-jase- 4:44pm, 31 December 2008
I keep looking into them (CP-E), but am gun shy because of the risk of hydrolock getting water sucked into the engine. I live in Ohio and we get plenty of rain, enough that floods roads some days. I'd like to get a short ram intake but haven't found one that will fend off the check engine light like CP-E does with it's CAI. I know the second I install one I'll get that dreaded light.

Any input? Please tell me CP-E has a SRI in the works. :-)
kpjimmy 12 years ago
I have a K&N CAI, flipped a CEL 2 yrs later and switched over to a SRI. No more CEL.

CPE is the only one besides Fujita maybe that will not flip a CEL. If you do live in a high flood risk area, I would def opt for a SRI. And if you have a 4cyl you are better off to because more air gets into the engine bay than the 6cyl, but the torque and mean sound is still there.
Andrew Vicars 11 years ago
CP-e FTW (if you have a v6). IMO, the other intakes aren't worth the $$$. If you have the 4-cylinder version just grab the BOMZ intake off eBay and replace the filter with an AEM DryFlow and put an Injen Hydroshield over it. ;)
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