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what is the easiest way to copy location info from one photo to another. my camera geotagged some photos, i have others taken at the same place with no geotags.
Buckeye. 5 years ago
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Here's another suggestion that might be of interest -- ExifToolGUI for Windows. There are many tools for viewing/editing metadata inside image files and ExifTool by Phil Harvey is the best. ExifTool is a "command-line" utility loaded with MANY options and is routinely updated to include newer cameras, etc. ExifTool performs operations very fast.

If you are using Windows, there is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) version available that makes it easier to use than the a "command-line" version --
ExifToolGUI for Windows. The GUI passes your inputs to the version of ExifTool being used to complete your instructions. As ExifTool is updated, you can keep using the current version or update to the newer ExifTool. The GUI will still look the same and you'll be able to take advantage of any new ExifTool capabilities/functionalities.

Not only will you have the ability to simply copy GPS info, but many other powerful options as well. All that is needed is to download the stand-alone Windows executable of ExifTool and ExifToolGUI for Windows.

Regarding your original question on copying GPS using ExifToolGUI for Windows, go to the ExifToolGUI for Windows link and scroll down to the "Export/Import menu" section and you'll find the "Copy metadata from single file" info that explains how to do GPS copying -- select the "-Exif:GPS" option.

Note: ExifTool is used by Geosetter as well (mentioned by Buckeye).
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