Matt Youngquist 7:09pm, 14 May 2020
Hi folks - after using the Photo Award Counter at religiously for a few months now, to support my photo posting, the site abruptly stopped working today and now gives a "Server Error in / Application" message when you try to use it. Anyone experiencing the same issue or have any insight into this? Or have any good alternatives for counting awards to suggest? I've tried working with the Tampermonkey / Flickr Award Counter solution with some success, but still preferred the Photo Award Counter "automated" approach of not having to enter in every possible award, in advance, before using the tool successfully. Just wondering if I'm missing some other option out there for those of you, like me, who are trying to track your photo awards in multiple different groups each day...
abrideu 2 years ago
The same has happened to my Award counter and I am lost without it. Here is a link to the message.
Is anyone still active in helping please ???????
kiwirat 2 years ago
Looks like their website is under construction, this is the message:

Website under maintenance
abrideu 2 years ago
Thank you
Matt Youngquist 2 years ago
Abrideu / Kiwirat: Thanks for chiming in and glad I'm not the only one who is running into this issue! With SO many people participating in award groups on Flickr, however, I'm surprised there's not more discussion around this problem. Surely all the hundreds (thousands?) of other users aren't counting their awards manually, are they? Or if there some system I just haven't come across, aside from the one mentioned in this thread, that provides award-counting functionality? I'm truly mystified there's no more conversation around this. While I totally understand it's not an official Flickr problem, there seems to be so many users participating in awards groups I'd thought there would be more workarounds or alternatives mentioned...
abrideu 2 years ago
Matt Youngquist: I am also surprised that no one else has come to the forum. I am so lost without the counter.
For my group work I use Award Counter Phazeshift and that is a great Award counter but is not so suitable for my personal photos if you use a lot of groups
aguswiss1 2 years ago
I though it comes back as it did before but it looks serious right now. 😒
Carol (Nona) 2 years ago
Strangely, the award counter still works on my desktop, but not my laptop. As far as I can tell I have the same version of FF and Chrome on both computers and the award counter still shows as being installed on my laptop, but does not work.
aguswiss1 2 years ago
Carol (Nona):

that's very strange. I tried on several devices and browser types. I always geht the same error message. "Server Error in '/' Application".
would you be so kind to provide me with the link your using?
many thanks
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