nicnac1000 1:15pm, 30 January 2008
I've heard that the tower block at the old Edgbaston shopping centre between Harborne Road and Hagley Road will be demolished with the help of explosives at 10am on Sunday 9 March. Five Ways Island will probably be a good point to take photos from.

*Omiak* 14 years ago
Damn I am going to be out of town on the 9th.
nicnac1000 14 years ago
Me too. Hopefully somebody will be up and about early that Sunday morning to get some pictures.
defeated ground [deleted] 14 years ago
I'll try and grab some if possible....
Tom (hmm a rosa tint) 14 years ago
oh yea! I'm so gonna take photos of this
amortize 14 years ago
oooh, explosives! I would like to try and see this --- I hope I'll be able to get up in time.
tim ellis 14 years ago
It is the Flickrmeet Sunday. Every month I think "I'll get in to town earlier this month", and every month I end up just getting there on time. - And 5 Ways is the other side of town for me too... Still. I might try and make it
nicnac1000 14 years ago
Might be worth checking the date a bit nearer the time. I was given the information by a woman who worked in a building on Harborne Road. She'd been told there was no chance of the blast damaging her building in any way - but they asked her to ensure the building was unoccupied when they set the thing off.
fatedsnowfox 14 years ago
Did anyone manage to get any shots of the blowdown? I missed when they did the old blocks of flats on the Lee Bank Middleway by a matter of minutes.
tim ellis 14 years ago
March not Feb (I had to check twice to be sure...)
nicnac1000 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by nicnac1000 (member) 14 years ago
Yep, it's still there, albeit with a few floors gutted and a lot of windows removed.

They were abseiling down it today.

☆eight☆ 14 years ago
bounce.... anyone going to the demolition before the actual flickrmeet scheduled for later on..?
Lee Jordan 14 years ago
I'd be interested, would fit in with the theme of concrete Birmingham and the replication of the same mistakes but with glass instead in future?
feltip1982 14 years ago
Couple of mine before she goes

Rising from the Ashes 21 Feb 08

24 Feb 08 Edgbaston Demolition
tim ellis 14 years ago
Just a reminder - If anyone is planning on being in Birmingham for the demolition, we have our regular Birmingham Flickrmeet that afternoon - Meet in the Coffee Lounge on Navigation St at 12:00 Noon with a theme of "Concrete Birmingham" - for more details, and to let us know you might be coming see This Thread
Scphoto_uk 14 years ago
I might pop in and say hello. Might take a while to dust down (depending on wind direction!)
mmmmmrob 14 years ago
oooooh, fantastic - I'd forgotten about this, but a reminder on the group yesterday means I'll be coming to the demolition, but not the meet - thanks all.
Scphoto_uk 14 years ago
Pictures posted! more on my photostream.
The life of Boyne 14 years ago
That explains the boom's I heard!
hellocatfood 14 years ago
Pictures posted!
tim ellis 14 years ago
Well thanks to TWM leaving me with a 25 minute wait for a bus that is supposed to run every 10 minutes I missed it - I had only just got to Bull St at 10, by the time I got up to 5 Ways there was just a pile of rubble!
Ukenaut 14 years ago
nooo. I've spent my whole life wanting to see a block of flat's being blown up and I missed it!!!
nicnac1000 14 years ago
Lee Jordan 14 years ago
There was a video on central news this morning, try checking out tonights 6pm slot.
tim ellis 14 years ago
This is what was left when I got there!
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