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tombarnes20008 5:01am, 23 March 2010
There are a number of groups out there for hotels, inns, lodges and so forth, so why not add another? Unique photographs which capture the spirit of a particular lodging establishment are preferred. By no means are members expected to confine their submissions to photographs of rooms only. Any part of said hotel or establishment is acceptable. The only real rule here is that I would prefer not to include images promulgated by the establishments themselves for purposes of advertising.
Chica-tica 11 years ago
Cool, Tom! I will hunt away.
After only a day in existence your group seems to have been a big success!
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
I'm astonished at the response! The submissions are terrific too!
Onasill ~ Bill 11 years ago
Great Tom. We need another group for Hotels. Thanks for creating it.
Tate Nations 11 years ago
Thanks for the invite!!!!
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
Welcome aboard!
Anthony Prater 11 years ago
Thanks for the invitation Tom!
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
Thanks for adding your photos of Hampton. Please continue!
tombarnes20008 10 years ago
A reminder that posts here should relate to hotels, motels, private clubs or other places which offer accommodation.
Ape Flavored 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite, Tom. Looks like this will be a great group.
tombarnes20008 9 years ago
Feel free to invite people whom you think would contribute the right stuff!
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