chocchip 9:12am, 16 April 2010
Can someone please explain the difference between Very Cherry Berry and Cherry Berry to me please? Are they both ebls? Thank you.
Bupphaw 11 years ago
waiting guru for answer too lol
Moon Rouge Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Moon Rouge (member) 10 years ago
They are both EBL,
CB is TRU-2 from February 2003
VCB isTRU-5 from October 2003
They are almost identical, CB has the old heavy EBL stand, VCB has the clover stand, the one used until now.
There is little difference in hair. VCB is said to have silkier but thicker hair, the length is same.
I have both now:
CB has long but little shorter hair than VCB, they are soft and silky.
VCB has more coarse hair, almost like Goldie, and longer.
They both have plenty of hair!
Mine VCB has tad lighter eye makeup than CB.
♥Marcelo Cravero♥ 10 years ago
Thank you!!!!
jittery canvas [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks I was wondering the same thing.
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