Together Visuals 12:50am, 1 October 2014
Which desktop geotagging software compatible with Flickr maps? Would like to automatically import my geotagged photos instead of manual placement into Flickr Maps.

Photos are geotagged on windows desktop computer using GeoSetter but after upload to Flickr, they cannot be automatically placed on Flickr's online map. Instead they have to be manually placed on Flickr maps. Option to import photos to a Flickr map is not available.

Able to verify GPS location in photo file using Irfanview on desktop PC but after uploading photos to Flickr, it seems like Longitude and Latitude coordinates get stripped out.

Am I doing something wrong? Any clues appreciated. Please help. Thank you.
ill-fated argument [deleted] 7 years ago
In your account settings, under the tab Privacy & Permissions, did you set to "Yes" the option Import EXIF location data?
Buckeye. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Buckeye. (moderator) 7 years ago
See lots of existing threads in this group, e.g.
Set this
to 'Anyone',
and tick this one
These affect only SUBSEQUENT uploads.
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