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DARKspawn 11:57pm, 29 December 2008
We are in need of a group icon. Any suggestions? I thought maybe the most fav'd image in the pool might get the honour. Thoughts?
Proudlove 13 years ago
Sounds good to me. Though I might be biased 'cuz I think the Mystery Machine is tops so far. 53 Faves! Zoinks!
DARKspawn 13 years ago
dang that beats my top photo by a hair, but I know there are MOCs with more favs, although whether or not they appear in the pool...
Proudlove 13 years ago
I know there's gotta be ones with more faves. Plus, my photo is not the greatest, so there could be a better choice for sure.
gambort 13 years ago
Possibly montage the top 4 which should change less often.

Although I think Interestingness is a slightly better (although sometimes weird) measure of how interesting something is. Number of faves can reflect a builders number of 11 year old contacts as much as anything ;)
Dunechaser 13 years ago
Montages/collages work well for larger icons, like collection and set icons, but not really for group icons, which are the same size as our avatar icons. A cropped-down version of a single photo would probably work best.

But I agree that interestingness, not number of faves, is a better measure of what's "best" in the pool.
matthewgkay 13 years ago
A screen cap of the "fav" icon would be a good group icon...
Glorius Shadow 13 years ago
Hey,I have a
Well,it may be much work but,its just a suggestion.
Ill never win anyway :P
tiberium_blue 13 years ago
There's no way to order a group by most faves is there?

I suggest changing the hue on nolnet's star so it matches the flickr fave icon.
Amhakia 13 years ago
I'm leaning towards the screen cap of the "favorites" icon mostly because it would eliminate any competitiveness amoung the group's builders for that little spotlight. Otherwise, the most favs seems good to me. Then again, you came up with this, Aaron...why not one of yours?
Mdrn~Mrvls 13 years ago
Favorites icon.
Kevin Fedde 13 years ago
yeah, I'd say just a golden star.
swoofty 13 years ago
Brand recognition is very important so an unchanging icon would be best. I like the fav star, but with a Lego flair. It is a very small thumbnail, however.
DARKspawn 13 years ago
I have to say the fav star is a great idea.
Dunechaser 13 years ago
^ Agreed.
LegoLord. 13 years ago
^ Totally~LL
DARKspawn 13 years ago
OK I took a shot at it myself, but I am no PS wiz, if anyone can do better I would appreciate it ^_^
synonymous name [deleted] 13 years ago
Looks good to me. :)
little furniture [deleted] 13 years ago
I think its cute. Vool job!
Hob Took 13 years ago
I like it!
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