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CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe "Darling Diva"

5 years have passed since Blythe was first introduced to the public as Neo Blythe. Through that period of time, Blythe has changed from Excellent to Superior both expressing different types of beauty. We are pleased to announce the 2006 Anniversary Neo Blythe "Darling Diva", will feature a new and improved face mold called "Radiance" !

The Radiance mold compared to the Superior, has wider eye holes with softer nose and lip lines. The overall facial expression is more childlike and sweet. The Darling Diva original lip shape makes for a rounder lip and she looks like the Superior's sweet younger sister. In addition to a younger looking face, the surface of her face is slightly matted and does not have the high shine of a Superior or Excellent mold.

The theme for Darling Diva Blythe is music. From the many diverse types of music in the world Blythe has chosen to dress up in "Punk" , " Country", and finally "Diva" style.

Pretty in "Punk", Blythe wears tartan check mini skirt and striped sleeveless top with skull embellishment. She comes with both black boots and for the first time ever a pair of "Creepers" this style of shoe was popularized in rock-a-billy and later neo -punk fashion! Her slick faux-leather jacket and guitar complete this ultimately cool look!

Country Country

Blythe is a little bit "Country" wearing a dusty rose Country and Western stage outfit. She wears a pink jacket and skirt with fringe and rhinestone embellishments! The embroidery on her skirt and jacket are inspired by the stage costumes of early Country and Western musicians! Everyone will be enamored by her shining look on the stage. Also, there is a little secret in her country outfit undergarments. To emphasize her bust, pads have been added inside of her bra for a more glamorous look!

Diva Diva

Wearing a darling "Diva" gown Blythe looks like she will sing sweet love ballads to warm your heart. The black and white contrast of the gorgeous evening gown is both elegant and cool. The surface of the dress seems simple but the tulle top layer has glittering sequins on the bottom hem, that gently reflect the stage lighting. The bottom of the gown is flared just-so, revealing the marvelous underside of the gown embellished with layers of black and white lace and sequins that makes for a stunning and striking look. Her accessories include, a beautiful rose hair decoration, baby blue colored fox wrap, a beaded butterfly shaped bag, lacy gloves, and pearl bracelets to top of this lovely Darling Diva look!

For this unique Blythe, she has curls at the end of her long, hip length hair and bangs in a fresh platinum white color, which looks very elegant. For her make-up, she is wearing soft purple eye shadow with pink blush that compliment her fair skin tone. Her special eye colors are quite striking, romantic grey (front), chocolate brown (front), aqua blue (right), and ice blue (left), giving her a different and beautiful expression with each color change!

No anniversary Blythe is complete without a unique and beautifully designed package! The Darling Diva package is a clean white present-shaped box tied with a luxurious red velvet ribbon. Inside the package comes with 3 different backgrounds for each of the Diva, Country and Punk themes. These backgrounds are very easy to assemble, display each doll in her theme background!

Finally, to make this Blythe more special, a real, vinyl record is used as the certificate of authenticity with the serial number printed on the each records label. The most exciting part is this 45 record can be played on a standard record player. Put on the beautiful record as you dress Blythe and you can hear the three styles of music that enhance the three music theme outfits! (Please note, a record player is required to play the music. Please play at 45 speed.)

[ The complete set includes ]
One Doll with Radiance face, 2 stands, real 45 playing record with serial number, tattoo sticker sheet, microphone

Sleeveless top, jeans, faux-leather jacket, skirt, scarf, 2 sets of socks, gloves, wrist band, choker necklace, belt, one set of ponytail holders, underwear (top and bottom), boots, "Creeper" style shoes, guitar, earrings.

Blouse, jacket, skirt, underwear (top and bottom), cowboy hat, belt, cowboy boots, earrings, tambourine.

Head dress, dress, scarf, choker necklace, clutch bag, long gloves, 2 bracelets, pierce, underwear, heels, mike stands.

CWC Limited Neo Blythe " Darling Diva"
Price: 42,000 yen (tax included)

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