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avibase ADMIN August 21, 2012
The 500th member to join the group is Dwine76. My apologies for my earlier error.

Group Description

Avibase ( is an extensive online resource about birds of the world. Photos added to this group will be made visible in thumbnail size in the Avibase web site. Flickr photos from members are shown in illustrated checklists of the birds of various regions of the world, in taxonomic pages, as well as for the Bird of the Day feature on the front page, for example.

In order for your photos to be shown properly, you MUST include the scientific name of the species as currently used in Avibase.

By joining to this group, you accept that any photos from your photostream can be made visible in thumbnail size from Avibase. In return, Avibase will display your Flickr name as credit, and link back to your individual photo pages. Incorrectly identified or inappropriate photos may be removed from the group without notice by the group administrators.

Group Rules

This group has been specifically created for the main purpose of identifying Flickr contributors who would like to share their photos of birds with the Avibase web site (

By joining the Avibase Flickr group, you hereby grant permission to Avibase to display thumbnail-size versions of your public images outside of Flickr. This potentially includes any public photos from your photostream, and not only those that you have manually added to the group. Each photo will display your Flickr name and link back to individual photo pages on Flickr. Avibase reserves the right to exclude photos that are deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to misidentified photos.

Once you join the group, Avibase will start searching for photos of birds to display in thumbnail size within Avibase. You are not required to add individual photos to the pool: all public photos from group members that are correctly tagged will be included in Avibase. Note however that only individual photos added to the group will appear in the Avibase Flickr pool.

Please follow the following instructions:

1-Join the Avibase Flickr group

2-Make sure that your bird photos include the full scientific name of the species or subspecies as a tag. It is best to use the scientific name used by Avibase in the species page, but most other recent taxonomic authorities supported by Avibase should also work. Please make sure that scientific name tags used only refer to species shown in each photo.

3-The purpose of the photos should be mainly to identify or illustrate the species. As such, preferred images include photos of wild adult and immature birds. Photos of captive or hand-held birds are generally also acceptable, although captive domesticated forms should be avoided. Photos of habitats, feathers, drawings, chicks, nestlings, nests or other images not showing a bird per se could be acceptable if they depict something characteristic of a species.

4-Please make sure that your photos only show subjects that can be identified, and avoid tagging species that are not the primary subject of the photo (i.e. background species).

5-Only your public photos will be shown within Avibase. Your profile also must allow public searches from 3rd party sites that use the Flickr API (Your Account, Privacy & Permissions, under Hide your stuff from public searches, make sure that the following checkbox is UNCHECKED: Hide your photos from searches on 3rd party sites that use the API, including Yahoo! Image Search?)

Some other useful tips:

1-You are not required to add individual photos to the group pool, but you are welcome to. Any photos from your stream can be indexed by Avibase as long as they are publicly visible and correctly tagged.

2-You should also include the common name of the species in your tags, as well as the location (with geo-tagging if possible)

3-The full scientific names should be within a single tag. You should use quotes around the names to ensure that the genus and species are not separated (e.g. “Turdus migratorius”)

4-The regular ongoing indexing process will look for new photos only added since the previous indexing. If you modify tags from existing photos already indexed or remove photos, you can also sign in with your Flickr ID into the Avibase Flickr Group Members page and request a full re-indexing of your photostream from there.

There will may be a delay of up to 24h before photos from new members become available in Avibase. New photos from existing members will also be added periodically on a schedule (e.g. currently a few times a day). If you wish to leave the group or exclude specific photos (e.g. after you have changed the tags), please contact the group administrator to ensure prompt removal or your photos from Avibase.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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