gohchinmin 9:20am, 6 December 2005
Who can help me ?
After I upgrade k2 from version 118 to 125. I got some problem, My ELA archives at IE browser but in Firefox it`s OK
Look the image..

Who can help me ?
clean ring [deleted] 15 years ago
There'll be some new ELA CSS in the next release, which will come out very soon now.
gohchinmin 15 years ago
Wow Oke.. I think I make mistake hehe..
I`m waiting for new ELA css :)
Vulturo 15 years ago
I'm having precisely the same problem - which release do you mean Michael? Next release of K2, or the next release of ELA?
eight feeling [deleted] 15 years ago
I also noticed this but I updated my ELA to beta .8 (I had .4) and it worked fine.
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