tombarnes20008 8:00pm, 23 March 2010
I've got a few up my sleeve, but I'll wait a bit to post them. Share your worst hotel or lodging experience with us! Don't be squeamish and give us all the gory details!
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
I've got a few, but perhaps the worst place I have stayed was a place in Sanderson, Texas years ago. We were traveling on Route 90 and had reached the end of our ability to proceed. The one clean looking motel in town was full, so we found a Pepto Bismol pink place called the West Texan Motor Hotel- a 1940s auto court complete with attached garages. While it sounds charming, it was anything but- at least then. The heavily varnished furniture was coated with about a quarter inch of dust. The coils of the mattress poked into your back as the bed sagged towards the floor. The bathroom? Well, it's the only one I've ever had with a used litter box. The plumbing also didn't work very well. It may be better to stop there. Further details may be unnecessary. We fled at morning's first streak of light.

Believe it or not, the place has since been renovated as the Outback Oasis and looks comparatively nice now.
citizenkerr 11 years ago
I too, have had a handful of "fun" stays, but one sticks out in my mind. In true Oklahoman form, I set off for Virginia into a treacherous ice storm, which met me in Arkansas. It took over 6 hours to drive what should have take about 2, if that. I decided to quit just after nightfall in West Memphis, AR, and pulled into the first place I found, which was an old motor court off the interstate, along the old highway. I pull in, begin to reserve my room and the guy informs me there is no power... I give about ten seconds' consideration of the road condition and decide I'll survive as long as it is stationary and has four walls and a roof, book anyway. As I go in, miraculously the power kicks back in, and stayed on all night (yay)! I flip on the TV, lay down, and after a while, a shadow walks across my blanket-covered toes in front of the screen. I was not alone, but sharing the room with the roaches who escaped the storm there. So on came all the lights, and I managed to sleep a little.
I woke up, found my car had frozen to the ground (a solid block of ice on the ground had looped through the rims even). I walked to the supermarket nearby, bought a Pyrex measuring cup and some table salt, and after many trips to the sink for water, had baled the wheels out, and unstuck the car. The rest of the trip was nervously spent at 30mph or less watching people speed on the ice past infinite wrecks/disabled vehicles. Good times.
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
Ouch! It's always much worse when you know that you have got NO choice in the matter. Glad you made it safely out of there!
ArchiTexty 11 years ago
With all my traveling for work, I don't really have a horrendous story to tell. The worst thing happened when I was still in grad school back in the mid-1990s. Three of us were traveling to a conference in Charlotte, but we didn't get there until about 100am. The Adams Mark gave us three roll-aways to share in a hospitality suite. That was a rough week.
tombarnes20008 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tombarnes20008 (admin) 11 years ago
The Adam's Mark chain was never up to much- I worked in the horrible one in Philadelphia -the hotel behind Denny's on City Line Avenue- now blessedly demolished. Their properties tended to be retreads acquired at fire-sale prices. In the case of Charlotte, their hotel was built as the Sheraton. The good news is that it has been redone and is now known as the Blake. Supposedly, it's much better.
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