EpicBlargh 12:35am, 30 December 2008
Subject explains all.
DARKspawn Posted 13 years ago. Edited by DARKspawn (admin) 13 years ago
Flickr users often press the "add to favs" button, displayed on the left directly above the image to indicate that they like the image. This is a good measure of how good a photo is, or within the LEGO community, how successful the build is in the eyes of your peers. You can check a photos stats by checking the "Addition Information" panel on the bottom right of the Image page. Hope that helps
eτi 13 years ago
Sometimes I post 20 pictures and the faves get all spread out, sometimes I post just one... makes the count a bit tricky.
DARKspawn 13 years ago
I know, that's a consideration we all face. Probably best to post different creations rather than the same MOC 3 times. Direct further questions to the Q & A thread
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