adonis hunter / ahptical 11:03am, 27 October 2007
I really enjoyed scrolling through the plates today for the first time but I noticed that almost all of the cars were really nice new cars.

Let's post a few medium size pics to this discussion that probably should not have vanity plates on them! You know junkers, beaters, & rust buckets!!!
Go To Heaven

I guess I should start with my own car. This is my filthy on a rainy day 1996 Camaro after some guy just slid into me and cracked my license plate cover as well as scratched the bumper.

Before I was a Christian I might get mad at someone on the road and say "Hey buddy...Go To Hell!!" Now I have to drive much more careful since my car is also my silent I don't get upset and just tell EVERYONE...HEYYYY Why dont you Go To Heaven!!!

My junker was paid for with cash, but my soul was paid for with blood!
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