected the first tab and not the second. That is why you could export you jpeg with GPS data in Aperture but not publish it to flickr within the application.

Yes the design suck and the option should be on the same tab. I think by default it is set to not include for fear of people inadvertently publishing their home GPS data.
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