J-P Metsavainio 4:31pm, 31 March 2015

I did some minor fine tuning to entered photos and updated them by using a "Replace" tool under the flickr image tools.
Now the entry form says, that images are missing. They are the same photos under a same name and I just replaced the originals with little large versions. Should I do something here?

Adhemar Duro 6 years ago
No answer? Still missing?
J-P Metsavainio 6 years ago
Hi, yes, they are still not there.
Do you have a same problem?
Dear J-P,

Please could you contact us on We have been encountering some problems in the way that Flickr communicates with our form when entrants submit images then make changes to them in Flickr. We can hopefully resolve this for you if you get in contact via email.

Kind regards,

The ROG Team
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