P. Matanski 8:58am, 27 April 2014
We made some star trails photos on 21th/22th of April during the Lyrids meteor shower... when I noticed something strange - the North Star flashes/bursts with light.

I noticed this by my eyes first. It was something like somebody "take me a photo with a photo flash" from around Polaris. Or like a mirror reflection... Single, strong burst of "metallic" light ... blue to white.

When I saw it for first time we decided that is maybe plane strobes or reflection from space junk. But when I saw it for a second time from the same location I decided to check later if I got it on the photos. With naked eyes I even didn't know which star made the burst.

And guest what! It existed on my photos and it is clear that exactly Polaris make the burst. See the middle photo.

I made 2x6 exposures by 5 minutes each (2x30minutes). The burst is recorded on 2 of 12 photos in interval about an hour.
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