Proudlove 12:10am, 1 January 2009
Here's an interesting way to view the most interesting photos in the pool. Check it out.
ElNickre 13 years ago
Thanks, I got to drool over a lot of creations I missed.
DARKspawn 13 years ago
Awesome, Nathan =D That's so cool
zachmoe 13 years ago
I really like this...thanks for the link, Nathan.

Wondering though...does anyone know of a way to sort the photos in the group by most favs?
gambort 13 years ago
I added a fancy little badge to the front page.
kojman47 13 years ago
psiaki 13 years ago
another way that gets pretty much the same results is to search for 'LEGO' in the group pool and order by interestingness. (though there are about 80 pictures in the pool that don't turn up in that search....weird
delucks 13 years ago
gifted oil [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by gifted oil (member) 13 years ago
It seems strange that 2 of my pics is in there twice : /. (Three Wise Men and Sky Pirate Cyborg)
Mad physicist Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Mad physicist (member) 13 years ago
There's something funny with it anyway. My most interesting picture (according to my flickr stats) is both in this pool and in the LUGNuts pool, but doesn't show up in flickriver for both, even though other pictures of mine with a lower 'interestingness' do.
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