tombarnes20008 10:56pm, 28 March 2010
It could be elaborate or simple...just tell us about a hotel you like and what made it special or interesting.
I don't travel long distances often, so I don't often see the inside of hotels, but one I liked that stuck out in my mind was the Hotel Cass in Chicago. It wasn't a ritzy hotel by any means, but its location made it special. It was right off of Michigan Avenue.

The rooms were simple, but they were clean and the price was low.

I remember I kept my keycard so I would remember the hotel name for my next visit to Chicago. Unfortunately a year or two later it became a Holiday Inn Express.
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
So if you stayed there again you could fly a plane? Gentrification does not always work to advantage- especially so in big cities where it can be difficult, nay impossible, to find decent lodhing at an affordable price. I remember the Cass as having an outstanding location.
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