ric gravina design 2:10pm, 13 October 2010
A quick questionnaire produced for my dissertation, if anyone would like to reply and share their opinions then copy and paste it into and e-mail to it would be greatly appreciated.

1. How do you think letterpress is being used today as a commercial solution?

2. What timescale issues does the process create as apposed to lytho or other printing methods?

3. What areas of design do you think that letterpress type is the most effective?

4. Do you think that the use of scanning in and digitalizing the font devalues the process because the finished aesthetic is know longer original?

5. Do you think clients could apreciate the handmade aesthetic as much as the person that has made it?

6. Do you think clients are prepared to pay more for this originality of work?

7. Do you think that the medium is becoming more fashionable as it stands out from digital typefaces?

8. Will their always be a gap in the market for this sort of product?

9. Why are students starting to be drawn back to handmade process'?

10. How important is it for people to learn these methods and not expect macs to create everything for them?
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